FGO 2022 Summoning Banners


So we’re almost at 2020: Redux in just a couple of months, and despite COVID starting that year FGO still managed to put out a few nice banners and events (as well as the wonderful 5th Anniversary “Under the Same Sky” advertising campaign, I die a little of joy every time I see the Bryn/Sigurd art :fgo_medealove: ).

We’ve already had some threads for the New Year GSSR and then we always have the save SQ encouragement threads, but what about next year in its entirety are you excited for? What banners are you hitting the hardest? Which are you going to skip? Which ones did you plan to hit or skip, but then newcomers from this year made you rethink them (the Buster rebirth, perhaps, making some more attractive gameplay picks or the opposite and making you feel the need to save harder for an even more desired target?) Who will you be chasing NP levels on? What are your top 5 or top 7 most wanted?

This probably isn’t every banner for the year and we can always get surprised by something new, but in general we can expect:

January 2022:

New Year 2020 (New Year 2022): This has the GSSR lucky bag, but should also have a rotating banner featuring the new Foreigner Yang Guifei. Rotating days (2 days each) for: Yang (3 days for her; I’m not sure if she’s available every day or just her rate up ones), Saber Shiki, Mothman, Gil, Scathach, and Summer BB. No 4*s. The 5* CE isn’t bad (Musashi art, Pierce Invincible/+15% NP Damage/+15% NP Gain) but probably isn’t worth it on its own.

Sparrow’s In Rerun: Rotating days for Beni-enma and Tamamo, with Saber Diarmuid always. The 5* Smiling Face CE is very good.

The Part 2 banner has 5* Story-locked Assassin Li, with rate ups on Tomoe Gozen and Kiyohime (if you need a 3*, I guess new players might not have her from the FP gacha yet?). This also has the same CE which isn’t a bad pick for Li himself.

CEO Crisis/Amazones Tower Event: Rotating days for Cleopatra (Limited) and Osakabehime (General-pool), with 4* Penth always. There are no CEs which makes it a stealth Kscope rateup :fgo_sthenosmug:

February 2022:

Valentine’s 2020/Sei’s Event: Rotating days for the new, Limited Sei and split days for her and every non-Limited female 5*. Marie and Sheba are rate up 4*s the entire time? Valentine’s also usually has the story-locked ones included AS LONG AS THEY’RE FEMALES and doesn’t have any males in the summoning pool…or at least they used to do it like that. The 5* CE (Chocolate Heaven) has nice Kama art + good stats of Quick/NP Damage/NP Gain all +10%. The 4* CE has good Bai art but isn’t special for effects.

19 Million Downloads Campaign: Date and title likely to change for the US. Has a banner with Eresh and Fionn, then CEs from Eresh’s launch event - the Ishtar’s Ass CE is pretty good on both Ishtar and Eresh.

March 2022:

Spring Breeze/Circe’s Event: Odysseus is added as a general-pool 5* Rider, and the campaign always has him and the 4*, story-locked Circe. It also has rotating, split days with a bunch (all?) of the non-Limited 5* Male Servants. Circe there is throwing me off but I can’t remember if the CBC banners normally only have males the way Valentine’s is only females? Anyway, there are a couple of 5* CEs but IMO other than art they aren’t special. Blue Illusion has the nice Pierce Invincibility at least.

Apoc Rerun: Quite the banner with a large roster of rotating 5* (but none are split days, they’re all solo) of the Apoc cast, minus Jeanne. We get Mordred/Saber Astolfo/Achilles/Jack/Semi/Vlad/Amakusa. There is also a large collection of 4*s - Siegfried/Atalanta/Chiron/Astolfo/Angry Atalanta/Fran and then the 3* Avicebron. The 5* CE gives you starting charge/NP Gain/NP Damage but has split stats. Also no Jeanne for some reason even though Mordred/Achilles/Jack/Vlad are also General-pool and Amakusa also wasn’t technically a servant summoned for that HGW and was a master, I don’t know why she’s shafted like this. I guess she just wasn’t in the story for the event? I can’t remember 2 years ago :fgo_dshy:

April 2022:

Olympus Release: Multiple banners, the first with 5* Dioscuri and 4* Caenis. The 5* CE (Witchcraft) has Buster +10%/Crit damage +10%/NP Gain +15% and is pure attack, but IIRC it’s added to the general pool.

