February Giovani reward

I am very close to getting another Giovani radar but unsure whether I really want a Purified Moltres…lacking Sky Attack, there’s not much point in giving it a 2nd charge attack (the biggest utility for purified 'mon) but I’m not sure what the next legendary will be (assuming there is one). :musical_note: Should I stay or should I go now :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :notes:

Let the speculation begin! What will Giovani have up his evil sleeve next month?!? :smiling_imp:

I’m rather hoping he moves on to the legendary beasts, though there’s a chance he’ll just loop back to Articuno as a means of allowing those that missed it in November to catch it or to purify the one they already have

A Shadow Lugia!

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It will be Persian like with all the other grunts… the first pokemon encountered

With Giovani, you always caught his last 'mon: Articuno (November), Zapdos (December), and Moltres (January).

I think this is pretty likely! Either way, I think I’ll hold off and take my chances. Purified Suicune or Raickou might be interesting in UL…

Probably Eevee

Armor mewtoo!


Why don’t you just use it now? Surely next month (if Giovani is back) you will have to earn another radar just by completing the dedicated researchs.

For one thing, the chance at getting two of whatever next month has! :grin:
Second, I am not particularly swift at this quest. I don’t wanna dump hundreds of thousands of stardust into purifying 'mon I’m just going to trash so I take my time to find good ones (or cheap ones). And as an office-worker in a rural area during winter, I might do 2-3 rocket battles a day. I missed Articuno in December so I figure it takes me juuuust over a month to finish the quest.:sweat_smile:

They lowered the number of shadow mons you need to purify from 15 to 5. Now even at 3k dust to purify each if you only do the minimum you will come out ahead in the stardust game. And 2 to 3 rockets a day is plenty as long as you have a radar for the leaders when you start the phase right before giovanni.

For me the hardest part of the rocket research is the raids.

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For me the hardest part is “Spin pokestops 5 days in a row” Do you know how long that takes? It takes 5 days…the rest of the quest you can do how ever fast or slow you want but that task… takes 5 days

As long as it isn’t flower crown Last Resort Persian I take anything.

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I’m not a big fan of the unnecessary time-gating either, but I believe they reduced this to 3 days, for what that’s worth!

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There’s some speculation that the Johto beast trio will be the next Giovanni reward, as their models were discovered to be updated recently in datamine, but nothing is confirmed so far. As shadow legendaries don’t have an iv floor like in raids, I mostly view them as a collectible to catch one per month and be done with it. :laughing:

I do not remeber, but I do think that tasks as those are just to keep us from doing the quest in a single day… as you could do with a spooky message for example

updated models found by dataminers seems to imply we could have the legendary beasts as our shadow Legos for the next few months

Side note: thank god that they fixed the Regi pose.

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Thanks for the graphic! This makes it seem pretty clear that Raikou is up next!
And maybe Sharpedo will be a Rocket Leader 'mon?

I wouldn’t go so far as to assume that’s the order they’ll come in. There’s the possibility that they’re listed in that order due to model ID, the order they were found, or simply randomly. If the graphic is correct, mind you, I’d love Raikou to be the first Gio pupper, he’s been my favourite of the three since I first played Silver.

Most likely Be in dex order like the birds were