FE Heroes - 2022 - Revenue

Quite a drop off compared to previous years.

However it is STILL the highest grossing Nintendo mobile game yet.


Sounds about right… most whales are getting tired of the same bs tbh




Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru.

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Not a dead game really. But sure in state of decline in considerable margin.


Also the reason there are other games with different rate ups or better rewards during anniversaries.

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Makes sense, the playerbase is in decline for a variety of reasons.

For one, most players that spend money on Feh are Fire Emblem enthusiasts. A lot of these players have left the game at some point. New mainline games like Engage will create some new fans, but those numbers don’t really hold up against a fanbase of a 30 year old franchise.

Another reason is that the game is becoming more complicated. It’s harder to notice when you’re playing the game actively, but the amount of mechanics has grown exponentially. It’s gameplay stuff you learn over time like how damage reduction, true damage reduction and defensive specials all act in different ways. I imagine weapon descriptions from recent units can be rather overwhelming when you’re a new player. The modes will also take longer to understand completely. Take Aether Raids for example, we now have auto-dispatch and chaos season, they’re good changes but for new players it’s more stuff to learn about.

Powercreep: I think IntSys is underestimating the impact of this one. Players who spend a lot of money usually go for units that they expect to last. Legendary Chrom and legendary Azura were popular for example. But the powercreep has accelerated and with that comes more uncertainty. Duo Duma seems like a really powerful save unit right? Only a few months later and we have an even better one: Fomortiis. You want to invest in a powerful red tome cavalry? Legendary Veronica seems like an excellent choice, but you might be dissapointed later because H!Linde does even more crazy stuff. The current pace makes players hesitant, I really think they should slow down.

Free to play: They should provide players with enough free content, even those that spend money want to use their feathers on a cool new project once in a while. Unfortunately FTP projects don’t really hold up against exclusive 5 stars, even less than they used to. This game is mostly about building cool units and it becomes stale when you have nothing to work on. We’ve had the same demotes for years, something I think they should definitely change.

Lastly, I don’t think there’s enough content to draw new players in. Most people who play games on their phone may know Marth and Roy from Super Smash Bros. But most people who aren’t familiar with Fire Emblem won’t stay for long. I know this probably sounds crazy but Feh should expand to other franchises and do crossovers. Nintendo is very protective of their ips, Fire Emblem should just be Fire Emblem, but I don’t think that’s actually helping them. They could do a Final Fantasy crossover for example, that game has a huge fanbase. I know a lot of people would spend majorly for Cloud or Sephiroth. They can do crossovers with The Legend of Zelda, Monster Hunter, Skyrim: you name it, as long as it’s somewhat compatible with the Fire Emblem universe. It would really help draw in new players and a lot of them would stay for their favourite. I get the argument that this could hurt the integrity of the Fire Emblem franchise, but if they really want to stop the decline they need to do something drastic.


I wish we got a collabs. Arknights, another game i play, had a collab with Rainbow Six Siege and they announced another collab with another game called Monster Hunter. Azur Lane did already a collab with Atelier Ryza, Hyperdimension Neptunia and SSSS Gridman and Dynazenon.

I wish we had a collab with another Nintendo franchise like Xenoblade.


I agree with all of this.

At the same time they are aware that the sales are dropping and that might be the reason of the continuous powercreep. They are surfing the wave and milking the remaining players to keep the game profitable.

I have also mentioned in the past that the game is way too complicated now, even for veterans. Tbh sometimes I do not understand how damage is calculated (like that b*tch Yune suddendly killing units left and right)

Every game has a life span and eventually this one will come to an end too


A new unit as been released, it got 20% damage reduction depending on speed difference.
A new unit as been released, it got 30% damage reduction depending on speed difference.
A new unit as been released, it got 40% flat damage reduction.
A new unit as been released, it got 60% damage reduction depending on speed difference.
A new unit as been released, it got 80% flat damage reduction.

Ofc I’m just saying random numbers. But that’s pretty much the game. It’s you either have a unit that can face tank almost everything in the game. Or it’s just units that can one shot you. This game is boring and there is nothing done to make people enjoy it. Add to this refines that are either hit or miss and you know damn well that’s a 1 and done job that’s never gonna get better. What else is there to enjoy?

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They just need a new fire emblem mainline game with a good story and a main character with the ability to draw in new fans (not one that looks like toothpaste).

Three houses is still the big draw and they won’t stop giving us fates fates and more fates.

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Not just powercreep, there are alot of bad design decisions that I can name. Aside from those cheap dual skill buttons, All or nothing, be all - end all skills is one of such philosophies. I’m talking about skills such as NFU, deadeye effects. NFU renders all followup manuvers useless. Deadeye remove all layers of passive DR, no matter how many Dodge layers you have. No single skill should render a build useless by itself. IMO, NFU should only remove one layer of followup manuvers- for example BHector with QR3 should be able to overcome NFU3. Deadeye type skill should only remove a certain percentage of DR effectiveness. And I’m not yet talking about blatant unfair effect like the caseof Fomortiis. Things like these turn away more casual and FTP players. They could do a skill balancing patch but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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It’s worth noting that this data includes only in-app purchases so revenue from FEH pass subscriptions is not accounted for. I assume that amount is significant.


I am confused. Is FEH-Pass not something you buy in game? Are you sure?


Actually no, not so sure after all. I tried to look up a source for my comment but I couldn’t find anything. I saw someone post something similar on reddit so I just assumed it was true. :man_facepalming: Abonnements might in fact be counted as in-app purchase as well.