The Part 2 banner just has the limited Super Rome without the same CEs on rateup? And no 4*.

20 Million Downloads: Time/name likely to change. Features an extensive rotating cast of Saber Musashi/Gil/Kintoki/Bryn/Scathach/Jalter/da Vinci/Ishtar, each getting 2 days. It also has CEs from when Musashi first released of which First Sunrise is starting NP gain, pure attack, and +15% Buster.

May 2022:

Gudaguda Final Honoji Rerun: Has the limited 4* Summer Nobu and the limited 3* Mori on permanent rate up, but then has rotating days with Maou Nobu/Okitan/Assassin Li (2x times each solo) and then Maou Nobu + Okitan and Maou Nobu + Assassin Li (split) before a final couple days with solo Maou. The CEs are the same as from the event last year, where the 5* gives pure attack, +Quick/+Buster and starts with NP charge.

Fate/Requiem Pre-release: A mess of Osakabehime/Ganesha/Edison/Nursery Rhyme. Both 5*s get a day with both 4*s as well as days with the 4*s individually (so Okkie + Edison + Rhyme and Okkie/Edison and Okkie/Rhyme; same with Ganesha) and days with just all 4 on split rateup. No CEs.

Fate/Requiem: 5* Limited Voyager and 4* Limited Kijyo Koyo. The 5* Ce is +Quick/+Arts/+Crit damage and has starting gauge.

June 2022:

Summer 4 Rerun: Date might change? Same banners as last year, Musashi/Okkie/Carmilla; Merlin/Siegfried/Fuuma; Rulertoria/Melt/Okita

Interlude pt 13: Bai and Tell always. Split and rotating days on the 5* of Sherlock and Reines.

July 2022:

SERAPH Main Interlude: Date likely to change. Has Melt/Passionlip/Suzuka and Kingprotea/Passionlip/Suzuka as well as Melt/Kingprotea/Passionlip/Suzuka days. CEs are the same as the initial event.

Tokugawa’s Labyrinth Rerun: Date likely to change. Has Yagyu always. Rotating and split days for Kama and Kiara. CEs are the same as the initial event.

August 2022:

Anniversary: Date pretty much guaranteed to change for us lol to July. Has a GSSR but then actually doesn’t have the normal mix of anniversary summoning campaigns that are chapter-related and instead has Castoria/5th Anniversary campaign CEs and da Vinci Rider/5th anniversary campaign CEs on different days.

Summer 5: Kiara always with rotating 4*s Archer Illya and Berserker Bryn. The CEs here aren’t special IMO but the 5* one has Pierce Invincibility.

Banner 2 has 5* Sigurd always, with rotating 4*s Lanling and Emiya. The CEs aren’t special.

Banner 3 has Summer Abby always, with rotating Saber Tomoe and Rider Shikibu. This has both the CEs from banner 1 and banner 2.

September 2022:

21 Million Downloads: Time/title likely to change. Has rotating days featuring some Chinese servants with Mothman always and then rotating 4*s Lancer Li/Yu-meiren/Empress Wu. No CEs.

Land of Shadows/Scathachfest Lotto: Has 5* Limited Scathach with rotating days with general-pool 4*s Tamamo Cat/Saber Diarmuid/Fionn. The 5* Ce isn’t bad with pure attack/+Quick/+Quick Crit Damage/+Starting NP charge.

October 2022:

Gudaguda Yamatai-koku: Limited 5* Himiko and 4* Saito Hajime. The 5* CE features a one-time +2 to your NP overcharge level but otherwise isn’t special.

Nightingale Christmas Rerun: I hope this date changes and we don’t get Christmas in October. A very different summoning campaign vs the OG though, with Saber Astolfo/Ash/Astolfo/Rhyme; Bradamante/Ash/Astolfo/Rhyme; Nightingale/Ash/Astolfo/Rhyme; then days with Saber Astolfo AND Brad + the 4*s, then Saber Astolfo AND Night + the 4*s, then Saber Astolfo with each of the 4*s separately, then a repeat of the earlier combination of 5* + all the 4*s. The CEs are the same as the OG event and aren’t really special.

November 2022:

Imaginary Scramble Pre-Release: Yang Guifei on rateup, with rotating days for Saber Fran/Summer Raikou/Sumer MHXX

Imaginary Scramble: Rotating and split days for 5* servants Van Gogh and Nemo. No 4*s. None of the CEs are that special IMO (but I like the look of Jalter on the 5* one.)

