Fell into another +10

In an attempt to get RS for Bramimond and other units, I found one last Kris merge to get her to +10. I had already given her a rally+ and RS previously, seeing her ability to instantly retaliate with it thanks to the accelerated cooldown. But my question now is: what do I do with her?

Her weapon is built to bait and inflict -5 Atk/Spd/Def, granting an effective +5 spectrum to her. Do I give her a lull to further increase that buff? Do I stick with spurn? What joint drive do I give her? I’m confused. Anyone have any insights?


Without DR she just doesn’t have staying power against most newer units. Shore up her Res from an ally and give her JDA


Yeah keep up the spurn and give her joint drive spd or atk when you have it


I thought so, the build just feels uninspired since so many other units do the same thing. Sure, those other units don’t negate penalties, but how often will you be hit by those outside AR?


Galeforce build with flashing blade and NFU? She fits the role

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Yeah maybe. I do have 3 F!Mareeta manuals…