Feature suggestion for Gamepress Servant Planner

I have been using Gamepress Servant Planner to … plan my servants. :fgo_rinlaugh:

For a long time, I only added the servants I currently have. Recently, I came to realize that I should add servants I am planning to rolls for (Skadi and co) to have an accurate account of my materials need. (Looking at 500 Void Dusts, 90 Hearts right now. :fgo_insane: ) This makes me realize several additions to the tool would be valuable:

  1. Multiple servants list: I would like to separate my servants into the “high priority” (raising for upcoming events), “low priority” (servants in the COOL tier, raised for interlude SQ), “doesn’t have yet” (with estimate upcoming banners), etc.
  2. Adding multiple servants at once instead of individually: I really want to be able to add all bronze and silver servants at once.
  3. Simpler interface to update the servants: in other words, change the levels right in the servant list.
  4. Reorder the list: I really wish to be able to group the Sabers, Archer, … together. But I added them in acquisition order. So …

What are your thoughts on these?

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In absense of this feature you could try:


Thanks for the tool. It is indeed sufficient for me.

I wish there was an easily accessible Servant database (maybe in JSON format) so I can develop a Servant planning app myself.

I actually enjoy the current planner in the site. I allows me to keep it updated and also brag about my current servants without having to open the game. LOL

@Cano The tool was great. But if you also want to brag about your waifu collection by bringing them to the top of the list, in order to add a newly acquired non-waifu servant, you need to

  1. Delete all your waifu.
  2. Add your new servant.
  3. Add the waifu back again!