Feuds yay or nay?

Ive got 1 Flavia unit so im not sure if it would be worth inheriting her feud to someone else. Who would use it best? Any ideas?


Consider it like Swordbreaker or Red Tomebreaker. It’s meant to make a unit specialized against red units, and thus I think it is most useful as an Arena Assault skill. Most of the really threatening reds (Duo Líf, L-Lilina, etc.) aren’t really bothered by it, particularly since it won’t stop Líf’s auto double

C Feud is generally a lot more useful as an AR-D skill because of how it completely shuts Flayn down


It’s a meh skill, just allowing a unit to specialize against reds. Just use it on someone who you already use to duel with reds but could use a little extra oomph (or someone specific you use on AR who is built for, but could use some help, taking down Henriette.)


you never know what kind of busted red unit might be coming. Better save it for now…


Thanks for all the feedback. Yeah i think ill just save it for now. I just wanted to get some opinions on it. Honestly, i had considered Mareeta for it or L!Marth since all of their stats can become useful and stack well with red feud. But i see your point Lady Luna. It doesnt stop lillina or duo Lif and i see those quite a bit in arenas.


There isn’t exactly a C slot that truly helps against them, but a C slot that only works on one color is a little… Tough to use.


I’m kinda intrigued about them for specialized tanks like raven tomes (or infantry tanks if I’m being honest) like the Lyons. They don’t have any other C skill option besides Joint Drives IMHO, so spectrum buffs + support negation against their own color seems nice. Not sure it will be worth it though, but it’s something that has been in my head since they were introduced.

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The feuds in my mind are primarily to remove supports from the target, and secondarily reduce their stats.

Outside of C feud, getting the primary function to work would be incredibly unreliable.

Example: B!Ike. It’s easy to assume he’d be supported by B! Lucy, so a B feud would isolate him from a drive spectrum 3 and breath… But he’d still likely have flayn too. So which is more important to remove?

Are you asking me? Because my post was in a different direction. You want to use feud against tanks like BIke, I want to use it on tanks like BIke or Lyon. Right now, infantry tanks don’t have good C skills besides Joint Drives. Feuds could be another option. Like give BIke G Feud and he becomes tankier against greens and remove Duo Peonies buffs. But mostly I was thinking about FLyon/YLyon/OGLyon with TA and G/B/R Feud to make them pretty sturdy against three colors.

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It was more of a hypothetical showing how narrow a feud’s window is.

But raventomes are basically the biggest beneficiary of these skills like you pointed out. Makes them strong against 3/4 of the roster instead of just half.

Yeah, the window is pretty narrow, but there’s really not many more options. Pulse Smoke (and smokes in general) tends to be hit or miss, as you tend to bait from the furthest range. Joint Drives are good, but they are only +1 to one stat (unless joint distant defense). Like there’s really not much to go with.