Fear the DAWN QUEEN!

You all now what is going on, my queen…she is stunning ^^,I spent just 50 orbs and got nothing exept this

I’m super happy, but this is the point
I decide to get her for free and I’m playing some build, so what do you think is the better one

1 : base kit with even atk wave ,heavy blade and iceberg

2: fort res/def 3 with atk smoke and res ploy iceberg or glimmer as special

3 : death blow 4, even atk wave , heavy blade, and decide between draconic aura or aether

So what is the best

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and for those who are in my friends list ,should I switch the brave version with normal as my head unit

  • Yes
  • No

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Here is her beautiful smile

However don’t trust her ,she brutally solo walhart map
Ah ,waiting for TT for training her and alm ,and for try to get others copies

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wait is the queen Alm or Micaiah?


I’d stay with her original kit, it’s very strong and so you can save fortress for another unit :raised_hands:t2::sparkles:

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Micaiah, but I insert alm because why not

Oh @Yberus I give her already all, I still have some fortress fodder ^^

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Yeah Id only bother with Fortress if you have AR plans

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Congrats! :birbpeek:, luck was pretty similar for us, how are Alm’s IVs?.

Better build for B!Micaiah: the first one looks really solid, if you don’t use daggers give her [Res Ploy 3] instead!.

I’d keep the original one, she’s noticeable investment and great performance while being infantry, besides people that wants to try the brave version can choose her on free summon so I’d keep the one you have, it’s your call! :birbpeek:

Try her PP speed build? (Not suitable for all maps. Speed boon not required. RES, ATK, or neutral work too. Just remember to eat a B!Eliwood for Sparrow 3 or Yarne for A/S Solo 3.)


io preferisco la tua lead per ora

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I was also in doubt hahahhaha

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Me too

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Plus Hp, minus res , pretty good with his A skill

For micaiah first build I notice that ploy works better, and heavy blade is stronger on my OG’s

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Oh not too shabby!, he’s strong indeed with [Scendscale], I’m gonna give him [Desperation] so that his recoil damage has actual use!.

I see, indeed use ploys, she has that res to boot!

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I wanna do it , but I already had this

And I don’t want make the same thing, but thanks for the advice ,if I got another atk spd solo fodder I could do it

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Oh, but this is the natural copy from the free pick

Ehi, ma noi non siamo ancora amici! Dobbiamo rimediare

Yes I know!, what I mean is that it’s still pretty high and her tome grants a +3 which leaves her at 40, that’s why!

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Can someone test this with res ploy? With Yune’s Whisper and Res Ploy, does ploy happen first, then Yune’s Whisper, or the other way around?

If the enemies are at cardinal point, and are adjacent, the skill active both at the same time

Except what if the enemy has 39 RES (assuming a Neutral B!Michiah)? The order of applying debuffs might matter.

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The debuffs all happen simultaneously

If the enemy has 39 res and Micaiah has 40, Yune’s Whispers won’t be applied but res ploy will. Because at the time of activation, the enemy has 39 res which doesn’t trigger the whispers