Faye needs an "Owl" Bow


She has the perfect statline for it. +Def makes her pretty solidly mixed bulk, and it would end up outclassing her usual Guard Bow setup. She would also end up using CC better than she already does, while mixing it with something like Guard for a far better rounded defense game.


Sure, just give her Nidhogg.

Oh wait…


Faye needs to give her bow to Tobin, think it’s rude she stole it from him in the first place
An owl bow would be cool, but what would the refine be?


Aether Resorts is hell of a drug.


Good question. :awesome:

She could get +4 Def/Res when initiated on, or cooldown reduction against certain enemies. Or Guard forever… or Special Spiral.


What about a bow version of Goodie Boot? No atk or spd but still gets the def and res one space away. Maybe a slaying effect as a refine so she can do more damage?


That’d actually be lowkey broken…people think the Bond/Owl effect is bad, but being one space away adds so much flexibility you can easily have +6 to your stats. And since she doesn’t need her Spd (actually prefers to be doubled), she’d be pulling off Glacies/Ignis to allow her to kill far better.


I like the way you think!


Actually, how about a bow with similar effects to kliffs tome. She certainly has the ability to provide the effect with her low attack, it fits since they are both villager characters and giving what is essentially nidhogg to Faye seems wrong.