FEH Pass, Subscribe later to get 3 Heroes + 3x Quests?

I read in a couple of Reddit posts that if you Subscribe not immediatly when a Heroe gets released but a couple days later you can get 3 Heroes and 3x The Quest Rewards ( 15 Orbs)

Is this true?

I think IS confirmed that in one of their responses, that you can get skins for 3 units depending on when you buy it.

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That’s not what I heard. I distinctly recall that the subscription lasts for a month in total, though I’m unsure if it’ll grant you the stuff for the following month at all, unless you reapply.

Plus, seems too good to be true that you’d get 3 characters in total. Like, I’d love it. But it seems TGTBT

Was wondering this as well, Since it tells me that right after you get the 3rd hero you can cancel the feh pass and then wait for the following hero before getting the pass again for another batch of 3 heroes. (it’d still cost a fair amount of money but it’d likely not be the 120$ a year people estimated it’d cost)

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Here the Reddit Link

Too slow.

I’m having fun without spending money and getting the heroes I like. I am saving orbs and resources and it is very worthwhile to spend a few orbs on a banner. I spend about 30 and 40 orbs, and I no longer touch my daily gift box.

I think having a little perseverance and calm produces a lot.

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That, is super interesting.

Might have been slower. But I saw theirs first. :fgo_ishtarshook:

I see how it is.

I don’t completely buy that response yet (I myself posted it here about a week ago), I sent inquiries specifically asking if this was true and one of them didn’t at all make it clear (even though I followed up asking them to respond with either “you can” or “you can’t” and only got a shorter version of the first answer) and a separate one stayed unanswered.

Hopefully it’ll be true, but don’t blindly believe it yet.

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Honestly the way i see it is,
just buy the pass at the beginning of the month.

this way you get what you want. and there’s no mental gymnastics figuring things out.

My guess right now is that you can only reclaim 2 heroes and 2 sets of quests per payed subscription, I even doubt the authenticity of the response, but I’ll hopefully be very wrong. It would also be weird for the first buyers to miss the first March hero by a few days when later subscribers can apparently benefit more.

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i mean theoretically if you remain in the subscription it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. but i think this seems a bit too … hassly.

Well, you get bonus points for Rin face memes. Can’t go wrong with that. :fgo_ereshwoah:

I guess the only way this will be answered would be to have subbed the 11th or 12th. Only then will we see if its true.

Cause then we can see if you get the quests for 2 days+the new character.

TLDR; I subbed 1-2 days after it came out. So I may be privy to experiencing that. Not sure when though. We shall soon see.

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I subbed on the 13th I think, partly in order to test this, so I’ll get to know for sure. The third hero should be available starting March 10th.