February's Community Day Mon is Decided by the Community!

Wow, I did not see this coming! For the Feb CD, we’ll get to vote on which Mon gets featured! This opens up a ton of avenues for Community Days going forward, especially since: one option only has one evolution stage, one is a repeat, and one already had its shiny released. I’m pretty excited about this change-up!

The candidates:

• Vulpix (Ninetales/A-Ninetales will learn Weather Ball)

• Rhyhorn (Rhyperior will learn Rock Wrecker)

• Dratini (Dragonite will learn Superpower)

• Machop (Machamp will learn Payback, a new Dark-type move)

Full details here: https://pokemongolive.com/post/feb2020-cd-voting

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I see we all can say that, unbiased, Rhyhorn deserves this CD.

I mean, look at that MOVE. IT’S PERFECT! Rock Wrecker would Sky Rocket it’s DPS and TDO and, due to not having any great rock legendary, it’s possible Rhyhorn would keep it’s #1 spot for a long time.

But, in a biased point of view, I would like to see machop receiving a CD, it deserves some love after getting dethroned TWICE. However, I see Payback as simply a move for coverage and you have better options than Machamp already for master league (Conkeldurr).


This is likely where I’d cast my votes. Rock Wrecker is just what Rhyperior needed.


Shiny Ninetales! It’s sooo pretty, ahhhh!!!

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The rerun of Dratini is interesting, though. It definitely opens the potential for Pokémon to get a second CD with an alternative move. (Fingers crossed for Payback Tyranitar :crossed_fingers:)

Vote for Ninetales.

Nobody wants their Smack down/Stone Edge Rhyperior to be devalued to 0 value.

I Beg you. We DO NOT want any more Pokemon DEVALUED to 0 for no reason.


This event is pretty much focused on Rhyhorn…the other option are simple unappealing (PvP moves on already shiny realease Shiny version mons…and Ninetales, which seems better but PvP oriented). I know that they have their fanbase (the pkm itself or the PvP players) but they are so small that it doesn’t matter.
What I mean is that next time they throw an election CD it probably will be : Groudon with Precipite blades or Caterpie, Wrumple or Weedle with stringshot…who would you choose?.


Interesting idea without a doubt.

Rhyhorn is the obvious pick, since it would finally shine as a rock attacker.

The rest are meh pvp niches for the 3% who bother with it and should be added to the mons via movepool updates.

Superpower dragonite is by far the biggest joke though. This feels like one of those off movepool additions which no cares about.

Also… Will people now finally shut it with gible will not have a CD???


Oh please, Rock Wrecker Rhyperior seems too tempting to not choose (are the stats for the move already given?)! Good thing I didn‘t evolve any so far :joy: The other ones are rather PvP relevant (at least assuming so for Payback), which I don‘t care all too much about, though the chance for Shiny Vulpix would be nice (too bad Weather Ball won‘t make the Ninetails not too much relevant in PvE)

Is that the “royal we”?


I have a 100% Rock Attacker Rhyperior and I’m just fine with it getting a new, exclusive move.
I’ve been praying for Rhyperior to improve as a Rock Attacker since I saw how badly it needs a little boost in how quickly it charges Stone Edge. Rhyperior has the Bulk, but not the damage output to even compare to Smack-Tar.

No official stats yet, but someone on Silph Road posted what Rhyperior’s DPS/TDO would look like given several hypothetical iterations of Rock Wrecker.

So even if Rock Wrecker is busted (Aura Sphere clone), it won’t touch Rampardos for DPS, but it’s highly likely to make Rhyperior #2 in DPS with a significant lead on TDO compared to other Rock attackers.


Bulky Boy.

Yeah, rhyperior won’t be the #1 DPS wise, but would probably end up as the safest pick in most scenarios due to it’s bulk and great dps. Rampardos would still stay the rock glass cannon.

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I’m not.

Spare me my sanity and thanks. Also, remember I STILL have a 98 Rhydon on my storage.


Smacktar won’t magically get devalued to zero. It’s still entirely useable, especially if you already have one or more powered up/maxed out.

Plus, there’s nothing wrong with Mons getting outclassed over time. If the same Mons continued to maintain their positions in the meta, the game would become boring.


No but please, just don’t make EVERYTHING obsolete in 3 hours. That is just insane.

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Lucky you!

I dont have any :man_shrugging:

“Everything” is a biiiiit of an exaggeration. Tyranitar is highly likely to get overshadowed by Rhyperior, but Rampardos will maintain it’s position as #1 on Rock DPS. Depending on the power of Rock Wrecker, Terrakion could still be ahead as well. And again, it’s not like Smacktar will suddenly be getting worse. It will still be able to do all the same things it was capable of doing before.

Also, if you have a 98% Rhydon in your storage, then it sounds like you’re good to go anyways? :man_shrugging:


By the way, could somebody explain the voting system again? I didn‘t really get how it‘s done from the announcement

Voting will occur in-game on Feb 1st (12:00am-11:59pm local time). We’ll be casting votes by completing research tasks.

During this time, stops will all have tasks related to the voting process. Each task will be labeled as “Vote for Rhyperior, Vote for Machamp,” etc, will require us to catch 20 Pokemon, and award 200 stardust.

The research task completed the most by the end of this time period will decide which Mon gets the community day. Thus, each player can cast more than one vote. Completing 10 “Vote for Rhyperior” tasks = 10 votes for Rhyperior.