Feh Channel Feb 1 2023

Channel Summary

CYL Winners

6th Anni Celebration

6th Anni Log In

6th Anni Quest Rewards

6th Anni TT+ Rewards

New GHB Rotation/Party + Dates (oh boy special maps tab is gonna get even MORE crowded)

6th Anni Hero Fest

6th Anni Special Hero Summon

6th Anni Special Maps (it’s just last years seasonals) also 26 orbs :D

A Hero Rises (already a thread for that here. )

Dates for the Voting Gauntlet

New Heroes: A Special Gift

Valentine Banner Date

Tempest Trails+ Date

Valentine Unit Stats (Thanks CohTahSoa!)

February 5th Update Bullet List
  • Hero Merit increase to 9000
  • New Accessories in Accessory Shop
  • New Legendary Hero Effects in Arena: If you use a Legendary Hero who is also a bonus unit you will receive 1.) Highest Score possible for each difficulty after the battle. 2.) No score reduction if only 1 ally falls in battle
  • New Arena Maps
  • New Weekly revivals
  • Also new 4 star Special Heroes added
Its a lotta images so it gets its own tab

  • Thrasir and Peony are next for Mythic Remix Thanks again CohTahSoa!
  • New Summoning Mechanic [Focus Charges]: Summon 3 off focus 5 stars and the next one will be guaranteed to be a Focus unit. They also reset every time they deplete, but are tracked separately between banners.
    Also Feh Pass Shenanigans
6th Anni Art! (Thanks Halo!)

CYL leaks were real and so was the Valentines Banner leak.

A Fates Valentines Banner without Sumeragi/Mikoto BOOO BELONGS IN THE TRASH GOODBYE


Valentines banner has prob some of the worst choices (sorry Tomatoes). Takumi looks exactly the same as his NY alt as well… well, whatever, it’s an easy skip (though I did notice the offensive healer special).

CYL results are in and they’re exactly as leaked/suspected. To make it simple: I don’t really mind OCs winning tbh. As someone who is pretty burnt out on the game and its stagnation, it’s nice to force IS to come up with something creative, as OCs don’t have any background to work off of.

Otherwise, pretty tame channel. Peony and Thrasir remixes are solid.


Gullveig actually won 1st place ; I’m wheezing over here.


I didn’t see the healer attack special but now that you pointed it out I have to pull on the banner just to get it for Mikoto lmaooo

I could honestly see IS be lazy and just take what they were gonna do for Gull as a mythic and use it on the CYL banner tbh

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Skills for the Valentine’s banner, except Takumi cause they didn’t show his


Wrathful 4 and a new healer special on Elise. Interesting. Also free Effie alt :feh_arvisboneappetite:


To add something: The pity system seems kinda… lame tbh. 3 pity breakers before a guaranteed focus unit isn’t the best, though I guess if you’re super lucky (as in getting 3 pity breakers in a low amount of orbs) then you can tactically play your cards right and have a good chance at getting the 5* you want.


Only thing I’m happy about is Effie… AND SHE’S THE GRAIL, was worried I’d have to summon but nope


Also damn Effie got mega fast after taking off her armor


I mean hey it’s still an improvement over the current system. We take those.


Man… if only they had also included this last year right before I went in and spent 900 orbs trying to get Thorr

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Thrasir/Peony remix


Bet it’s gonna have a wo dao effect since Elise is bringing in that healer damage special but we’ll see :eyes:

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also as someone who’s merging one of these old seasonals…

LET’S GOOOOO :feh_reinyes:


True. Anything to help the poor unfortunate souls who manage to get pity broken 3 times.


on one hand no 3H winners this year (good)
on the other, no felix (bad)
but also, no 3H :cat:


snek kept bernie out lmaooooo


This would be nice for me to get the last of those picnic flora merges I’ve randomly occurred over the years lmao

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Lol, I was literally talking about offensive healer specials with people on Discord earlier