February FEH channel: What do think we'll see & What do you want to see?

About 2 weeks ahead of time, I know, shush
3rd anniversary of the game, another channel with Feh’s banshee voice (could Sothis take over again, that’d be faaaantastic), my birthday , and new things to come our way.

Last anniversary, we had an AR update, a shitty Find&Vote, Bound Heroes banners, shitty Seasonal Summoning Banners, DF’s, and an art collection!

Summary of 2nd Anniversary

The AR update was good, i guess.
F&V was…astoundingly kinda dumb if i remember, but a free summon was good, but should’ve been executed differently.
Resurgence of Bound Heroes was good
Seasonal Banners was conceptually fantastic, but goddamn, we should’ve had the goddamn choice to pick who we wanted to goddamn summon (S!Frederick’s beach sandals is getting sand everywhere)
DF’s are nice
The Art Collection was, seriously honestly, the best part of the episode.

I’m wondering what will happen this time around. My opinions for this year’s episode:

— Will DFs be refreshed so that we can re-battle units to claim their DFs again?
— A new stat boost concept to enable older generations to competitively power up?
— The same Banner ideas will come around again (hopefully), but this time, we can choose who to summon, at least for the Seasonals. The first summon is free with four orbs revealing each unit’s face on them. Afterwards, it becomes a usual banner starting at a 5 orb cost to start it with a 5% weight toward the seasonal characters.
— As for the Bound Heroes, I dunno. Same thing, I guess/hope.
— Since AR was already updated, maybe Arena will be updated this time around. Though some event update could happen…
— To be honest, the Find & Vote minigame was fun in itself, but the concept that that’s the method to selecting the top four free units was dumb
— More art!! ← literally, the biggest thing I’m looking forward to

So what do you guys think we’ll see and/or want to see?


There’s only one thing I want to see: what this magic papers we get through Mjolnir’s strike do


What do you think we’ll see

Free orbs

What I want to see

Bigger refine batch
Free feathers
Use for Divine Codes
Free fodder


That was a dark moment in Feh history, let us pray IS won’t do that to us again.
I shudder to think of IS repeating the yellow orb fiasco.


It wasn’t even that bad of an event, it was the morons that didn’t realize you could scroll to find other characters in the map, so the characters we had weren’t even that good.


But still, not being able to choose was a huge bummer


Not only some people apparently didn’t know you could scroll, I suspect it really couldn’t scroll in some phones. I remember the site being extremely laggy. The event was poorly planned and poorly executed. Not to mention the cursed yellow orbs, again.


I know we’ll see more powercreep, but I hope to see more structures added in the resort. Would like to interact more with the characters :feh_hridexcited:


Didn’t find this to be that much of an issue. If we actually had good characters from the start then it would’ve been even better, but it’s free fodder aside from Nohrzura (if I recall she was also a possible choice?).


I remember this event, couldn’t vote on it cause I didn’t know where to go to find the site


It was there where I got my only copy of her. However she was, imo, the only that is still valuable to this day out of the badge, so there wasn’t much choice really, everybody wanted her


I’m down for all of this
Also, more castle designs


THIS. If we don’t get a full section dedicated to Ippei memeing, I’m uninstalling


I either got lazura or duma from that banner. Pretty sure it was duma, and i’ve barely ever used him


Only true fans know the pain

Jokes aside, I got Duma. He’s… slightly less useless. At least he helps with Mjolnir’s Strike scoring in some seasons.


Duma has Def/Res Solo, right?

Ugh, I could use that fodder


That reminds me, will Trading be introduced???
That’d be so helpful


It was hella laggy, i knew it was supposed to scroll from feh channel but it did not react for like 4 seconds when i tried

Wasnt it also timelimited for the vote or something like you had 60 seconds to find them and then submit it?


The problem is that through a vote system, the winners are not the good characters but the most popular.

People not knowing how to scroll made it “possible” for LLyn to show up, but people being able to scroll easily might, have given us Summer Camilla or whatever.

Expecting to get a good unit from a popularity contest is asking too much IMHO. I think the choices we got last year were all decent, considering what other units could have been picked. There were plenty of votes wasted on 3-4* units. That alone shows that a voting system will never please everyone.


Oh jeez, those were some super salty posts back then. My cholesterol level raised just reading them