FE3H- Prom/Dance event is gonna be a story plot point(I think)

So yeah, we will have a prom like event in the story,

Now before this was shown, people thought that this scene…

Was like an akward shot of Dimitri and Edelgard dancing together(though it is still plausible) alone, it would look like that this is a school event and everyone will be involved and Edelgard and Dimitri have different unnamed dancing partners.

Though it is just speculation but you might be able to invite the student you like to dance sooo… Caspar fans, you have your chance(maybe).

This was a few hours ago so I don’t know if this was translated and if the inviting aspect is possible, so we will have to see .

And this is not a major thing, just interesting to see and share.


Awesome, but if we can’t ask the students of the same sex, then I hate it




Caspar x Lynhardt until proven otherwise

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I prefer Caspar x Ashe but okay

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Twink x twink, they’re all the same ship

He isnt gay proven :cry:

Should be though, has more gay energy than most of the bi girls

Who we talkin bout here, Ashe? Then I agree

only mods and future updates can help

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Definitely Ashe, major twink vibes

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I can just imagine that one writer that proposed to give him a gay option and everyone just laughing them out of the room.

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Wow, you guys really want to make every guy character in the game, gay.

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Good idea, no issues with this whatsoever

Ok, but bi is actually all we really want though


Well ok then, but I don’t see any of you wanting to date Lorenz with the male avatar, even with his post-timeskip design.

Because Waluigi ain’t my type

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This is the epitome of beauty

Please make me dance with Petra, please please please, Mercedes is fine too

I’m sure that we can’t dance with students, it would be so awkward. Like, everyone have found a partner of the same age and Edelgard is dancing with her teacher. Or maybe It’s just a cutscene and nothing more? Since Edelgard is dancing with a random npc, not even someone of her house

But maybe we can dance with the other adults, in that case Manuela is my choice. If we can dance with students (even if it’s stupid IMO) then Edelgard/Dorothea/Caspar if bi or gay

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well ofc because we want caspar

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