FEH Art in general

This may have been discussed at some point but am not necro-ing old treads for my rant. It’s really sad and shameful how people just make fun of the art in FEH which doesn’t even in the slightest looks bad. It understandable if your not a fan of the art style but to say it looks bad or make comments about the little details that was made by the artist. It like most people doesn’t even know about concept art and how the artist interpret how they see the character. A lot and time and effort is put these artworks and bashing it is not only shameful, but as well ignorant. Recent example is Mila. People is remarking how “weird” her hands looks, mocking her face, or just seems out of placed. First of all her hands probably looks that way because… umm duh…she a dragon and in begaining process of transforming. It awesome how some of the artist take consideration of the tiny detail when making the art they were commission for, and to make fun it is discouraging to them. For those who say she looks out of place, it FEH flaunt because they commission may different artist and some with unique art styles.
Its OK to be ignorant in certain topic because nobody can know it all but don’t let your ignorance step on the effort people make in creating art/content. Cause i’m 99.9 % percent sure you can’t do even better that most of the artist can do.( P.s for those who about to comment “oH i HaVeN’t SeEn AnYBoDy MaKeInG fUn Of HeR aRt” please don’t because there ton of evidence in multiple treads, I would have post some but I don’t know to make a spoiler tag and quote other people from other treads).


How do I like a post multiple times


yeah… but there’s hardly anything substantial we can do about stuff like that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you can’t really make everyone stop and appreciate the same things you appreciate about the art in FEH.

But I do appreciate your stand. Just because something doesn’t appeal to the regular anime style doesn’t mean that it’s bad artwork, and complaining about the art can make an artist feel bad for drawing differently.


Generally while not all art is my taste, I can appreciate all the intense effort and work that went into the art for each character in FEH.

Plus, it’s not like I could do anything like that in an instant. Stuff like this requires a lot of skill! :feh_nini:


Yes, but… that’s a very weak response to criticism. You don’t have to be a movie director to criticize a movie, you don’t have to be a musician to criticize a song, and you don’t have to be an artist to criticize a drawing.

You don’t have to be a professional to see that there’s something off with a lot of art in Feh, especially for (but not limited to) Book 1 units. For example: Lloyd and Cordelia. Bashing an artist isn’t the way to go, sure, but I definitely understand the frustration of having your favorite character finally in the game… with artwork that you can’t stand.


It’s the sad reality of having to appeal to an audience that prefers a specific style.

If the art ruins the money IS gets for releasing Mila and they lessen the times they commission the artist to make a unit portrait though… that’d be hella sad.

Cruel and sad.


I love Mila’s art, but I can admit that her right hand (our left) in her attack art looks a little weird.

But still people complaining about her art being bad are mostly upset she doesn’t look like your generic pretty lady.

Which has some merit because to be fair that’s how she’s portrayed in SoV.

Her art is still ■■■■■■■ amazing to me though, the artstyle really gives her that old legend/myth look to her and I think it really fits.


I wouldn’t worry about this. Yura and pikomaro have highly divisive Feh artwork, and they’re still somehow getting comissions.

And as for Mila’s art… honestly, I like Yamada Akihiro’s style, but I don’t think it suited Mila all that well. His art wasn’t as divisive as the others I mentioned, but it still wasn’t very popular since it diverges so much from the style Fire Emblem fans are used to.

It’s not bad, but it’s different, and not everyone was fond of it. And when you have a character who was originally drawn by Hidari, whose art in Echoes was pretty much universally loved and praised, now drawn with a completely different style that isn’t all that popular among FE fans… Yeah. I get where the backlash is coming from, even if I don’t thing it’s wholly fair.


Its not that I don’t like it its more of…its not what I expected
Part of me thought Mila will be the mythic so thats what I was looking for and it just caught me off guard
I honestly don’t know how I feel towards the art, maybe its because I haven’t seen many arts like that in feh and I need to get used to it
Sure its not right to to hate on the art but if we’re being honest art was meant to be criticised, hence why there are art critics and such
Its all up to preference
If you like it good on you. You have a refined taste in art
Everyone else will get used to it, trust me
Just remember everyone can never be pleased at once. There’s always something to complain about. At this point people would compain about air having “too much oxygen”


“People say bad things about things i like :C”
It’s all opinion buddy. There’s nothing good or bad when it comes to shit like this, and people are free to like/dislike whatever they want.
Being rude is bad sure, but thinking something is trash isn’t, even if they can word it better.

The Mila art is different, so naturely there are going to be a bunch of different opinions on the subject. Who the ■■■■ cares.

This is one of the worst responses to criticism in any type of media, please don’t use it ever again thanks. And it’s not like its criticism to begin with.


I agree
You shouldn’t even compare one’s art to another artist
Only compare their own art to their own art
You can never do better than another artist
Art is subjective


Exactly… Are you aware about what you are saying?
Because it’s seems like you can’ express disappointment
I meant I play a game which the Artist are payed for
It’s okay maybe not insult the artist but if the products they they try to sell me doesn’t meet my taste I have all the rights to say “that’s orrible , why I should even pull for it”
It’s a little awkward pretending that no one could get out their disappointment for something

Exactly… how do you see a piece of art? You look about some aspects or all the details? If someone is payed for making art it’s his duty to take care of everything single details
And players have the rights to say they like it or not because Artist make art not for their own but also for others

I quite know what concept art is
And I can say Mila concept art is genius
But I would also says that the way she was made is pretty bad… Never mind the hands
Let’s talk about her left arm who is clearly shorter than the right one
And no… it’s not because she is transforming , or if it’s like so I’d say it was made pretty bad

Also insulting people isn’t the best way to convince them :feh_maeconfused:

The only thing I can agree is not making fun and insulting the artist because it’s shamefull and really irrespectfull


Tons of applauses


I knew people would pick little point in my statement, I put it there to see how many people would glance over my whole argument. It was just a little test to see for my self. I know every very well you don’t have to a expert to criticize but it only mean you don’t even know the whole surface of the iceberg on how much effort artist put and take to get where they’re at now. I agree it weak but now you now know my intention.


Nope, i didn’t “pick on it”. My opinion on the subject comes first.

That’s more like a little P.S., that’s why it’s only a sentence at the end of the comment


You are absolutely ridiculous
Making a thread just for make people argue
You are disgusting


or they just picked the one statement that really isn’t necessary to validate your point but whatever


I guess the change from the Mila we saw in SoV to this one can be shocking, but I honestly like this version too. It looks more like an angry dragon, in tension and transforming, which I believe its the reason her hands look like this. In general, we dont usually think about how art is made, how much effort is poured down in these four pics that we get, as sometimes happens with the voiceacting, too. I’ve seen also a lot of shit about Mila’s VA.


I’m glad I’ve actually started playing Ace Attorney so I can finally understand who that is.


I mean I still appreciate the fact that the artist did do 4 completely artworks for her and that is pretty impressive