Felix Concept

I thought up a good idea on how Felix could be a different type of Infantry Sword other than just the generic fast ones like Mareeta and Larcei. In FE3H, Felix has Crest of Fraldarius and a weapon that is associated with that crest is the Aegis Shield. I thought of the idea of making him anAres/Saber hybrid that is focused around Aegis.

I decided he’d be similar in stats to Rinkah.

HP: 44
ATK: 37
SPD: 36

He’d come with a new weapon that is basically Dark Mystletainn but only works with defensive specials.

Aegis Edge
MT: 16
Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1). If special that triggers on foe attack triggers during combat, grants Special cooldown count -2 after combat. If special triggers, unit takes 5 less damage.

This allows him to keep almost infinite uptime on Aegis so his low Res isn’t as much as a problem.

His base kit would also DC so he can deal with glass cannons like Lysithea and Shield Pulse to reduce the damage even furhter and lowers his reliance on IP teams.

Just a fun idea I came up with that isn’t too far from the realm of possibilities, here’s hoping theey actually give him a prf and not just a slaying edge.


i was inclined to say he would be a bit underpowered at first, but naw, although i think he would be locked into one build. i like the idea of making more defensive specials and uses for them with prfs. would probably actually consider him for a frontliner as is.


You could add a +5 true damage per attack to reference his Crest too
If that’s too powerful, maybe a 80% or less damage threashhold to synergize with a brazen

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I feel like it’d be an attack solo possibly built into his weapon

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My ideas ig

The sword is Slaying with +5 damage per attack when under 80% HP, and spectrum +4 when there are no adjacent allies


Yeah I definitely think he’d be faster than what this topic originally suggested

I was hoping he might have a repel sword or something like that. I could see some points being taken off of his HP bulk for speed.

Stuff on your boy Felix.

I like it. A nice change of pace from how swordies have been lately.

Although Felix could be the worst unit in the game and I’d still pull for him. :feh_nino:


Maybe his A could be “Loner”: Deals +10% damage when no allies are nearby.

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Could be very cool. Seems interesting. But knowing IS they’ll just give him something like Ayra but powercrept more than Larcei

True, they’ll have to put in some new ability for him to be special. Probably in his weapon.

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