FEH GP Birthdays

So I have been thinking of it on occasion but keep forgetting to actually make a topic for it… But here we are finally! :feh_birbpeek:
Anyway, this ought to be pretty straightforward, I can never remember everyone’s birthdays around here so maybe if we consolidate them all in one place it can be easier for everyone but mostly me
Anyway, mine is March 2nd! :feh_birbpeek:
This post be a wiki, so feel free to add yourselves in. :) Just remember not to edit while someone else is editing or else it shall not save right.


  1. L_Arafrench Dec 25th
  2. Rex_Psyclosa Dec 30th
  3. SweetiePie Dec 31st

Everyone in random order

Mysterym1ster: March 2nd
xnihpSaDxnihS: November 4th! <----------------------Important!
Mr.Alondite: October 4th
Souljia_Boy?: August 20th
VegitoSSJ2 and Surtr Is Gay: September 21st
KratosFredi: September 8th
Holdvar: February 31st? :feh_ardenwoke: @Holdvar No u
RoyAhoy: December 13th
af1899: August 29th
TMFM: August 29th
Minutaie: August 23rd
Tactician: July 10 verily important, yes
ScarletFlame01: Sept 24 (be ready)
Rex Psyclosa: December 30.
Bluebell: November 25th
Bow-of-Sacae/Bluebell’s Servant: January 18th
Banraku: October 17th
StarryVagabond: May 1st
LeadChips: March 31st
Kirchou: February 22nd
Husbando: June 23rd
Cody: May 16th
Tohlward : August 25th
Randi: March 13th
Hrafn: February 24th
Belluchi:March 6th
GamingBro1: August 28th.
HeavenlyTempest: November 9th
Sir of Coffee: June 19th
ACExDiscostu93: July 2nd
Caleb :November 9th
GVader: February 11th
El_bastrad: July 29th
The beast: November 21st (I better get a lot of presents)
KJSlacker: January 29th
Yberus: March 24th
Kuraki: June 27th
TheEternalShade: September 14th
Anoniem: June 30th
Kuribabylon: July 24th
ScarletFlame01: September 24th
fangirlofweirdness: December 3rd
SupaAnimegal: December 8th
Cartamoneta: March 1st
GetKosiorekt: December 15th
Chippaponi: August 31st
Thehalohedgehog: December 1st
SlayerPro777: February 22nd
ajayracer: September 19th
MrShinyGyarados: April 7th
Kepic_Z_R: December 3rd
Rin; May 14th
Mistaken Madness: February 9th
KGNova: May 25th
LightsidR: May 16th
Sir-Emblem: October 13
L’Arafrench: December 25th
lordhelpme: May 6th
Master Squalala : July 17th
StarLancer: March 9th
FlaynFish: December 10th
SweetiePie: December 31st
Argon: June 19th
NiNiNiNian: June 23rd
Boxthychaser December 7th
Cutiepie67: August 10th
Pyron: January 8th
HeckTor: March 21st
LuteTheGod: March 25th
KawaiiKyouko: August 14th
SapphireSea: February 22nd
D.I.S.C.O: November 8th
Petra.286: November 13th
DeiDei: March 5th
Johnny45: February 27
A_Drifting_Summoner: April 29th
Pokyo: July 4th
ThatOnePeasantGuy: May 16th
myrrhder: December 7th

In order of dates, by Coffee and others

Bow-of-Sacae 18th
KJSlacker 29th

Mistaken_Madness 9th
GVader 11th
Kirchou, RNGSlayer777, and SapphireSea 22nd
Hræfn 24th
Johnny45 27th

Cartamoneta 1st
Mysterym1ster 2nd
DeiDei 5th
Belluchi 6th
StarLancer 9th
Randi 13th
HeckTor 21th
Yberus 24th
LuteTheGod 25th
LeadChips 31st

MrShinyGyarados 7th
A_Drifting_Summoner 29th

StarryVagabond 1st
lordhelpme 6th
Rin 14th
Eflakis/Cody, LightsidR, and ThatOnePeasantGuy 16th
KGNova 25th

Sir_of_Coffee and Argon 19th
HusbandoEmblem and NiNiNiNian 23rd
Kuraki 27th
Anoniem 30th

ACExDiscostu93 2nd
Pokyo 4th
Tactician 10th
Master_Squalala 17th
Kuribabylon52 24th
El_bastrad 29th

Cutiepie67 10th
KawaiiKyouko 14th
Souljia_Boy 20th
Minutaie 23rd
Tohlward 25th
GamingBro1 28th
af1899 and TMFM 29th
Chippaponi 31st

KratosFredi 8th
TheEternalShade 14th
Ajayracer 19th
VegitoSSJ2 and Surtr_is_gay 21st
ScarletFlame01 24th

Mr.Alondite 4th
Sir-Emblem: 13th
Banraku 17th

ShinxDaSphinx/xnihpSaDxnihS 4th
D.I.S.C.O 8th
HeavenlyTempest and Caleb 9th
Petra.286 13th
The-beast 21st
bluebell 25th

Thehalohedgehog 1st
fangirlofweirdness and Kepic_Z_R 3rd
boxthychaser and myrrhder 7th
SupaAnimegal 8th
FlaynFish 10th
RoyAhoy 13th
GetKosiorekt 15th
L’Arafrench 25th
Rex_Psyclosa 30th
SweetiePie 31st

Total lies
Holdvar Feb 31st


October 4 is my date of birthday



@Souljia_Boy birthday is August 28th

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21st September

Which means its today for me and actually tomorrow for some of u


September 8th for me here :catwave:


Happy birthday! :bylethsmile: :cake:


This is my new birthdate


My birthday is on the 31st of February


Hey happy birthday dude! Wish you the best (It’s still the 20th here,but hey,better sooner than never :partying_face:)

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@RoyAhoy is August 20th

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shit you missed mine :cry:

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Happy birthday in an hour and a half

I hope you get free shit

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I post birthdae.

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Sorry, I was kinda editing at that time and it got rid of yours… :elisad: You can put it in now though! :birbpeek:

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Man,your parents must really hate you for giving you that name :camillamug:

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I’ll have my gift at your doorstep by December 8th


Heeeey happy birthday @VegitoSSJ2 !! :birbpeek: :birthday: :partying_face:, have a cute Nino-chan fanart here:

Source: https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=69293871
(Probably you have it already but at least I hope it made you happy)

Oh and I wrote my birthday above :birbpeek:

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I dunno if I’m enough of a regular in this community to really be a part of this, but… December 26!

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Nah, anyone can! I see you around every now and then. :)

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