Ferdie Boon

I finally got my last Ferdie needed to +10 him so the question is +Atk or +Spd? I’ve been using +Atk and it’s worked great but he will be part of my arena core and I wonder if 51 Spd on initiation is enough for the real speed demons in tier 20.5 (summoner support and Swift Sparrow 3 and +Spd weapon refine).

  • +Atk
  • +Spd

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And yeah I know using Cavs in arena is a hinderance score wise but he’ll score 748 which is good enough for me.



Anyways I’d say +spd. His speed isn’t THAT great so I think he could use the extra.


I’d go with +Spd. Speed is useful offensively and defensively, plus recent Speed creep is something that has to be accounted for.


For max merges, +Spd isn’t a bad idea at all. In this new meta where Spd = tankiness, more Spd is better.


Wasn’t expecting such a unanimous opinion! +Spd it is!

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Gotta go fast!

Depends on build. I would recommend +atk for a more defensive build which I recommend using because of his lance. I personally would do +res so he has more mixed bulk. If you want I can show you a very, very tanky build.