FE: Three Houses house balance

I’m starting to pour over the all the data released on the various units to plan my decisions next Friday. With 8 characters in each house (that we know of so far), we can make some pretty interesting observations about the minor variations between them by looking at their base stats and their starting skill grades.

Now, I have no idea just how penalized a player would be if they decided to ignore a D+ skill and worked on an E skill instead. Just how many chapters would this set your character behind? Does it matter? We don’t really know. I’m going to assume that working against their preferred skills a lot is going to be disadvantageous to the player in most cases, and so I will simply go with how IS set things up.

  1. Each house has a dedicated healer - Lindhardt, Mercedes, and Marianne (and Lysithea could be setup to do healing as well in the Golden Deer).

Lindhardt’s personal skill seems the weakest - don’t you want to perform actions? :/
Mercedes has a good quality of life skill - don’t need a healer to heal the healer.
Marianne is going to have a lot of flying and riding allies to work with due to her house, so her skill is actually going to be pretty good (and she can be on a horse later on as well).

  1. Edelgard’s house is stronger when it comes to reason magic, having both Hubert and Dorothea ready to specialize in it. The other 2 houses only have 1 - Annette and Lysithea. Lysithea’s skill seems the stronger of the 4. Oh, looks like only Edelgard will have the only easily accessible Dark Mage. Is that symbolic?

  2. The houses have some differences with respect to mobility. Each house has access to at least 1 flying unit and 1 horseback unit. I am assuming starting situations and assuming you don’t go out of your way to get more. I guess when the end-game hits, you’ll have a ton of mobile units with the master classes, but that’s probably looking too far out.

Black Eagles (2+) - Ferdinand is your Paladin, and Petra can be your Wyvern Rider character. Edelgard could move into becoming a Wyvern Rider, but she’ll probably make a better Warrior or Fortress Knight. Caspar isn’t really setup to be a Wyvern Rider, but he could go into that instead of becoming a Warrior or Grappler. Bernadetta will eventually become a good Bow Knight after her Sniper phase, but wow is that long-range.

Blue Lions (3) - Dimitri is setup to probably be one of the best Paladins in the game. Sylvain’s looking like a great option for another Paladin, and you could also make him a Wyvern Rider too but I don’t see a strong incentive to do that. He will also pair well with Ingrid who definitely fill in for either of Paladin or Pegasus Knight. This gives the Blue Lions 3 strong mobile characters out of the box that don’t require you going out of your way to build or obtain them.

Golden Deer (2-3) - Lorenz and Leonie are your canonical Paladins. If Claude avoided using bows and stuck to Swords, he could go the Paladin route just fine. Otherwise, Claude will eventually be spec’d into a good Bow Knight (like his FEH character). Ignatz could forgo his Assassin destiny and move into Paladin instead, but he’s probably too frail of a character to do that. Hilda looks like she could be a decent Wyvern Rider - she has the stats for it but won’t grow as quickly into it. Marianne will eventually be spec’d into a Holy Knight. Her strength seems way too low and her magic is way too high to consider moving into becoming a Paladin or Pegasus Knight. All of this means that the Golden Deer has the highest potential for becoming the most mobile house on the battlefield, if you wanted to go for that.

Note: Sylvain probably wants Leonie, and vice versa. It might be worth pursuing those character house transfers. Two cavs keeping up to and buffing each other sounds like it could be pretty good.

  1. All the houses seem to have their basis covered, with one exception. Everyone has at least 1 lance, 1 axe, and 1 bow option. Only Raphael was really specialized to go right into fists, but you could go with a couple of other options with a bit more effort. I think this is the reason the Golden Deer doesn’t have a dedicated sword character. Will having a fist unit instead of a sword unit change how the maps play out at all?

Black Eagles - 2 axes users, 1 sword, 1 lance, 1 bow
Blue Lions - 3 lances, 1 axe user, 1 sword, 1 bow
Golden Deer - 2 bow users, 2 lance users, 1 axe, 1 fist.

  1. Everyone seems to have access to exactly 1 armor character - if you want to go for it (I dunno if it’s a good idea yet. need to see the maps).

Black Eagles - Edelgard
Blue Lions - Dedue
Golden Deer - Raphael and possibly Hilda

Overall, the houses look pretty balanced, and I’m hoping these minor variations add some spice to the replayability of the game. In fact, I sort of wish they even more different from each other - might really make the maps feel different after each playthrough.

But I guess this also means you don’t have to go out of your way to recruit members from other houses - it’s not like you’ll be screwed if you don’t. So that’s good - it’s just an extra layer of optimization if you want to go for it.

I also like that you probably have many hours/chapters to make your decisions on where you want your characters to end up class-wise. I like that you don’t have to plan the second you start a game to avoid screwing yourself over. Those entry-level classes do a good job setting up the game and getting you familiar with it. In the beginning, class choices are extremely obvious unless you have a long-term plan to change direction completely. You really only have to make some harder decisions when your characters reach level 10. That’s probably 10 - 20 hours into the game, and we should know what’s what by then.

