FE Hunger Games (R1) (Signups)

Come one! Come all! Get your…

Wait, that doesn’t say Mafia…

Meowth, that’s right! I’m literally insane and I decided I wanted to establish a new forum game! Impulse talks about introducing new forum games every now and then and I figured, why not take a stab?

Here’s how this is hopefully going to work.

Rules??? (For now, will be updated as needed)

So basically I’m imagining this as if Mafia and Hunger Games had a child. We’ll vote for an FE universe and everyone will choose their characters accordingly - except unlike Mafia there won’t be teams, it will be every man for themselves. (Or pairs, depending on how I’m feeling/how this round turns out.) Titles will still exist but they won’t be near as important, more just for the establishment of a character than anything else. Kits will not be quite the same, however - rather than having set actions every night/day you can instead choose basically whatever you want to do, like unto real Hunger Games. :upside_down_face: within reason and your resources Maybe this is a big mistake doing it this way and it will sow much chaos but at least we’ll have a fun time doing it, huh? Note that I said day and night, you can act in either/or. Also note that I shall moderate the actions within your PMs and tell you what is legal and what isn’t, though I’ll try not to intervene unless totally necessary.

In place of actions instead we shall have stats! (Like unto real FEs.) As we progress through the game you will gain Exp and of course, level and get more of dem stats. Of course so everyone doesn’t get a million actions all the time there will be stamina and fatigue and all that, so be mindful of that so you don’t die. I shall also be implementing the movement stat for traversing the map (hopefully it shall be based off an actual FE map :feh_birbpeek:)

On that topic, this will be a bit more realistic and you’ll have to keep your stamina up with food and stuff. If you neglect it for too long you shall inevitably die. And no one wants to die like that, so please don’t be dumb. :feh_birbpeek: If conditions such as weather, etc necessitate you shall need other supplies as well. (Ex. if it snows you’ll need a fire or some other method of staying warm.)

For purposes of people not dying at the very start (cuz that sucks a lot) there shall not be a Cornucopia rush at the start, rather I shall stow items across the map for you to find. You’ll probably start with a weapon or two at the start though, so you’re not entirely defenseless. (May be your choice too, I shall tell you when PMs go out.)

Also in tradition with typical Hunger Games if things get stagnant I shall throw in an event or hazard. which shall hopefully make people die Any NPC enemies will be controlled by me :feh_rein: I’ll have some fun too.

As always, be prepared for anything. And of course, don’t die. But that goes without saying.

(I prolly missed lotsa things so if you have questions just ask, I shall add them in here as needed :feh_birbpeek:)

Tbh I really don’t know if this is actually going to work but if we believe hard enough it will, right? If you sign up know this is a WIP and might not run super great, but at least we tried, huh? You can all make fun of me about it if it doesn’t :upside_down_face:

Just the usual, if you want to participate @ me and I shall add you to the list.

Also if anyone would be interested in helping GM you’re welcome to, but don’t feel obligated


  1. @Banraku

  2. @Mr.Alondite

  3. @Caleb

  4. @Greninja

  5. @Z3R0N3

  6. @Sir_of_Coffee

  7. @Master_Squalala

  8. @KawaiiKyouko

  9. @Makina

  10. @LeadChips

  11. @GamingBro1

  12. @E1337gard

  13. @Minutaie

  14. @KGNova

  15. @sawtuis

  16. @ShinxDaSphinx

  17. @SweetiePie

  18. @Ajayracer

  19. @A_Drifting_Summoner

  20. @FlaynFish

  21. @Kueden

  22. @HeckTor

  23. @HusbandoEmblem

  24. @Someone_Person

And of course, what universe shall we be playing? (2 votes because we got them all in there.)

  • Archanea
  • Valentia
  • Jugdral
  • Elibe
  • Tellius
  • SS
  • Awakening
  • Fates
  • Fodlan
  • Feh

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@Mysterym1ster :flaynsmile:


Yay, someone actually wants to play :birbpeek:


@Mysterym1ster, put me on the game


I’ll probably die early but… @Mysterym1ster let’s gift a free kill :eiriana_grande:
Also, where is Tellius? Between ss and awakening should be there :maeconfused:


@Mysterym1ster Sign me up


i’m curious to see how this will play out so i’ll join @Mysterym1ster :cat:


I dont get it, I’ll just spectate, maybe next time

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I’ll probably struggle since I never played mafia
But hell I will give it a shot.

Sign me up @Mysterym1ster
(Just as long as I get to play Eliwood if we go Elibe)


I would like to give it a shot but I don’t have regular presence in the forum so I will miss a lot of thing and probably won’t be really active enough so I’ll pass.



I never played mafia, but this sounds quite fun. I’m in !



I don’t get it.

So I’m in.



I might as well join again, been a while since I joined a mafia game, for certain reasons :feh_nino:

@Mysterym1ster lemme in at it


@Mysterym1ster PUT ME THE ■■■■ IN!!!


There’s a first time for everything :ferdbirb: hopefully I can keep up

Sign me up @Mysterym1ster, let’s do this. Good luck running it btw.


@Mysterym1ster Just to be clear, this game doesn’t include the whole “find out who’s lying” thing like mafia does?

Cuz I’m not too eager to do that again.


I might join too.

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Well, this sounds a bit complicated
I might give it a try too, I guess???


Could you put me in? Thank you!