FEH channel (August 15, 2021) :catburn:

i accidentally deleted the first draft for this fml

Sorry guys Feh’s still cleaning up :sweat_smile: or rather she got someone else to do it for her, since she’s always perching on her pile of money, her perch, or my nonexistent mail orbs since I always collect them

today we have an old CYL1 unit helping us out

he’s been powercreeped and outclassed by now since it’s gen 5, almost gen 6, so what better use for him than having him clean? i’m sure he’d prefer chopping firewood, but eh he likes helping out anyway. gotta make sure the stage is set properly for the meme man gatekeeper, his friend Marianne, Eirika (who shouldn’t bring her sword or else someone will break a table), and Marth who might forget his pants.

So while B!Ikey’s swabbing the floors in preparation for the Feh channel, sit back and grab your popcorn. :feh_popcorrin: He has Darting Blow 3 and Initiate Seal Spd 3 to help clean faster so the channel shouldn’t be delayed again. :feh_flaynyay:

We also have some extra help; the meme man Gatekeeper knew some orphaned children at Garreg Mach Monastery so he asked a fellow all-powerful being to help us out.

Wrys is too strong for this world. But he couldn’t turn a blind eye to Gatekeeper’s request, and he accepted the orphans to his orphanage, where they will undoubtedly be protected. We just need to hope that Wrys doesn’t pick up an axe and bury anyone. Well he should hopefully pick up the axe in May and bury Gatekeeper’s enemies with it.

Speaking of Gatekeeper, I think someone threw a relic at him and he held onto it for too long :feh_ikecry:

That’s right; Gatekeeper is a colorless beast with omnisave. Kiss your Edelglues goodbye :feh_flaynfire:

As we can see here, we are now getting 3 new resplendents at a time, but they are no longer limited to older units. Resplendent Sigurd turns his hair to purple and white and dons a pair of glasses. He also starts punching Tyrfing at his foes.
Resplendent B!Hector becomes part Godzilla for some reason, but I’m living for his long hair and his shirtlessness :eyes: Have fun playing around with him in that dumpster fire called AR!
And resplendent B!Lysithea is a mystery; why is she wearing a scarf? Or is this not Lysithea and is it just someone else with an injected crest? :fgo_ereshmentarymydear: We’ll see when this resplendent releases, but they’ll be a buster busted support unit.

Now that we know Gatekeeper is a colorless beast, here are the other three braves!
Eirika is using Sieglinde again… but this time she throws it at people and she’s a green bow unit. Phew. :feh_corrinsweat:
Marianne is a sword cav using Blutgang, nothing special :feh_maristare:
And Marth forgot his pants and his Falchion, so he stole his sister’s staff and he’s now a staff demote. But he comes with QR3 at 4* so it’s not that bad.

Now that we know who the units are, it’s time for the GHB!
Remember Heroes Journey? That mode where you can spend quality time with best boy Ike get 3 free orbs every day?
Remember the pirate hat?
That was actually foreshadowing the next GHB unit.
That’s right; we’re getting another pirate! Dart- I mean Bartholomew Roberts!

Can’t believe we’re getting our first crossover and it’s with FGO. He’s a low rarity unit in that game so you’d think he’d suck, but actually he’s really good in FEH! He’s a 180 BST infantry colorless tome to fill out your PoL needs, and his prf hits defense and ignores saves! That part only works at below half HP though, but he comes with Savage Blow 4 to help with that. His other skills are Vengeance and HP/Atk 2. Fun.
But to +10 him, you need at least one unit who covers one of their eyes with bangs. Lewyn should do the trick. Wait, you guys all sacked him for Special Spiral? :feh_elisad: :feh_elisad: :feh_elisad:

For the September update, we are increasing the number of Auto-Dispatch uses to 7! Now you don’t have to touch that hellhole and you might even make it to the next tier!
And we’re adding a new mode; Frontline Phalanx 2! It’s the same as the original but with worse RNG and no more Guardian Shields! Have fun getting screwed over!

That’s it for today folks :fehbirbmail:

@Everlasting99 I blame you for this






jk I love it Noodles :fgo_ereshlove:


Ah so you’re at LB1 then I take it



I finished it yesterday



LB4 is Hell

Warning you now

Not too bad if you are prepared for what it has, other than the final boss that is, that is pretty hard


Yeah I’m probably going to hold off on LB4 for a while until my roster is more developed

Just aiming for LB2 to take part in a future event rerun




I didn’t have a bad time with it :fgo_mhxastare:


Quality posting, no +spd refine on bike.
Bhector refine/10


saw feh channeol in my notifs
“was i @ed here? did i go to this thread, track it for whatever reason, and forget? no that’s stupid i was probably @ed
its the fuckin sans undertale from under the table tag i have everything under it tracked
@dimitrisnoodlehair this is your fault


The LB i had the most trouble was the Chinese. Atlantic and England were the most fun.


Link for FEH channel

is out!!!

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