FE Mafia - Mafia of the Holy War Info Thread

Please do not post in this thread unless it is important information relevant to the ongoing mafia game linked here. Do not post or edit the wikis during the night phase.

Important information includes but is not limited to:

  • Character/Title claims
  • Confirmed hostile parties
  • Hostile abilities
  1. @Fresh_Tomatoes
  2. @TMFM
  3. @ShinxDaSphinx
  4. @jakeybitchette
  5. @GamingBro1
  6. @bluebell
  7. @Everlasting99
  8. @NpcLucario
  9. @MechaWilson
  10. @CluelessStray
  11. @SothisPocus
  12. @Master-of-Old
  13. @Argon
  14. @LiesLiesLies
  15. @Tohlward
  16. @RoysOurBoy
  17. @sawtuis
  18. @Bow-of-Sacae
  19. @Eflakis
  20. @lordhelpme
  21. @Jerrykhor
  22. @Petra.286
  23. @E1337gard

Claims List

@Bow-of-Sacae - Shannan :: Boobs Bigger Than My Future :skull:
@jakeybitchette - Fee :: Daddy Please Don’t Go
@TMFM - Larcei :: Hothead
@bluebell- Tailtiu :: Lightning Mcqueen :skull:
@RoysOurBoy - Lewyn :: Deadbeat Dad
@ShinxDaSphinx - Silvia :: The Flash
@NpcLucario - Quan :: The Motherfucking King
@lordhelpme - Ethlyn - MILF :skull:
@SothisPocus - Brigid :: Head Bitch in Charge
@Tohlward - Seliph :: Bitch, I’m Baby
@E1337gard - Jamke:: Prince Charming :skull::imp:
@Fresh_Tomatoes - Deirdre: Stockholm Syndrome
@Eflakis - Ced - Child Services
@Petra.286 - Leif: Started From the Bottom, Now We Here
@GamingBro1 - Febail: The Mom Friend
@Everlasting99 - Lex: Honest Man
@sawtuis - Claud: High Heels On, So I’m Closer to God
@Argon - Ayra: Boss Bitch
@LiesLiesLies - Finn: Ride or Die
@CluelessStray - Midir: Resident Simp
@Master-of-Old - Scathach: Watchful Brother
@Jerrykhor - Julia: Sweet Home Alabama


Reserved for Confirmed Hostiles

E1337gard – Julius: Prince Charming we killed the bitch :feh_babyseliph:

Hostile titles, unknown players/characters:

Agent of Loptous
Dragon Knight of Thracia (Travant or more likely a Travant disjoint)
Rotten Ritter
Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss


Reserved for Hostile Abilities

Julius (E1337gard) - Protect (used N1 and N2)
Agent of Loptous - Swap Redirect, Heal, Block (all used N2, block used N1)
Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss - Block, Attack, Heal (all used N2)
Dragon Knight of Thracia - multiple attacks (used N2)
Rotten Ritter - Attack (used N2)

N1 with names


@sawtuis then stopped @Fresh_Tomatoes to ask if she had a moment to discuss their lord and savior.

@Bow-of-Sacae rushed in and tried to stop @Fresh_Tomatoes zapped @Bow-of-Sacae stopping him from being able to carry through

@Fresh_Tomatoes felt enlightened from Claud


@bluebell appeared and struck @ShinxDaSphinx, wounding her!

@ShinxDaSphinx called over to the @RoysOurBoy to show him something special. @RoysOurBoy felt rejuvenated from the interaction.

@RoysOurBoy did the same for @NpcLucario. @NpcLucario evasion sharply rose.

@LiesLiesLies was seen biding their time.


@GamingBro1 attacked @NpcLucario

@lordhelpme protected @NpcLucario from the attack!

@NpcLucario struck back in retaliation and slashed the @GamingBro1 in an attempt to wound them; however, @GamingBro1 attempted to shield themselves from the blow but failed (???).

@sawtuis rushed in to tend to the wound, but was blocked by an Agent of Loptous (???).

@GamingBro1 healed their own wounds on the spot.


@Eflakis attacked @TMFM

@TMFM blocked him. @TMFM evasion sharply rose :pkmn_tmfm:.

@bluebell put a shock to @TMFM system, rejuvenating her.

@jakeybitchette flew over at the speed of light and struck @Eflakis while pretending they were someone else. @jakeybitchette quickly came to her senses and protected @Eflakis from the attack.


@SothisPocus took a shot at @Fresh_Tomatoes but @E1337gard was able to head in there and save her just in time!

@SothisPocus went to attack but Agent of Loptous tried to block and fail. Sothis slightly wounded @E1337gard

Morning came and @Tohlward began chanting

N2 with names


Ethlyn (@lordhelpme) uses the return staff on Brigid (@SothisPocus)
Julius attacks Brigid (@SothisPocus) --> Misses
Dragon Knight of Thraci a attacks Brigid (@SothisPocus) --> Misses
Rotten Ritter attacks Brigid (@SothisPocus) --> Misses


Silvia (@ShinxDaSphinx) stuns Shannan (@Bow-of-Sacae)
Ayra (@Argon) attacks Shannan(@Bow-of-Sacae) --> Misses
Shannan (@Bow-of-Sacae) blocks self
Tailtiu (@bluebell) attacks Shannan(@Bow-of-Sacae) --> Ethlyn (@lordhelpme) protects
Fee (@jakeybitchette) wounds Shannan (@Bow-of-Sacae) --> dodges
Lewyn (@RoysOurBoy) wounds Shannan (@Bow-of-Sacae)
Larcei (@TMFM) murders Shannan (@Bow-of-Sacae)
Larcei (@TMFM) wounds ???
Lewyn (@RoysOurBoy) buffs self
Gaslighter blocks Ced (@Eflakis)


Ethlyn (@lordhelpme) dies ( The Gaslighter kills her)


Seliph (@Tohlward) buffs Deirdre (@Fresh_Tomatoes)
Deirdre (@Fresh_Tomatoes) debuffs Julius
(@Jerrykhor) Julia attacks Deirdre (@Fresh_Tomatoes) --> Deirdre (@Fresh_Tomatoes) dodges


Tailtiu (@bluebell) buffs Julius
Larcei (@TMFM) attacks Julius but AoL stops it
Quan (@NpcLucario) attacks Julius but Julius protects himself
Agent of Loptous heals Julius
Gaslighter heals both
Julius is wounded


Claud (@sawtuis) heals Silvia (@ShinxDaSphinx)
Deirdre (@Fresh_Tomatoes) buffs Silvia (@ShinxDaSphinx)
A mysterious woman buffs Shinx


Lex (@Everlasting99) attacks Scathach (@Master-of-Old) --> Scathach dodges and counters --> Lex (@Everlasting99) is wounded
Larcei (@TMFM) then attacks Scathach (@Master-of-Old) --> Scathach is wounded


A Dragon Knight of Thracia attacks Ayra (@Argon) --> Ayra dodges
Larcei (@TMFM) is on the loose and wounds Ayra (@Argon) --> Ayra is wounded
Silvia (@ShinxDaSphinx) buffs Ayra (@Argon)
Finn (@LiesLiesLies) is biding his time