FEH demographic inqury polls! (Since I now know how to do them and so new people can answer now too that the community has grown some.)


I tried to play Path of but it doesn’t work I’m super sad :frowning:
I hope they will release GC games on the switch so I can buy them

@LuteTheGod Obviously Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpiece. So much good memories on the Wii <3


Honestly I do think that Bethesda gets a little more crap than they deserve when it comes to their games being buggy. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely glitches, but its not as bad as people like to make it out to be in my experience. Although the stuff I’ve seen of FO76 is inexcusable, as well as how they’ve handled that mess.


Mario galaxy was really fun.
But after the first hour of game i was almost throwing up. Too many up and down, swirls and so on. My eyes when i played it > @_@


Lol, ironically I never played the first one.


@LuteTheGod I think Super Mario Odyssey is somewhat its successor, less the cool planet universe
But I still like Odyssey it’s a great game


The gamecube was the best. SO many memories of Warioware, Mario Party 5, Super Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros Melee, and Paper Mario to name a few

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Odyssey was a great game, don’t get me wrong. It’s enjoyable, but not enjoyable enough to play it again (I love the game still). I’m happy that they’re releasing new content to keep players playing it. The only kingdom I liked was the beach place.

I’ve played Botw for 330+ hours as it’s a masterpiece, whilst odyssey 100+ hours. I was hooked to it for the first play through, but when I played it again there wasn’t a feeling of magic…


B-But I never had a Gamecube…


(I played to Double Dash and Mario Strikers with friends at least)


If you guys have a PC, you can download a GameCube emulator and play some of those games on there.


Oh I haven’t played that much Odyssey. 55-60 hours to finish it at 100 %? (I used a guide for my very last missing purple coins)
And BoTW is indeed great. Maybe one day I will replay it and buy the DLC, because there are not that bad apparently


If only it worked on my computer lol
I want to play Path of really bad


How Can I Forgot My Two First Games Ever?


It took me 70 hours to fully complete Odyssey. Getting 999 power moons. I played it a little bit due to the update. Also I absolutely 200% recommended you to play the Botw DLC. It’s epic af. Urbosa and her champions cutscene is hype worthy and bad ass. Ive played it 4 times ( twice on normal and twice on hard difficulty).

Also the ‘new story’ is pretty cool too, it keeps you on track of what happened before Ganon killed everything. Finding those DLC clothings is an absolute treasure hunt. Unless you use a guide. The test of strength on hard difficulty is literally the definition of Abyssal on Feh.

Im getting nostalgia attacks, I need help


is that pokemon mystery dungeon


AKA Best Pokèmon Game With B&W


Nope Platinum

Sinnoh is best region


I still get a little teary eyed whenever someone mentions Grovyle. PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness were my favorites to play - they’re the best spinoff Pokemon games to date.


For Me,Platinum Is Overrated,But Everyone Have Their Opinions


Bro I thought Hoenn was overrated. Never see anyone care about Sinnoh, thought Sinnoh was one of the least favourited


I might give it a try someday then :slight_smile:

@Cartamoneta I played so much to this Pokémon I love it so much.
Layton too, I think I played all games at least 2 or 3 times. My fav is the third, then the sixth and the second. Still need to but the AA x Layton crossover!