Feathers and Grails Opinion

So, ever since I got back into FEH back near the end of January, I noticed very many changes. I stopped playing a while before Book 2 came out.

I noticed the Grails and Feathers economy changes. It was easier to get Feathers, sorta, and difficult to get the grails for the GHB/Tempest units.

I’ve been playing catch up these last few months getting units and using my Feathers to mainly fodder 5* skills to them. I use the Grails to pull units with good skills and fodder them.

My question is now, I am sitting at 60k feathers and 388 grails. Im at a point where I am satisfied with my barracks (At least 20+ units where I want them strength wise). Should I begin using feathers to merge units? The only Grail unit I use is an Aversa with blade & night skill sets (Edit: I have Itsuki +1 & Kronya). I haven’t found other grail units worth the pull and dedication.

I mainly want to score higher in Arena activities and increasing BST on those units I have enough merges for could help. Eliwood, Reinhardt, etc.

Overall, let me know your opinion about Feather and Grail use. :feh_birbpeek:


Well if BST and arena are a concern, then Itsuki is probably a good option. He has a prf and good 172 BST for scoring well in arena.

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Feathers are a lot easier to come by than they used to

Grails are difficult to get but they aren’t too bad, and usually they go towards long term projects anyways.

388 grails is very very little. You need thousands to complete a project. So just save them for now. 60k feathers is also not enough. It takes 220k.

Personally I would just save both until you get a lot more. Especially grails that amount gets you not even 3 copies of a unit

In terms of feathers and BST… Echidna, Altena. Ross and a couple others have high BST and don’t cost grails. You could look at them for projects.


Can confirm that she’s really good!


I forgot I went and got an Itsuki and gave him DC/Null C/Pulse Smoke. Merged him once too. Also got a Kronya. Memory sucks late at night haha.

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Ok then. That’s basically optimal set for AR. And if you already have merges that’s great too.

If he’s done maybe build one of the aforementioned axe or lance users

Good advice. I mainly used all the grails I got to grab some 100 grail pulls on units that had skills I wanted.

I probably gained nearly 300k feather blasting through the story content and gardens. Alas, used em to merge up units to get some galeforce specials, premium skills, etc.

I did use Echinda and liked her, was interested in how she had good Res. I currently have a +5 Bike I am working on getting more for. I was interested in Echinda but she shares the same weapon/color as Bike. Unless my theory is wrong, I don’t tend to focus on units in the same move type/color/weapon due to Bike being better overall kit.

B!Ike is very good. But really he’s only great if he’s supported by B!Lucina.

You got any Altenas? Otherwise maybe you should work on a blue merge project

Or just save, 60k feathers isn’t great


I do have two. Both +HP -Atk unfortunately.

I do use a Blucina with my Bike for ez PVE content. Shes mainly built just for that 2 range support with her Refine and Def Drive and Res Drive Seal. Haven’t built her offensively.

If you’re gonna run drive def and drive res, maybe try running close guard+distant guard if you have them. They’ll grant +4 Def/res instead of +3. The difference is negligible tho.

Also about the Itsuki. If you’ve already put such good fodder on him and he’s only +1, save your grails and feathers and merge him up. He’s a beast at +10, especially with a good kit like that. He’ll be very good in both arena and AR so it’s a good investment. You can get 2 other copies (I assume you got the TT copies) and get him to +3, then keep going from there. At least until +5, that’s when the grail cost starts to feel pretty heavy

Good advice on the Blucina.

Itsuki is +1 from his initial 5* and merged up his 4* w/ 20k feathers. Didn’t pull him with grails. I’ve got too many sword units like a +Atk -HP Lif, the free Altina, L!Ike, that I invested some time into. Sometimes I ask myself why I gave him such good premium skills, but then I remember his PRF looked good. Im struggling to keep him alive, even with Noontime. I mainly use QR seal between S!Idunn & Bike.

Is he not staying alive :feh_marththink:

Could be due to lack of merges. If the QR seal is taken maybe give him mirror stance.

Maybe run Sol or Aether if he has B!Lucina. They’ll probably work better than noontime.

Yeah there are a lot of swordies. My arena core is all swordies. But Itsuki is one of the best swordies. I’m telling you he carries way better in AR than Altina does, and also can be used during light season which might improve your AR. And he’s a better tank than L!Ike. What tier are you in for AR btw?

I see. That’s another thing I’m not good at is building those seasonal teams. I can try using him with blucina and bike.

I’m tier 18. I mainly been using builds to snipe a unit, pull back and pick off the rest. Trying to get a grip on a good defense team w/ anima and have good offense. L!Chrom carries me hard with that reposition skill. Getting bike into place and such has been a dream.

I can try and use Aether on Itsuki at some point tho. Great advice!