FEH Urvan Refine w/ Vantage


Excuse the title, that was my most concise google search and nothing matched all words. Because of that I’m creating this post.

If you choose to refine Urvan, and you run BIke with vantage 3, vantage still appears to take priority over the foe brash assault given by the refine. If anyone finds otherwise please post so we can amend this information.

I tried to find info before dropping the 200 dew on it. This search is the most I’ve done for this game…I read some guys run wrath…I run vantage 3 or cancel affinity 3…but 3 years in I’m a little bored and now playing dragalia. I feel FEH lacks in game community functions (both do but feh more)

Peace, hope the info helps someone.

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I literally made a thread about this is Google broken

Why do people always have to flex that they’re playing Dragalia because “FEH sucks”?

Also his refine doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Brash Assault. It just gives your foe desperation regardless of their HP, if they can’t double you in the first place they won’t attack twice.


Running Vantage with Uraven is very counterintuitive. You would be better off running something else. I’d recommend DC for the A and Null follow up or null c disrupt for the B. Then you can support him with a B!Lucina with her refine if possible.

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… That’s… Very concerning.

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Im not going to gatekeep you, so welcome to the GP Feh community!

I wouldnt run Vantage with Urvans refine, as the point of the refine is to take advantage of a semi-low speed to build up special charges quickly, allowing for an immediate Ignis. If you are worried about health and sustian than I think sacking a Sothis for her C skill to run Aether on a 4 cooldown is a better investment.


Wont the c skill from Sothis be wasted since the cooldown from his axe already gives a -1 to Aether?

does it? oh shoot, nvm than