FEH demographic inqury polls! (Since I now know how to do them and so new people can answer now too that the community has grown some.)


Okay Bethesda



Your lying if you’ve never abused at least 10 glitches from that game


I’m not that into Hawkeye
But Ranulf? Hell yes


I love how you vaguely said “that game”

because it still applies to every game they’ve ever made lmao

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My first game was pokemon red


I remember that glitch in Skyrim when if you put your money in a drawer whil ebuying a house, you get the money and the house


Remember the leveling up bug with the book

Took forever, i remember just doing it over and over again for about an hour

went from level 20 to level 85


I never did anything like that. But Soul Trapping dead bodies was my gig every now and again. And cant forget ironflesh spam once you get in combat. Oh and Muffle


I would often go under sjyforge and steal the dudes money in the hidden chest there. And of course horses going up mountains. I could never seem to find the actual path up when I was in the mountain regions, so I ended up getting really good at parkouring my way up them.

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When I switched to the PC version this all went away because it was fun


Yeah I played Skyrim in all its weird glory back on my old 360. I do have the special edition on my XB One, and the switch port, but I haven’t played them nearly as much. I’ve had some fun with mods in the special edition, but I do kinda regret buying the switch port a bit. I’ll probably really only play it when travelling, which isn’t a lot thanks to university and work. Plus I think I’ve just played the game so much that I’m burnt out on it. I do have Oblivion on my Xbox (which I probably like even more than Skyrim) and Morrowind on my Laptop, but I just find that one hard to get into. Probably a combination of some older, annoying mechanics and me being a console guy.


I was talking about Mario Sunshine, don’t play too many Bethesda games, though I know they’re usually glitchy messes


Huh, funny to find out the ages of most people here. Team 21 represent!

My first game… It was either Super Mario World or Super Mario All Stars. Not sure which one because I had to of been like 3 or 4 when I first started playing games, and my memory below 5 is terribly shaky.

Honestly, I was a pretty lucky fellow, being able to grow up with both the SNES and the GameCube. Two of the best consoles released imo. Sooooo many good games.

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Super salty I never had a gamecube :frowning:
Would love to play MK Double Dash!!, Super Mario Sunshine, the second Paper Mario, their Mario party, FE Path of Radiance…


Sunshine, now that’s my jam right there. :+1:
But so is Paper Mario TTYD…
… and so is Mario Party 4, as well as Luigi’s Mansion…
Can’t forget Mario Power Tennis! Same goes for Fire Emblem Path Of Radience!

Dude, the gamecube was a freaking GEMcube. Amazing system. Sucks you didn’t get to experience these beauties when you were growing up. But it’s never too late to play these games still. :open_mouth:


I see people talking about the GameCube, but not the Wii? Super Mario Galaxy was the definition of childhood and an absolutely phenomenal game. It’s so mystical and beautiful. I feel like replaying it right now…

It’s sad that time passes. 12 years ago was the birth of the best Mario series. Mario Galaxy. I’m still waiting on the third one :sob:


I tried to play Path of but it doesn’t work I’m super sad :frowning:
I hope they will release GC games on the switch so I can buy them

@LuteTheGod Obviously Super Mario Galaxy is a masterpiece. So much good memories on the Wii <3


Honestly I do think that Bethesda gets a little more crap than they deserve when it comes to their games being buggy. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely glitches, but its not as bad as people like to make it out to be in my experience. Although the stuff I’ve seen of FO76 is inexcusable, as well as how they’ve handled that mess.


Mario galaxy was really fun.
But after the first hour of game i was almost throwing up. Too many up and down, swirls and so on. My eyes when i played it > @_@


Lol, ironically I never played the first one.