February Goodies


This post does get negative, so you have been warned before starting.

At least the rest of the world will know what the ‘Spotlight Hour’ mon are, and will get time to prepare, after the Eastern countries go in blind and inform everyone else what it is and the finer details.

I am getting sick of being the test dummies that get everyone else useful insights for preparation.

These SECRETIVE events should start everywhere at once, or they need to give more information so we are not the Lab Rats for the rest of the world.

there is an entire month of events, literally something for everyone (a player base which numbers in the multi-millions)…Nobody cares if y’all are salty :rainbow:

There’s a lot of nothing going on this month. I mean, there are more events going on than in any month since the game began, and none of it is even remotely interesting or useful.

I guess the double transfer candy is worth writing down.

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I mean, I have no input on the game but I dont think it’s secretive, it’s a surprise. People love mystery boxes, this is just a mystery event!

Brother, your sacrifice will never be in vain, and your name will be remembered through the annals of history, kids will sang the achievements of your people…and by this you will become… LEGENDARY!.


Thanks for caring enough to tell me you don’t care.
It is appreciated.


Let me add a little context to my point that I thought most hardcore players would already know - and Asia-Pacific players know all too well.
These rolling events, at a specific local times, all start in Asia Pacific first.
The positive is we get first shot at some content and are first to encounter some Mon at times.

However, we are the test bed every time, and so if an event fails, has difficulties or just doesn’t happen, it effects us first…and usually only us.

For example at least 6 CDs have failed or been effected. It means we have to find another day if it is completely redone, or hang around even longer if time is extended. With extensions, most players have already gone home, and so miss out.
Raid hours - we have had them not start, so we are all in position, money spent and nothing happens.
OR the game has problems and we lose raid passes and have to go through the trouble of claiming them back. OR we get half way through, see the evrnt stop and have to find time again at Niantic’s discretion.
These are just the regular things we test, and lose money and cost time - often resulting in another time needed.
There are others (research days) but I am sure I am giving my point the detail some need, to help with understanding.

I get that many of you have never experienced these issues, and so have zero empathy. They do seem minor on their own, but the sheer number of times this has happened would be laughable if it didn’t cost so much time and/or money.

It has got to the point where I don’t bother showing up for events until I have heard they are actually working, and I know many others the same.

At this stage, I am sure I am not in the only community in the Asia Pacific region that would be happy to surrender the advantage of being one of the first with a dex entry, in exchange for the kind of game experience players in other parts of the world get.

I didn’t realise I would need a full rant for other serious players to understand this point, but I guess it highlights how it is the same player base that has these issues, while others get a far better experience.

Getting back on topic…the graphic is indeed appreciated.

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The last 3 or 4 Community days only had brief 10-30 min disruptions and not always.

Yeah, those too but I don’t even count them as part of it. That is just an expected standard part of the game I assume every sees everywhere from time to time.

And that’s about the only advantage players in your part of the world get with these events. I remember reading all the numerous posts about multiple events that went all kinds of wrong in the APAC region and how badly the players got screwed over.

On top of that, if the details of these “mystery” events truly are to come as a surprise, then you’ll be the only ones actually surprised as you’re up first. The rest of the world will read the reports of how the event went down and will be better prepared as a result.

As a player who lives in the U.S., has benefitted from event reports coming out of APAC, and read the horror stories about how many times those events got messed up, you and the other trainers in that region have both my sympathy and my gratitude. I hope that, one day, Niantic shifts the order of who goes first for events so that we can repay the favor and share the burden of who has to deal with all the glitches.

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So you would love to have that running from 1 to 4 am or something like that so that we can have it at a decent hour…
I do get what you mean, but if Niantic wnats to make evrybody having the same chance it becomes difficult for let us say CD’s if they do them on Sunday in the US they would have to do them on Monday with you guys and then you wouldn’t be happy because work hours would interfere with CD hours…

Because where we live (Europe) we are right in the middle not the early birds like you but also not the latest like the US, but for example if they release something new it is mostly at 1pm PST that means 10pm for us so for most of us things only start the next day (like they do for you) and we sometimes have to wait atleast 8 hours to see it comming to our region (think raids, new Arlo, Cliff, things that are shut down to give us some sleep-time at night :wink:).

So you see every region has it advantages but also disadvantages… but we all thank you for being the first most of the time to try things out and report back so that we can enjoy your knowledge!!!