Ferrothorn a Tier 2.5 gym defender?

He thicc but that super duper Fire vulnerability though. I’ll still add him sometimes for variety.

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Agree - gym defending is about lacking weaknesses. If there’s a double there, someone (almost everyone, that is) will exploit it.

And of course, on another level, nothing can defend well except a steady stream of GRBs, so all comments on how good or bad something is as a gym defender are against that backdrop.

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I think Ferrothorn is in the DTL because of its decent bulk and most importantly, low CP decay. That’s probably why it’s paired with the Slowdudes, Hypno and other defenders that share the same traits.

If there’s a double there, someone (almost everyone, that is) will exploit it.

Applies to Exeggutor and Gyarados as well, both in the same tier.

Surely gum defenders are just about surviving enough time to get coins? Judging but the amount of turdy little mons dumped in my towns gyms we’re full of spoofers but I generally pick a Mon based on longevity not typing or IVs. Something thats different from the usual.

The hilarious thing to me is that Blissey always gets a free pass, never called out for being easily destroyed by any level 30 Fighting type… which most players have an army of …hell, I used to dumpster big Normal defenders with my Arcanine before Machamp got all Dynamic Punchy.

Without weather boost, a perfect level 40 Machamp requires at least 30 seconds to take down a fully-motivated level 40 Blissey, during which it has to deal with super-effective Zen Headbutts and Dazzling Gleams (or Psychics). In fact, a perfect level 40 Machamp takes less time to defeat a fully-motivated level 40 Milotic.


As well as any flying dragon (ice), Aggron/Rhyhorn family (water, plant), and Tyranitar (fight), in other tiers. I still wonder when I see those in gyms, especially Ttar, sharing it’s double weakness with Blissey and Snorlax’s weakness.

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Everyone who’s got a team of level 40 high IV Blissey please stand up…ok, now everyone who has a legion of Champs and other fighters, you stand up. :sunglasses:

As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet actually that a huge amount of players are far more invested in Fighting types and older generalists than they are specialists for their gym game. That doesn’t mean go throw your worst Ice type in a gym but I’m just saying, gym diversity these days is overlooked. Despite the current system’s flaws.

I really don’t get why people even bring up that Blissey deals SE damage in return. It’s low attack stat (combined with the fact that many people don’t bother maxing them out to begin with), kind of makes that irrelevant.

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Even with a fully powered up Machamp team, Blissey requires attackers to be careful and time their attacks not to be caught by SE attacks and going down almost as fast as the Mon they’re trying to take down.

No gym defender is infallible. That’s why top tier “defender” is still Golden Razz Berry. But at least Blissey is so annoying to take down that it can discourage people from attempting a takeover in the first place, which is its primary strength.


Blissey doesn’t need to be lvl 40 to be annoying to defeat. It’s not hard to defeat her, it’s just longer than any other pokémon, even is she’s lvl 30 and attacked by a good Machamp, so more annoying. That’s why she’s still used. Not for it’s strength, but because if she is annoying to beat there is a higher chance some trainers will not even try beating her and look for a weaker gym. Depends of your local gym scene of course.

And that’s the sound of almost every experienced trainer in Hong Kong standing up at the same time. Hope it doesn’t make the earth move. Maybe the ones in New York will compensate for that.

Thank you! I’m literally so sick of having to face a L40 Blissey every time I take a gym. I don’t even bother to power up my Blissey; mine is L23. I just use my L35 Chansey, my L28 Lapras and my L31 Metagross for gym defense.

This is what it means to be a hardcore player in Singapore:

They do say that y’all are playing a different game from the rest of the world. Hell I felt that way just visiting Chicago.

I think I’m the odd kid here in HK, since everyone just powers up their Blissey till it’s close to max level (same goes for my friends) but I just use my Chansey. Didn’t bother to evolve it either.

I disagree. I think Gym Defending is about having well-overlapping resistances. You can’t REALLY defend that much, so what you really want to do from my experience is make them switch. So you want a low total number of weaknesses, and then if you can have no 4x weaknesses, then that’s just icing on the cake.

Like, puttinga Ferrothorn after a Slowbro is definitely going to slow people down, and majorly, or with the Slowbro after the Ferrothorn. Ferrothorn people attack with Fire and Fighting - Slowbro cucks both of these incredibly hard. Slowbro is hit by Electric and Grass mostly, sometimes Dark or Ghost. Ferrothorn can handily deal with Electric and Grass in terms of stalling them out, and it’s pretty easy to toss in a Dark to slow down Dark and Ghost types.

Yeah, I’m a Chicago player, but honestly I don’t put that much stock in Blisseys and gym defense since there’s just so much gym turnover here, and I’m more of a PvP player. It’s just never felt worthwhile to power up a Blissey when theyre only useful for Gym defense. But yeah, things are pretty competitive in gyms here lol.