FEH demographic inqury polls! (Since I now know how to do them and so new people can answer now too that the community has grown some.)


Pokemon Blue


The first game I played was Super Mario World 3.
The first game I was able to beat was The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


Pokémon Crystal is the first game I remember owning. Still my second favorite Pokémon game to this day, only behind Pokémon Emerald.


Seeing how some of us listed the first games beaten: my first game that I beat was Super Mario Bros 3.

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It was probably Crash Bandicoot for the Gameboy.

But it may have also been Ratatouille for the V-Tech

First game I beat was… Super Mario Sunshine? Or possibly Cars? Don’t know for sure.


Wayne Gretzky hockey (NES), my sister’s game. Soon after was final fantasy.


First video game I ever played was Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


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Pokemon Red


Pokemon rwby.

Also, I literally just said “5” because it’s the youngest option I’m sure I started earlier lol.


Pokémon LeafGreen. (From that point, I became a Pokémon addict.)

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Wow, surprised that 17 is the majority age.
@Loresome you are my even more friend now.

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Pokemon Soul Silver was one of the first video games I have ever played.

Oh my Leo’s tomatoes! I am the youngest so far at 15, I never would have thought. :ok_hand:t4:
Respecting Elders Intensifies


Wii Sports


I would occasionally play Animal Crossings or Mario Party when I visited family on vacation but the first game I owned and played more than once a year was Nintendogs.


I think my first game was Mario Kart DS or New Super Mario Bros DS. It was hilarious the first time I played that Mario Bros I was stuck for multiple hours in the second level because I didn’t know how to play


First I remember, a gbh Bionicle game.
First two serious ones were Pokemon Ruby and Fire Emblem 7.


… Who is 60 years old wtf xD
I think first game was Pokemon leaf green (that game had a bug that didn’t let me save, so i had to restart everytime lol)

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I wonder who.

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My first videogame was Pokemon firered and my second FE7 XD