Favorite Version Of Micaiah?

  • Micaiah
  • Hoshidan Summer Micaiah
  • Brave Micaiah
  • Bridal Micaiah
  • Legendary Micaiah
  • Summer Micaiah

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its a tough call between og and legendary, but i went with legendary because i like the design and also her color in that alt


Normal Micaiah is one of my most reliable units but Legendary has by far my favorite art. Thinking I will try to pull her when she appears again in November



The legendary one is indeed very beautiful, but Brave will always be my favorite. She carried me a lot during my early days in FEH and is still very strong thanks to her refine. It may not be the most broken/shiny refine ever, but it was all she needed to shine again. She also allowed me to discover the character she was and became one of my favorite FE character.
I even managed to +10 her during Golden Week.


Also, unlike her other alts, she can be really fast, with her auto follow-up becoming a kind of half-NFU.


Art: Legendary. HACCAN is one of my favorite FEH artists so it was a welcome surprise to see them work on one of my most anticipated Legendaries

Unit: Brave. She’s both deceptively fast and physically tanky. Her Forma has put in a lot of work


OG provides the most use out of my squad of Micaiahs but BB! is fairly good. It’ll be a couple years but when she gets a refinement I’m sure it’ll be great.

Overall I like most of them but after having 6 the “creativity” behind all her effects has definitely grown stale.


Don’t really have much of a preference art wise, I think they’re all pretty good and about equal. Unit wise probably brave thanks to her being able to stack a lot of stats, be surprisingly fast and bypass stuff like wary fighter thanks to her guaranteed follow-up. She’s actually my only 5 star exclusive +10 on my second account (which is also f2p).

Also honorable mention to bridal because her Duo button is stupid and allowed me to cheese many a map. But that’s really all I use her for.


I like Micaiah a lot, but even I start to find her effects really stale. I was still fine with L!Micaiah being similar to her previous iterations (albeit disappointed), but S!Micaiah… Her alt looks great, I’m happy that she got a summer alt, but I have a hard time to be hyped by the unit itself. She looks so uninspired, and the fact that she gets WORSE in EP if she has too much Res really irks me.
Micaiah may be one of my favorite characters, but I’m even hesitating between sparking her and Edelgard, who looks much funnier to play.

If only they could make her something else than a Mage… (or at least, not make her colorless for the THIRD time)


Brave because she can still nuke almost every busted unit in the game even when said foes are +10 while she is at +0.


After L! came out I was disappointed. I actually saved up(And bought a few orb packs) to potentially +10 her(Or get decently high) when the leaks on her tome came out but there was hardly much point. Last two alts have just taken things from previous ones and it got old real fast.

Cav/Arm effective damage is all good for the jokes(Honestly after 6 of her we probably could have done with something else…) but then you’re taking the auto-double, the reduced damage on first attacks, +6 Atk/Res… It’s boring. I’m sure the latest Micaiah can be incredibly busted when done right but even just having her from trying to summon Claude I really don’t care to build her. Same goes with L!.


Love the design for both Brave and Legendary, but gameplay wise i’d go for Brave. She can get ridiculously fast or bulky (even on physical side) depending on how you build her. She might not have dmg reduction like og and legendary, but she’s a giant ball of stats.


Might as well use them for Arena Assault. If you have all six alts, you can use one in every single match after the first!

This is dumb, agreed. I haven’t actually tested it to confirm, but the wording implies that, and that’s poor unit design.

As for me, I like her Legendary art the best and they’re all roughly equal to me unit-wise since I use them for the effectiveness more than anything. Her dancing variant was a staple on my AR defense for a long time, which is more than I can say for any dancer other than Eldigan.


I don’t really have a preference for any of her variants since all of them are super nice and she’s one of [The Favs from Tellius :sparkles:™], but if I had to pick, possibly her Legendary variant because I find the aesthetics are top tier, but her OG form’s Resplendent upgrade is also astounding in a different way.
In terms of gameplay, that really doesn’t matter much to me since they’re fundamentally similar to each other but still have some glaring differences, and I’m always going to invest for my favs even if they’re bad gameplay-wise.

(Micaiah small appreciation time)

Just going to share my far from finished collection with builds, don’t mind me. :feh_micaiahsmug:

Just missing her Bride and Summer alts, but that’s for another time.


I can’t quite remember which version it was, but her tome had anti cav and anti armor in it.


I have to say im biased because she was my first ever +10, but for me it is Brave Miccy. She has carried me for years and after all this time she still feels relevant, unlike her bridal alt (the button works, but she herself not so much). Its funny because Miccy’s gimmicks get bigger and bigger (effectiveness against armors and cavs, prescience, auto-follow up, DR, tons of atk-res stuff) and the Duo alt feels even behind the og one at this moment. Whenever she gets a refine, who knows… but now she can’t nuke tons of armors and she really misses the auto-follow up the other alts have.


And you forgot Sacrifice/Maiden’s Solace

I’m ok to units sticking to it’s gimmicks, the problem with Micaiah is having too many with those.


oof, true! yeah, as much as i like her, I wish we could see a little more variety in their kits (or, at this point, no more alts for a big while). She has too much going on already in every sense. And the thing is Thani was just one of her first tomes, but she also had access to a poisoning light tome, Rexaura, staves in general… It’s kinda sad to think about it🥲


Legendary is pretty art wise


I’ve invested heavily into Vanilla, Brave, Hoshidan, and now Summer Micaiahs and ive got the most mileage out of Brave. Brave Mic has never become obsolete through the years and i use her constantly. She’s faster than she seems, she hits like a bullet train and her B skill cancels out the usual ranged flier weakness. One of my favorite units and i yank her hard whenever I see her.


Beachcaih gets worse in enemy phase? how?