Feeling Devastated With Ayerscarpe

More than 30 pulls and still no Ayerscarpe…why? Im not even rolling for Suzuran…please…give me Ayerscarpe…im broke… :sob::sob:

You’ll get your boy…eventually :catflower:


I thought i could save my pity break for phantom (since i planned to buy ajimu in the shop), but until 40 roll, i ended up with suzuran and no ayerscarpe in the sight. Every *5 stars that i got are not even on the banner

And then the boy come to me around 46th roll

Now i’m broke

10xpulls +2, i got all i wanted Suzuran +Click( and a copy of Nightmare) .
After all, i missed Rosa and Magallan(again).
Ayerscarpe is not limited, you’ll get him one day.