February Community Day Vote

Vulpix, Machop,Ryhorn, Dratini which one gets your vote

For me it has to be Ryhorn simply because it has never had a CD plus the exclusive move will be probably Rock wrecker plus a nice shiny would be nice :blush:

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Anything but Rhyhorn. Don’t get me wrong; I would love for Rhyperior to get new powerful move, but I don’t want to replace one I was using all this time and am attached to. If he isn’t chosen for Community Day then maybe Niantic add Rock Wrecker to its normal movepool (same like Aura Sphere for Lucario).

So I am going to do every quest for Vulpix, Machop and Dratini, but skip every Rhyhorn one.

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Then… Don’t?

If Rhyhorn is chosen, rock wrecker will be a CD move, I think it’s highly unlikely they would break their pattern and just add it to the standard movepool. But hey, some patterns have been broken before… I wouldn’t count on it though.

However, rock wrecker may just be a PvP oriented move… My feelings tell me otherwise, but hey, I’m not working at Niantic…


Machop would be interesting to see but what will it get as a exclusive move seismic toss would nice

Yeah I think rock wrecker needs to be a CD move I have a feeling this move is going to do some damage lol

Maybe I should precise my previous statement; I am NOT going to replace my Rhyperior. But I whenever I use him, I would feel like he is held back from reaching his ,full potential’’ because he doesn’t have a OP move just because I haven’t kept him unevolved until its CD. And its not just him; there are many Pokemon that can’t fight at top condition if they were evolved before it’s CD. Unless Niantic announce that they add ,CD TM’’ rewarded during CD (even a SINGLE ONE to let use get CD move on your favorite mon that we evolved before) from Special Research (we already have monthly missable Researches centered around Giovanni, so adding another missable for CD is not hard to implement), Rhyhorn is one option I personally don’t want to win.

You could have more than one Ryperior. I have a pretty good globe, but Ryhorn is mr faaaavorite pokemon, and I will probably put all my votes towards them, mainly because I would love a shiny! Just because they’ll have a CD move doesn’t make the other pokemon less powerful- your old Ryperior has done well and will continue to do so.

I think in my mind, Ryhorn, Machop, Vulpix, and then Dratini (even though I missed Dratinis actual community day :cry:)


Niantic listed all of the moves the February community day candidates would get if chosen in their announcement.

Rhyperior - Rock Wrecker
Machamp - Payback (new Dark-type move)
Dragonite - Superpower (Fighting-type move)
Ninetales - Weather Ball (Fire for Kanto Ninetales, Ice for Alolan Ninetales).

Now, we don’t know the stats on Rock Wrecker, but there’s a chance it could be a very strong move and make Rhyperior a significantly better Rock attacker. The moves for the other 3 Mons will only be useful in PvP.


Rhydon was the first Pokemon designed so it deserves recognition :slight_smile:


Yeah thanks for that machamp with a dark move would be a nice psychic counter isn’t weather ball the same thing castform uses its not very good lol

Definetly Rhyhorn, I already have 4 good Rhyhorn, two of them above 80% ivs lvl 35 from the last event they were featured as a boosted spawn rate. I’ll be really surprised if many people did not save at least one good Rhyhorn/Rhydon with the multiple events we got Rhyhorn featured on 2019 and knowing it was bound to have for sure a CD during 2020. Also it’s already confirmed the moves every mon would get which are:
Rock Wrecker for Rhyperior ( no move stats yet)
Superpower for Dragonite
Payback for Machamp ( no move stats yet)
Weather Ball: Fire for Kanto Ninetales
Weather ball: Ice for Alolan Ninetales
So every single mon maybe except Rhyperior are to have a PVP move so that makes it an easy choice for me and many others: going for the unreleased shiny and possibly the only PVE move with Rhyperior.
Also I imagine Rock Wrecker can be a copy of Giga Impact, I expected it to have massive power and a massive cooldown due to its nature in the main game series.