FEH Mass Group Arena Battle 4v4! #1 (Custom Units) (Might be Dead)

Sup everyone here, this is the Trap in Americatm! With a tournament that is incredibly sexy!

This is how it works, and, please read really carefully, as it’s kinda anything as you saw before:

  • Let me know in the comment section below if you want to join. This tournament will have place for 16 players! As we have more than 16 participants now, if enough people join I might make it of 32!) We are kinda full, so those that are sent to the second list will either join if the number of teams is extended OR in the next tournament hosted by this trap.

  • Each participant will receive a move type and a weapon type in a private message. You will make a build for your character using (Custom Characther, yes!) Unit Builder . Once you made a build for your character save the image and post it in the private conversation.

  • At the point of starting the battle, all builds will be revealed. The battle will last 4-5 turns. If that time comes, the team with more fallen units will be considered defeated.

  • All units should have Gen 1 Bst (Base Stat Total) :

    • Infantry/Flier Melee: 157~
    • Infantry/Flier Ranged: 147~
    • Cavalry Melee: 154~
    • Cavalry Ranged: 144~
    • Armor Melee: 167~
    • Armor Ranged: 157~
  • All dancers get -5 Bst

  • Don’t get too cocky. We want to have fun, not to see a 90 atk 1 spd 1 def 1 res unit that will go nuke time on all of us. Be aware of the others wanting to have fun too! I will take a look on all skills and weapons made, so that a bare minimum of fair play exists on the tournament.

  • Flowers and merges will always be maxed out. If your character is not a Grand Hero Battle unit then you may choose an asset for them. There will be no summoner support, blessings or ally boost.

  • For this tournament I will use a “Challonge” bracket, every team will be assigned a random opponent. The fight will be simulated in the FEH Mass Duel Simulator , but the battles and teams will be “broadcasted” through this topic.

MS Paint _ Microsoft Paint Online

  • In the first round the team that is placed in the upper bracket will initiate combat. Contenders will trade turns until one of the two teams is eliminated. random.org will decide who begins in the following rounds.

  • The only skills that you should not use are the AR-D/AR-O skills, as they will have no effect.

  • Support skills (Spurs, Distant Guards, Links, etc.) are enabled because it’s not a 1v1 but a team battle with a map and such, bros)

  • A map will be given at the start of each battle so that both teams can prepare themselves in order to prepare the battle.

  • That’s all you need to know for now! Have fun making builds!

Btw, I’m going to sleep, so I’ll go and look at the people that applied when I wake up, in probably 13 hours from when I posted this.

Those Who Participate in The Dark

1: @E1337gard
2: @Minutaie
3: @Thehalohedgehog
4: @ShinxDaSphinx
5: @Cam_the_Man
6: @PokehunterX
7: @Hujiba
8: @Master_Squalala
9: @SkulduggeryUnpleasan
10: @SomePriestess
12: @Samsa
13: @Synx
14: @nobody625
15: @Tiberris
16: @Blackdrakon30


Interesting. A bit confusing, but interesting.
Sign me up


Sign me up!


Sounds fun, sign me up! Also question: are custom skills allowed?


Yup, custom skills are allowed, meanwhile they aren’t too much powerful to exist in this world :feh_claudesmugger:


I’ll do it, sure, why not, what is going on?

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Uh define “too powerful” because I feel stuff could get a little out of hand.


How about a limit of one custom skill per unit (weapon, assist, special or passive skill)?
Since that would be the most fair.


Would assist even matter though? Since assuming it’s using duel sim it probably won’t do anything.


I’d go with 2 since Prf territory is always a custom unless you are a kinky stealer

Like, imagine something around the lines of a DC/CC weapon with actually a refine. But since I can’t kinda come up with examples (aside from Spec Chill + Broadleaf), I’ll leave that to your imagination.


It’s a 4v4 Arena match, actually assists and support skills do stuff here


Gray Waves of increasing discomfort - unit can move 6 spaces and ignores movement limitations from terrain


Siggggn upp

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Again, what kind of limits are we working with? Because what’s stopping us from making something that guarantees follow ups on any phase and gives special cooldown and so on.

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Ngl I’m tempted to do the old Shulk I made with his kinda broken kit.

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The limits (aside from me modding the skills) are just the kinda reasonable things that would become gamebreaking or completely unfun. Not completely sure of which will be the limits until I witness them by myself tho.


Well it’ll certainly be interesting then. Other than one custom skill, can we use any other skill in the game? Even prf skills/weapons?

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So is it going to be autobattle or are you going to go through each step between the players?


One thing I wonder: how would you make custom skills work in the mass battle simulator?


Each step, since I intend to have the players move their own units when it’s their turn.

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