Feelin Salty and Bad

I’ve been playing for about a year now, and the luck for my game seems to be absolute garbage. I have, at best, 7 4* units and 2 5*, one of which I pulled on the guaranteed 5* in July. At what point does it seem like the account won’t be doing you any good, and should you consider restarting? I have cleared all available content, but it is becoming increasingly hard with 4* units that I’m not even able to fodder NP upgrades for. For example I just did 22 pulls on the new banner, and the only 4* I got was a CE and the only servant I got was Inshinn.


You dont need to restart since its all based on chances. You wont have better or worse luck even if u restart. Btw how many rolls/summon have u done so far?


Gacha rates are terrible unfortunately, you just have to press on. Good luck appears eventually. In the mean time try building your lower star units, all content can be cleared with F2P units (i.e. 1-3 stars and welfares).

Have you spent a lot of paid SQ outside the GSSR?


Also do you mean 22 10-pulls or 22 single pulls here?

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my friend whom I managed to rope into playing fgo just started playing last month and made 2 side accounts in anticipation for Jalter on new year next year. He simply leaves them lying around and only login once a day for login bonus and login streak reward. When the day to roll for Jalter comes, he’s going to continue on whichever account gets her. Granted, he has some spare phones, and he has just started playing. If it’s feasible for you to do and you are considering to start anew, maybe it’s something worth trying, although, yes, gacha is simply a matter of chance and new account wouldn’t change your luck or anything like that, but doing that may increase your odds on getting better rolls without having to break the bank.
There’s also a matter of whether you actually find enjoyment in playing the game or not. There’s someone on YT that claims to never roll on SQ summon even once and exclusively only clears content with 1-2* units, thus presumably enjoys purely the gameplay aspect of FGO, specifically the lower rarity ones. it might be interesting to utilize lower rarity servants on cqs and the likes.


I did a 1 10 summons and then 12 ticket singles.

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I have remained f2p aside from that gssr.


I’ve probably done a total of 400 it feels. Ever sq has gone into summons, none to revive. It’s an awful feeling.
But I do feel some accounts are just better. Like my cousin started in September and he’s sitting on an NP2 Karna and a Merlin


I mean… given that 4 star servants are 3% rate (you’d expect on average 1 in 33) it’s not entirely surprising you’d not get much out of those rolls.

Also, I know there are f2p players who would kill to have gotten 2 SSRs in a year. People’s luck varies but you aren’t in a terrible position. Also, as I said, your f2p options are still more than enough to clear all game content if you raise them enough.

In the meantime, blessings to your future rolls!

:/ I guess. It’d feel better if one of them wasn’t guaranteed. Plus they’re both meh: Moriarty and Tamamo. It just sucks that the rates are so bad. All the characters I actually like are almost impossible to get but the easy ones are the ones I dislike.


I mean, gameplay wise they are both freaking awesome. I get if you’re not a fan of the characters though.

My dude, you have no idea how many people would kill to trade for a Tama


As great as Tama caster is, at the end of the day, he may not like that character.

For example, Gilgamesh (archer) is quite possibly one of the best servants gameplay wise. However, I simply don’t want him because I don’t like him character wise.

My advice: stick with the account. It sounds like you already dropped some money on the account when you did a GSSR roll. Just hope for the best in future banners.


Me, after spending an ungodly amount of SQ to just get 1 copy of both:

Joking aside, 1 multi + 12 singles would have given you around 14% chance for getting KH. You’d need at least 300 SQ for a 50% chance of getting the SSR on rate-up, and sometimes even that’s not enough. I know it sucks when it seems like everyone around you has rank EX luck, so my advice is to look at the upcoming banners and think who you really want, and then save your SQ for them. Try not to look in the roll threads either, since that’ll just make you want to give in and roll on the banner.


your friend is just setting himself up to triple fail


.>the arts support to merlin’s buster and skadi’s quick


edit: unless you’re talking about tamamo lancer, and even she’s reasonably solid (if not a bit wonky, with her skill demerits)


You also need to remember that if you start a new account, you won’t be able to get some of welfares, so i dont think its worth it when you dont even know if you will got better rolls. Btw i got my first ssr after half a year, then next one after another 3 months, but in this year i got like 6 of them, so your luck can still change


i genuinely hope not, I need him to accompany me in this gacha hell so I hope he gets his waifu to incentivize him to keep playing :catroll:


that’s what summer3 is for

For OP
1st, level up your tamamo to lv 90 and 10/10/10 skill before called her meh