February Community Day


We are getting a Roselia Community Day which I don’t think many players if any had on their wishlist. What I find most interesting is we’re getting TWO exclusive moves, one Fast and one Charge - Bullet Seed and Weather Ball (Fire). This could answer some questions about future Charizard event with Dragon Breath/Blast Burn but also sets precedent for more Community Days with two moves.

Huh. I didn’t think I wanted it but that’s pretty cool. 2 moves for the price of one. Turns it into a sunny cherrim on steroids. Cool shiny too

Weather Ball (Fire)? Huh - are they trying to make Roserade viable in PVP?

I’ll be sitting this out. Roselia has been a common spawn for me and so I’ve got 8 L35+ grass knot ones including shinies. The bonus is no great excitement for me either.

Sure it’s going to interest somebody though.

Have a hundo and four 98%, plus a lucky 96% shiny. Don’t plan on using a rosarade in pvp. This said, I do not mind getting an XL candy source. I haven’t seen a single one since seasons became a thing, even though before that It was a common spawn. Is it one of the species which got removed from spawning, like rattata and larvitar? Can’t find the list right now

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Same here, too - and I also want some XL candy to get my hundo a bit up to save some time in water rocket matches :D

I have two 98% one is a shiny so I’ll just be catching for the XL candy and keep an eye out for a hundo announcement in my local FB chat. I can count on one hand how many times I saw Roserade in GBL. It was only used for Razor Leaf damage. Bullet Seed/Weather Ball is spammy but I doubt it’ll push Roserade into the meta.

Nice spice in ML, especially for the XL one. With weather ball it heats up the metagross and meganium match, possible sludge bomb vs togekiss or grass knot for swampert/rhypi/neutral.

Looks like the best setup is Bullet Seed+Weatherball/Grass Knot. Here’s how the top Grass-types in ML premier cup compare (hint: there’s not a lot!) -

About on a par with maybe Shiftry in ULPC -

I don’t think this is ground-breaking for our rosie friend, but it does give an extra spice for ULPC (which kinda died with the XL candy…too little, too late I guess). :man_shrugging: On the whole, I’m not disappointed; it could’ve been worse! Was hoping for something a little more original that “big Cherrim” but oh well…

I think I will try it.
Good vs metagross, magnezone, rhyperior, swampert, fighters
Medium vs togekiss, mamoswine, excadrill
Bad vs the two dragons, snorlax and gyarados with DB.

So I guess comm day is officially dedicated to pvp now?
It would be great if they alternated between pvp and pve Pokémon.
And rare Pokémon will we ever get them again. Been holding off evolving gible, Deino, and few others, not sure if that’s worth doing anymore and will atleast evolve gible for earth attacker.

Also rose is such a common spawn and already have so much candy, If I’m feeling lazy that day I might skip it.

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I feel like it fills a very similar niche to Gyarados…the list you rattled off is very similar to Gyarados’ wins/losses with the exception of beating electrics. Maybe slightly better vs Togekiss? Worth trying out, I just don’t see a great niche for it at the moment but Arceus knows we need some decent Grass in ML! :rose:

My guess is they’ll wait until most of the world is Covid free and then go hard on the big guns when they can maximise revenue.

I want to elite tm my roserade. Poison jab with sludge bomb and then weather ball. Would make it good against other grass types and im generally lacking in fire types.
Its shiny n lucky so yeah gonna have to be elite TM

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I’d consider an ETM for the fastmove too. Poison Jab is ok but it really needs speed to pressure shields and land some hits IMHO. Love that shiny though!

Hmm? Oh I dont use her for pvp, she’s my strongest poison attacker and weather ball is strong in raids.
Shame it’s no use against steel since fast move is doubly resisted.
Although… bullet seed wouldn’t be half bad at premiere league, can counter metagross and togekiss with those charged moves and resist fighters

Oh? Another bad Community Day?

I doubt Roserade‘s gonna be a good Grass killer, lacking STAB on Weather Ball and not having an effective Fast Move against a good amount of Grass types. :thinking:

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Yeah…veeeery few 'mon do well in raids with non-STAB moves. You’re better off using a Flareon when needing fire-type damage in raids. Roserade is already great as a poison-type raider (whatever that’s worth…) and grass-type raider. This CD is strictly for PvP performance, and really probably just ML. Still beats a re-run IMO

I think it will be better in Ul PC, and no need WB at all there. Sludge Bomb + Grass Knot with Bullet Seed should be strong.