February Community Day

Like you said vs Poliwrath Ultra

I wonder what the fire weather would do to Escavalier though

Outta nowhere Escavalier wins the no shield vs Roserade Fireball;) Megahorn nuke!!!AA would come up short

I already have a flareon and I barely have other fire types because I dont like them. I’m not looking for best possible combinations, just serviceable with what I train.
And no, I dont dupe pokemon so I dont have multiple flareons. Duping pokemons is far too dull
And well weather ball almost 70 DPE*DPS is a good candidate without stab or accompanying fast move with roserade’s high attack.
Not optimal but it’s something I like having and wont jeopardize regular raids

I didnt say it would be optimal, I said it was useful and it is. Its situational anyways, I have ice and flying types to attack grass types, but a 6th spot with a double resist pokemon and high attack with a very strong move why not.
Thanks for trying to tell me about optimal, it’s just a tangent

You do you. If it makes you happy, why not.

So I looked it up. Apparently, its DPS isn’t totally sneeze-able:
DPS comparable to Typhlosion vs grass-types (in particular) is kinda crazy for a non-STAB move. You’re still better off with Internape, Charizard, Flareon, Heatran, etc. But hey, wynaut!


We already have Venusaur for that role though

This. I feel the same way. I know that cday’s like Seedot, Porygon and Weedle were also new shiny releases - for those who like to hunt those - but it seems like the community days that shake up the PvE scene and simply are fan favourites are kind of over.

I’m not complaining really as I PvP a lot, but I can see that people who prefer PvE & shinyhunting are getting pretty tired of this shit.

That said I think Roserade will be a decent addition the ULPC scene. Niantic already added Excadrill as budget option for those who can’t afford the money and time to grind for XL Gfisk, and now Roserade is added to the scene, which comes pretty close to breaking the notorious Skarmory + Swampert core. Just to see what actually ‘beats’ this core:

The corebreakers are fighters that need to land the Close Combat - which is not a reliable matchup at all. When the Swampert is a shadow variant, Milotic only is the most reliant pokemon to break the core. And even that is a very close matchup.

Now, Roserade won’t break the core either as it loses against Skarmory, but at least it’ll be damn annoying and put Skarmory into a good farm range for your next pokemon. With 3 bullet seeds advantage you could even flip the matchup against Skarmory! It will likely be comparable to Great league Skarmory vs Cherrim

Furthermore, Roserade likely beats other grass-types and can put up a good fight with Abomasnow as well

In that regard, I do like Roserade. I just feel like there can be so much more in these community days though. Hopefully we’ll get better ones in the spring/summer

I think XL Drifblim moreless beats regular Swampert, probably beats XL Skarmory…but at the expense of being crap vs XL Abomasnow. XL Drifblim and XL Abomasnow are relatively easy makes compared to XL Skarmory. Assume some people will make XL Politoed. Roserade being worthy opponents in these battles is something. Roserade can also sneak a weather ball fire to hit Drifblim (does 76 damage to Drif…Drif’s stamina is massive though).

I have a level 40 Roserade already, I use it for Rocket battles, just RL/GK. Maybe I make another one with these moves and XL it, it is not a terrible pokemon overall

I’m personally just happy about this because Roserade is one of my personal favorites. I could fill out 2 full teams of them for both of my accounts… one team for grass and one team for poison. I know poison attackers are “useless” right now, but they will be useful against the island guardians in Gen 7, one of them even being doubly weak to poison. I also don’t have many MM Metagross, so PJ/SB Roserade can fill my holes should I face a fairy.

Just my suggestion, I don’t know your plans or style so ignore me if this is wrong for you. Also if you haven’t got a wealth of fast TM it can be difficult but you’d likely do it more efficiently 2-moving your team and then Fast TM between grass/poison as needed rather than evolving and powering up 6 more.

Oh wow you’re back :joy:


Ya really should see my pvp someday. I have plenty of non totally sneezable things in my style and roster that both keep you on your toes and also be like “hey this fight really isnt that hard”
I’m about to post my current 1500 team anyways

I would comment, but Julian and Haruka pretty much covered it.

I played Open Masters this season…I wasn’t even rated high 2300…I saw a few Swamperts level 48+…I expected to see Melmetals like that but Swampert eliminated all those Melmetal, Groudon, Dialga…just a devastating Pokemon

By XL, we mean Pokemon that have been powered up beyond level 40 with the new Candy XL, which is completely unrelated to size.

to get my hundo a bit up to save some time in water rocket matches

If you like Roserade, you’ll love Torterra in the same role. Also does a number on Cliff’s current team. Omanite goes down before either of us can get a charged attack off. If you get Electabuzz next, it doesn’t do much to a Grass/Ground pokemon, and two Sand Tombs polish off his shields. Then, when Ttar comes up, two razor leafs and a Frenzy plant will almost take it out. I’ve done the whole battle with one Torterra when the fast moves line up in my favor.

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For the leaders it is often better, but because it doesn’t resist water, it has problems vs water gun enemies. Also, unfortunately, i don’t have one with frenzy plant and roserade is so funny cause it does that little bit more damage. It’s just really bad vs confusion :D

Edit: oh, i have a frenzy plant one! Now i will max it as well :)

I use a UL Tangrowth, which kills Cliff’s whole team of Omanyte-Electivire-Tyranitar.

Yes thanks. I found out after writing this. Clowned myself here.