FEH Power Creep discussion

This power creep is getting out of hand, Nintendo keeps releasing these powerful meta units and its difficult for me to defeat those units in Summoner Duels. Units for example Duo Thor(which is really annoying with stall) brave horse Chrom with canto effect, etc i can go on. What do you guys think?


It’s all bullshit. Just stay in book 3 where it’s safe and comfortable and we have cookies and nap time.


They even increased the drangonflowers count on older units to compensate the power creep if that helps

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Im proud of this, my Alm defeated a max effort Marth


Lulls are magical devices that turn off many a strategy


with the way I play (saving up orbs in case favorites of mine get alts), catching up to the meta is near impossible with every banner nowadays having powercreep sprint units, so I mostly just don’t play competitive modes aside from the bare minimum for rewards except summoner duels because I suck at that mode lmao . that said, I do enjoy when a favorite of mine gets a really powerful alt with good aesthetics like Summer Dimitri or Brave Tiki

my main enjoyment comes from seeing what my favorites can do in hard PvE content, such as earlier today when I cheesed Freyja/Triandra’s abyssal with just L!Ike and Titania. Titania had just gotten some new toys from a Chrom I pulled while sparking for Brave Tiki, and they supported my favorite unit in a fun new way for me (I previously didn’t have LM!Byleth or A!Celica for NFU support).

also just my two cents on dragonflowers, they are much better for flexing your favorite unit and showing how much you put into them. Stats can be helpful, but they don’t help as much as the extra effects of weapons and skills, and newer units tend to have more effects in their prf weapons/skills.


I’d argue that power creep, meaning units getting stronger over time on average, actually slowed down this year relative to last year. Most units on most banners are not crazy power crept. As a simple example, B!Seliph is roughly the same power as L!Nanna and weaker than L!Sigurd, and L!Nanna is roughly 6 months old and L!Sigurd is over a year old now.

However, there have been enough very powerful units that completely dominate modes like Duels that it feels really toxic. I used to argue that Duels had a lot of potential as a mode, and while that is still true if you ignore the units available, there are now simply too many toxic units that aren’t going to be removed or restricted. It’s impossible to keep up without spending lots of money and given the reaction of the larger spenders on the forums here to unrestricted Duels, I’d say even the high spenders are mostly fed up with it.

Duels is the worst place for it, so avoid the unrestricted part of that mode as much as you can. I am a longtime competitive FEH player and I don’t touch Duels outside of the times when R or S replaces Arena Assault. When that happens, I try somewhat if I feel like it, but I mostly just play for the rewards and move along.

Also, don’t bother trying to stay T21 in Arena every week. It’s impossible without a highly merged bonus unit and the reward difference between T20 and 21 is minimal. I mostly bounce between the two tiers and stay T21 for a week or two if I happen to have a merged bonus unit.


Power creep got out of hand years ago lol. And SD sucked from the start. It was bound to with how bad power creep already was at that point.


Is a circus I Don’t care about but it is ridiculous, also I only do the bare minimun on the competitive stuff, I know I’m doomed if I try to pursue it, at least I got allegiance battles on my side

We need more dracoflowers spam


It’s good when you can grab some victories in competitive modes, but due to the unbalanced nature of Summoner Duels and the huge amount of broken units, it’s expected to lose a lot more often.

And then we have discussions like “you can’t blame the players for using toxic units, it’s like wanting to win is a bad thing”… yeah, hardly anyone think of the adversary struggling and wanting to play a bit more fair. Some game modes would be a lot better with some more restrictions and if the players restrained themselves from using absurdly broken units. But that’s too much to ask.


Book 3 is fine.

And to fix unrestricted, legit… All that’s needed is a duo/harm excluded filter. Or shit… Just limit it to one.


at this point the dragon flower count should be increased to +30 for the older units to compensate the power creep

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No, that’s just a band-aid on it. Stat powercreep pales in comparison to Prf powercreep.

An extra +1 spectrum isn’t much of a compensation when every new Prf gives +5 spectrum or +6 to Atk and both defenses (not counting other effects!) for essentially doing nothing.


Always has been.

FEH power creep is basically exponential growth. It was harder to notice books 1 and 2, but I’d say about 3 onward it became noticeable. And since it’s exponential, it’s gets worse faster.

We are literally at a point where each successive banner actually does have a chance of straight up power creeping the previous one.


They need to make a new online player mode beside summoner duels (R/S). It would be awesome if they made a players vs CPU or even a dungeon style online game mode.

Ike went up to +25 dragon flowers.


Reinhardt is over due for his weapon refine but at least hes +20 dragon flowers now


A lvl.7 Duo Nina hurt my 60+ Def (+40% DR) Seiros.

That is all.


Lethality is fair and balanced/s

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It is.

My Merlinus still can’t kill with it.