FEH Unit Builder Tournament #4 - Vicious Villain Fight (ALL SLOTS TAKEN)

The Fire Emblem series had a lot of villainous characters. But which one of them will prove themselves worthy of being called the ultimate bad guy?
The theme of this Torunament is pretty obvious - it only includes villains and characters who acted as one through any means.


  1. 32 units will face off in duels against each other using the Mass Duel Simulator. The winner will advance to the next round and face the winner of the opposite bracket. The unit initiating combat is going to be randomized.
  2. To build units, use the FEH Unit Builder. All units must be level 40+10, 5-star ranks and have maxed out dragonflowers. This time, though, any unit is allowed to have Individual Values - even grail ones.
  3. Once you get a villain assigned, send me the build through the private messages. You’ll have a certain amount of days (specified later) to send me the unit. Your build will be shown after the tournament, so don’t post it or talk about it anywhere in here.
  4. Be nice. You’re not fighting for anything meaningful, so there’s no need to insult others. Besides, this is my first time hosting a tournament like this.


List of participants
  1. @Surtr_is_gay
  2. @HeavenlyTempest
  3. @Guts
  4. @Banraku
  5. @Cartamoneta
  6. @ShinxDaSphinx
  7. @HeccTor
  8. @Thehalohedgehog
  9. @Cam_the_man
  10. @StarryVagabond
  11. @Tandor
  12. @Dei-Dei
  13. @Sothis
  14. @PokehunterX
  15. @HusbandoEmblem
  16. @Samsa
  17. @nobody625
  18. @El_bastrad
  19. @Mysterym1ster
  20. @Lesk
  21. @SupaAnimegal
  22. @Minutaie
  23. @TMFM
  24. @SirTempo
  25. @SkulduggeryUnpleasan
  26. @ Altina
  27. @ Torterrium
  28. @ XxSakuraPriestessxX
  29. @ Someone_Person
  30. @ Place_holder
  31. @ Bow-of-Sacae
  32. @ Synx
List of Villains
  1. Veronica - Spring Princess (I included this one instead of Brave Veronica for obvious reasons, and that is her staff being very powerful. I can change the Veronica used for this tournament, but this will result in Brave Veronica’s unique weapon being banned as well.)
  2. Bruno - Masked Hare
  3. Surtr - Ruler of Flame
  4. Laevatein - Searing Steel
  5. Laegjarn - Sheathed Steel
  6. Helbindi - Savage Scourge
  7. Loki - The Trickster
  8. Lloyd - White Wolf (swapped with Gharnef)
  9. Hardin - Dark Emperor
  10. Legion - Masked Maniac
  11. Michalis - Ambitious King
  12. Duma - God of Strength
  13. Mareeta - The Blade’s Pawn
  14. Delthea - Tattarah’s Puppet
  15. Berkut - Purgatorial Prince
  16. Linus - Mad Dog (swapped with Travant)
  17. Travant - King of Thracia
  18. Arvis - Emperor of Flame
  19. Julius - Scion of Darkness
  20. Zephiel - The Liberator
  21. Walhart - The Conqueror (swapped with Narcian)
  22. Lyon - Shadow Prince
  23. Valter - Dark Moonstone
  24. Zelgius - Jet-Black General
  25. Oliver - Admirer of Beauty
  26. Ishtar - Thunder Goddess
  27. Robin - Fell Vessel
  28. Aversa - Dark One
  29. Garon - King of Nohr
  30. Takumi - Empty Vessel
  31. Kronya - Gleaming Blade
  32. Death Knight - The Reaper

Kempf - Conniving General
Celica - Imprisoned Soul
Robin - Fell Reincarnation
Out of these, three will be randomly chosen to be erased from the tournament after every spot is taken.

You can notice that I excluded… certain units (for example fallen Corrin, Mareeta and Tiki). I wanted to make this tournament as balanced as possible with including some of the more important villains.

If you want one of these swapped for someone else, state a reason why the unit should/shouldn’t be in this tournament. I’ll then create a poll to see if anyone else agrees.

List of banned skills:

  1. Solo/Bond/Oath/Rouse skills
  2. Session skills
  3. Sinmara (affects Surtr only) (Sinmara is a very powerful weapon, able to deal 20 damage just because Surtr started his turn. For balance reasons, Sinmara will be banned.)
  4. Skills that don’t affect the enemy or unit itself (Savage Blow, Distant/Close Guard, Spur skills etc.)
  5. Close Call/Repel
  6. Chill skills
  7. Surtr’s Menace (Don’t worry, Surtr user, there are still double Threaten skills you can use instead)
  8. Any skills you want banned (requires confirmation through a poll)

Please answer these polls as well (my votes are only there to monitor the results and don’t count)
Should Close Call/Repel be banned?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Should unique skills (Upheaval, Surtr’s Menace, Dragonskin, Recovery Ring) be banned (doesn’t include prf weapons)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only specific ones (state which)

0 voters

Should certain unique weapons (besides Sinmara) be banned?

  • Yes (state which)
  • No

0 voters

Only the first 32 people who sign up will be able to participate, so be quick!
Also, if anyone wants to be notified when sign-ups for a new tournament are going start, be sure to notify me.
With all that said, let the worst best bad guy win!


Didn’t read anything but since it’s a unit builder tornament sign me up

Sign me up pls

I hereby declare myself ready for participation. Please, sign me up good sir/madam/non-gender defined person :feh_humblecurate:

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Joe is my favourite Narcian

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Sign me up :feh_narcian_anguish:

This ain’t even fair

sign me up boy

Yeah I agree how can trash like surtr be in the same tournament as Oliver, there’s no competition!

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Sees no Walhart
Well time to just watch this one I guess


that’s why

I mean they’re banning solo skills so Walmart won’t be so good anyway :feh_lucyshrug:

Sign me up

Sign me up I guess

I’d still make him work :feh_morganagrom:

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Hey @E1337gard sign me up! Now to hope I don’t get Oliver or something

I approve then @E1337gard I suggest replacing Marxian with Walmart because narcian is trash and starry wants walhart

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Should I swap a villain with Walhart? If yes, which one?

  • No
  • Yes, Oliver
  • Yes, Narcian
  • Yes, someone else

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You voted in your own pool :ferdyfrown:

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Only to see the results
I’m going to wait a bit longer before kicking Narcian (or someone else) out

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