FEH waifu Teir list

Here’s each teir means

Best choice = obviously the best choice out all of them
Close to best = Self explanatory
Mama = I didn’t want to use the 4 letter word that starts with an M and ends with an F(Not in this christian server)
Good choices = AKA Baby’s first Waifu, they’re good and nobody would really say they’re “bad” , people would’nt question you if one of them is your waifu unless they hate the character
Neutral = IMO nobody would really care or hate you if they are your waifu.
Thot = If you like Camilla then you obviously like Loki.
What’s wrong with you = You’re a lolicon or you have bad taste.

in other words this is how I view them.

So what do you guys think and who do you guys think should be on the Best choice category?


I mean Laegjarn is the only OC from Heroes I like so easy agree for best.

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Why is Reinhardt down at the bottom with the other male heroes originals?

I Still Have To Understeand Why Is Laegjarn So Loved

Pretty good.
But you missed the chance to call the last tier ‘What the Hel is wrong with you?’

@LeadChips Given how much heroes has done for him, he might as well be a heroes original


@Makina where did you find this list? Post link please.

I think they made it. If you look at the top there are options for editing.

Very unique! resists incredible urge to drag Gunnthra

Umm, am I in the wrong thinking that Loki deserves best waifu for this game. I actually find the insanity, and unexpected attitude to be endearing and cool for a goddess of mischief.

No, just me?

I’ll walk myself out…

Sounds of distant footfalls


Gunnthra and Fjorm gotta be switched

Just you

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I know it’s just me, thus the joke.

Reallistically though, most of the OC’s in FEH aren’t really waifu material for me.

Laevetainn is, bland. Veronica is, no. Eir is okay but, a bit too melancholic. Laegjarn is interesting but, not really a top pick, Ylgr is a no go, and Gunnthra is taken by a friend of mine so that’sa bigger no go.

And Fjorm’s gonna die XD

So, yeah. I like the ambivalence that Loki holds cause it’s interesting. She will never replace Olivia (as shown in my profile) but she’s a pretty good character IMO. Even if her way of trying to be chaotic is borderline inviting you to romp.

Eir is so boring she’s a bad waifu. The only decent ones are Laegjarn and Sharena so far. The rest of them are unbearable. I like Anna but she’s a bad waifu

Sharena is so annoying though. I don’t really like any of the FEH original characters to be honest.

I don’t find her annoying at all. She’s just fun to listen to for me. She’s kinda like a Disney princess with her attitude

I don’t think a Disney Princess is waifu material. especially the Sharena kind.

And Laegjarn is ok. I guess.

NOOOOOO! I love Loki! She is awesome!
I don’t understand why people think every girl with big breasts and a spunky flirty attitude is a Thot.

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It’s a matter of personal opinion. And it just so happens that the majority of people’s personal opinion is that she is a thot.

Before judging Eir, i will wait the rest of Book III.

Ehh, the vocal minorities opinion might be that, but that’s not necessarily the case. People love Camilla to bits (for whatever reason) and you don’t see people professing their love of her all over the fanbase, or forums or whatever. So, I don’t think the majority finds her a thot. We don’t have an accurate metric to base that on either way, so, to be precise, no, it’s not the majority.

Yeah she’s interesting. I want to see what she has to do in Book 3. Seems like her “plan” may actually be getting s small boost, whatever the hell that’ll be.