FEH Heroes From Dreams and Earth Part 5:

FEH Book ??? (Chapter 5): The Land of Dreams’ History

Amber began her story. "A long time ago, the Land of Dreams, also known as Drêamshap, was a barren land, with very few people, living on it. A dragon named Ohmu appeared, which laid four eggs. They hatched into four other dragons, which gave birth to five maidens. They were all named Primika, Drêamshap, Kage, Niì and Lüfe. They all lived in harmony, until one day, Kage married a wizard named Whizarius. Whizarius came from another realm: the realm of the damned. He brainwashed her into a ten thousand year long war, which caused the lands to be infested with Zombies and Demons. This also caused Satan to emerge and curse multiple lands… However, Whizarius was killed, thus ending the long war between the lands of Drêamshap. Many years passed, but unfortunately, the five maidens were killed, leaving five people to take the thrones that they once held positions over. The five people were heroes: one who sealed Satan away, one who got rid of Whizarius’ curse once and for all, one who rediscovered a long lost kingdom and has kept peace roaming throughout the kingdom, one who’s the daughter of the maiden Niì, and one who has saved my life, from the hands of Satan’s minions. I am the one who has sealed Satan away. I am Queen Amber, 3rd ruler of Drêamshap. This is King Ryan, 2nd ruler of Prisama, also known as the Kingdom of Prism. This is King Robin, 2nd ruler of the Kingdom of Shadows. Fluffy and Rhiannah were queens, with Fluffy being the daughter of Niì and Rhiannah discovering a long lost kingdom that was thought to be extinct. We are the kings and queens of the Land of Dreams, where we watch over people and we make sure that people’s dreams are not only safe, but that all universes are safe as well. For the shards…

When the maidens were born, they were each given a shard, filled with power. These shards have a sacred power to them, which makes the maidens transform into dragons. The shards were all sealed away, until Whizarius wanted them, for their powers. They say that welding all 5 shards at once not only lets you see into the past, present and future, but they also can grant you immortality and whatever you desired. The shards were all given to us, one for each king and queen and we’ve kept them all safe, throughout the years."

Bruno asked, “Can you transform into a dragon, with these stones?”

Amber answered, “I’ve never tried it, because the power from the stones could kill me. The power also has the maiden’s souls inside of them, so if I were to try and even transform into a dragon, myself… I’d be possessed by the powers that the maiden who once held these stones had.”

Alucard said, “Same here.”

Ryan said, “I can’t say I’ve tried it either.”

Alfonse said, “But… What will happen if you used all five shards at once?”

Amber said, “You’ll have the temporary powers, of a God. It’ll be enough to kill Satan, but at a price… The one who uses all of the shards, to kill Satan will die as well.”

Alfonse remembered, “I remember you said something like that.”

Amber said this, “It is a risk, I’m willing to take, just so Veronica can regain her composure.”

Alucard was worried, “You’re willing to die, to save her life!?”

Amber said to him, “I know it’s a crazy idea, but… It’s a risk I’m willing to take. Bruno cares deeply about Veronica, possessed or not. With the shards in hand, I will be able to save Veronica and kill Satan. But… I’ll be gone for good…”

“I can’t lose you, though!” Ryan was upset. “Who would take your place!?”

“… Kiran.” Amber whispered their name. “They shall take my place.”

“Kiran!? But… Why them?” Alucard asked Amber.

Amber said, “Kiran has a lot of potential to be a good ruler. They have assembled one of the best armies I have ever seen, besides the Royal army we have, back at home. I see them as a peaceful ruler, one who may not be talkative, but they can certainly make sure that peace is brought to all.”

Alfonse said, “Kiran… Let’s make sure Amber stays safe, so that Satan is killed, successfully. But…” He had a question for Amber. “Is there a way for you to be revived, if you die against Satan?”

“Death is permanent, when using the shards, to kill off a being of great power,” she said, “However, if there is a way to be revived here in Askr, I wouldn’t know…”

Anna said, “Well, tomorrow, we’ll head for Embla, so we can save Veronica.”

Meanwhile in Embla, Veronica was chatting with Fluffy and Rhiannah, who were also both Possessed by Satan. They were able to hear what Amber was talking about, through dark magic.

“Hear that, worms? Those two have a plan for killing us.” Fluffy said to everyone. “Does she really think that plan will work!?”

“It doesn’t matter. My brother is a traitor, now…” Said Veronica. “You two, go out. Bring Amber and her pact to me, dead or alive… I wanna have some fun with her shards and body…” Fluffy and Rhiannah headed over to Askr, late that night…



That was quicker than usual. Read right through it. Seems interesting enough. Waiting for the next one.


Tomorrow, I’ll be starting the Paralogues


Honestly, this is the most interested part so far, really like the history of the dream world

first time I read it, it istantly remind me of one of my favourite books

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