FE:3 Houses DLC question

I know this isn’t Heroes related specifically, but I ordered the season of warfare edition of FE 3 Houses. It comes with a bunch of stuff, but it isn’t saying if it comes with DLC. Should I assume that it won’t come with that? I would imagine it would since most special editions of games today come with the DLC expansion stuff (games like Destiny or COD usually include their “expansion passes”). Does anyone know? I didn’t even know the game was gonna have DLC until not too long ago.

I’m not sure honestly, but I don’t think it will contain the DLC. My thinking is based off the prices. The game itself costs $60, the game with the DLC costs $85, and the Seasons of Warfare edition costs $100. If the Seasons of Warfare edition does contain the DLC, then the value of all the stuff besides the game and DLC would be $15. That doesn’t seem plausible to me, but I could be wrong. If I am wrong, then the Seasons of Warfare edition was really a bargain; and I wish I had ordered it for myself. But as is, I’m skeptical. Besides, Nintendo never said it would contain the DLC as far as I know.

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You seem to be under the impression that cAAApitalist game companies would do logical things for the good of their consumers instead of charging them for more money because they can and because people will buy it.


My guess is probably not. Seasons of Warfare was only advertised to contain all that physical stuff, not DLC.

Also, AAA game special editions that come with DLC are typically released months after the normal game, after all the DLC comes out.