Also here’s a list of characters and their more canonical/intended options:

Black Eagles
Edelgard - Axe, Armor           - Fortress Knight, Warlock            - Great Knight, Mortal Savant
Hubert - Reason (Lance)         - Dark Bishop                         - Dark Knight
Dorothea - Sword, Reason        - Warlock                             - Dancer
Ferdinand - Lance, Riding       - Paladin, Fortress Knight            - Great Knight
Bernadetta - Bow (Riding)       - Sniper                              - Bow Knight
Caspar - Axe, Fist              - Warrior, Grappler, Wyvern Rider     - War Master, Wyvern Lord
Linhardt - Faith, Reason        - Bishop                              - Holy Knight
Petra - Sword, Axe, Bow, Flying - Wyvern Rider, Swordmaster, Assassin - Wyvern Lord

Blue Lions
Dimitri - Lance, Sword, Riding - Paladin, Swordmaster               - Holy Knight?
Dedue - Axe, Armor             - Grappler, Warrior, Fortress Knight - War Master, Great Knight
Felix - Sword, Bow (Reason)    - Swordmaster, Assassin              - Mortal Savant
Mercedes - Faith, Reason       - Bishop                             - Gremory
Ashe - Bow, Axe                - Wyvern Rider, Sniper               - Wyvern Lord, Bow Knight
Annette - Axe, Reason          - Warlock                            - Dark Knight, Gremory
Sylvain - Lance, Axe, Riding   - Paladin, Warlock, Wyvern Rider     - Dark Knight
Ingrid - Lance, Riding, Flying - Pegasus Knight, Paladin            - Falcon Knight

Golden Deer
Claude - Bow, Sword, Riding, Flying - Sniper, Paladin, Wyvern Rider - Bow Knight, Wyvern Lord
Lorenz - Lance, Reason, Riding      - Paladin, Dark Bishop          - Dark Knight
Hilda - Axe, Lance (Armor)          - Warrior, Wyvern Rider         - Great Knight, Wyvern Lord
Raphael - Fist, Axe, Armor          - Grappler, Fortress Knight     - War Master, Great Knight
Lysithea - Reason, Faith            - Warlock                       - Gremory
Ignatz - Bow, Sword (Reason)        - Assassin, Swordmaster         - Mortal Savant
Marianne - Faith, Riding, Flying    - Bishop                        - Holy Knight
Leonie - Lance, Bow, Riding         - Paladin                       - Bow Knight

Imma just make everyone into swordmasters, it’s not optimal, it’s hella awesome to have a battalion of swordmasters.


I added the characters and their canonical classes, since I was curious to see what that could look like

I’m gonna make people in swordmasters only for them to use lances.

10/10 strats


I updated the table at the bottom. The only class progression I can’t quite figure out is Dorothea. I’m wondering if it’s even worth it to take Dorothea down the Mortal Savant path. She’ll get there easy enough, but her str/def bases are pretty trash, and her magic is very high. She’s very frail in general.

I’m not sure what the stat differences are between Warlock and Mortal Savant when it comes base stats, but you’d have to pass on Black Magic Use x2 just to get Swordfaire, and I’m not sure that’s worth it.

It’s a shame Dorothea stinks at both Faith and Riding - makes it difficult to get to Gremory or Dark Knight classes, but both of those would probably work better with her stats.

I guess there’s nothing stopping her from becoming a dancer. Maybe that really is the canonical path despite no advantage to training authority. Maybe that’s also why she has an ability called Songstress.

Yes, I’m not really informed about classes and stats but I guess that Dorothea is our canonical dancer. She canonically sings, we can hear her sing in some supports and her personal skill have that name. I guess we’ll see when we’ll have the game, except Manuela I don’t see anyone else in the role of dancer/singer

That makes sense for sure. I recall watching her opera song about Edelgard on youtube earlier today. I guess this also makes sense too - this would make it so that each house had 1 healer and 1 mage character ready to go outside of hidden talent characters, such as Sylvain.

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Caspar was designed to be a dancer

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There are male dancers in 3H? He would look good in that outifit

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The website doesn’t say anything about gender restrictions to dancers. They just need to be Students.

Caspar doesn’t have any benefit to using swords, and actually has a disadvantage to training Authority. I’m not sure which type of magic the dancer uses, but Caspar also doesn’t train well in Reason magic either. He’s probably not the best choice. Seems like he’d make a wonderful War Master and he wouldn’t struggle to become a Wyvern Lord.

I’m sure you’re right, It’s just that @RoyAhoy wants to see him half naked


None to start, but you can reclass into them. Except its a “singer”. But every other screenshot I’ve gotten of Caspar points to him not needing it. Besides Caspar is the most iconic fisting unit in the game, so it’s not a total loss


Idk what I’ll do with Caspar, as I’m not into the Brawling… but it will depend. If he actually wants to be it then fine, but if it’s more a matter of being better at it, I’ll maybe choose another class.

Caspar doesn’t have any advantage to training flying, but he also has no disadvantage. He can easily go into Wyvern Rider/Lord setup. Edelgard’s team is interesting since Edelgard herself, Petra and Caspar can all train fairly well into Wyvern Lords. If they actually did that, at level 30+, every member other than Dorothea would be a mobile unit. It could be a decent way to build the team. But if one is not inclined to force that, then really only Petra screams becoming a Wyvern lord - that’s by far her best option despite her early preference in Swords.

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Thanks ! I’ll keep that in mind when deciding^^

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