22 Million Downloads: Time/title will probably change. Shikibu with the CEs from her debut event.

December 2022:

Heian-Kyou Release: 2 banners, the first with Douman and 4* Watanabe no Tsuna. The face on the 3* CE is terrifying, but the 5* one isn’t bad (pure attack, staring gauge, +2 to NP overcharge 1x, and +debuff rate).

The 2nd banner features Ibuki-douji and the story-locked Medea (Lily) along with the same CEs.

Christmas 2020/Karna’s Event: 5* Vritra with rotating Beowolf and Summer Martha; 5* CE has +Arts/+NP Damage/+passive stars/turn but is split stats. I like the 4* and 3* CE art.

A second banner has rotating Arjuna/Karna on rateup with the 4* Parvati, but they’re all general-pool so that’s probably a skip for most people. CEs are the event ones from the first banner.


In order of when they’ll happen, I’m going/saving for:

-Jeanne on the SSR ticket (April)
-Merlin on summer 4 rerun (June)
-Probably the JP 2015-2016/NA 2017-2018 GSSR in July but which pool I’ll pull from is subject to change :fgo_think:
-Scáthach/Sabermuid (September)

And then after that it’s saving for 2023 :feh_flaynfish:


Jalter NP2 if she doesn’t appear in the GSSR.

Castoria obvi, NP1 will suffice

Then the rest is as high as I can get with van Gogh


For me, this is largely Roma and Vritra - I intended to summon for her at Christmas, but with Oberon and Koyanskaya on the horizon, I feel Roma really got some upgraded utility.

Probably Bryn on the Downloads banner, and maybe Semiramis at Apoc.

  1. Castoria
  2. Summer Bryn
  3. Maou Nobbu
  4. Dioscuri
  5. Summer Kiara

And for my full rolling plans:

I still want the Smiling Face CE in January, but I’ll probably end up skipping. Everything from the Sparrow’s Inn rerun through to the Apoc rerun are easy skips - come Apoc though, I might be tempted to try to get NP2 Semi to NP3 :fgo_semismug:

But then the real trouble starts for April through to August- Dioscuri was initially someone I wanted at NP2, but they could spook and I don’t want Caenis, and with the Buster supports we got this year I do want NP 2 Super Rome. Then I probably will want to try to get Bryn from NP2 —>NP3 or so on the Downloads banner…if not even trying for NP5 because of the new Coins system JP got this year.

Going into May, unless I got Maou Nobu on the GSSR, I’ve got to try for her again (Ideally it’d be NP 2 Nobu). I can skip both the Requiem banners I think without any difficulty.

June (if it’s June) will tempt me for Musashi again after I failed this year, but I’ll have NP2 and bond 10 Carmilla and Osakabehime Summer already so that’ll tamp down the enthusiasm for that banner. I previously wanted to try to increase Rulertoria to NP2 but I’ve taken her to bond 10 already so I’ll just retire her instead. I don’t care about the Interlude/SERAPH/Tokugawa banners, but absolutely I want NP 1 Castoria, followed by as many copies of Summer Bryn as I can get. In a perfect world I’d have SQ left to also take da Vinci to NP2 since I only got 1 copy of her this year, but I doubt that’ll happen.

September onward though, I’m glad I’ve got a year to decide on these things. I think it’s going to end up being a good chance for me to save, since while I kinda like the 5*s that are releasing none wow me with their design artistically and I’m only passingly in love with their kits. Himiko’s kit is probably the most tempting, but only for NP 1…which is also what I’m thinking of for Van Gogh and Douman (I think I’d rate them Himiko > Douman > Van Gogh for my interest in their playstyle).

  1. Kama (to get np 4, and 5)
  2. Castoria
  3. Summer BB (to get NP2)
  4. Okita
  5. Valentines to get mlb Kama CE (will probably fail) and hopefully Sitonai
  6. Dino zerker

Sei , twin and Douman seems interesting :feh_bylethnod:


My list for 2022:

  1. Castoria
  2. Castoria
  3. Castoria
  4. Castoria
  5. Kama

Those Castorias ain’t NP levels. I’m just so desperate to get even 1 copy of her that I likely won’t be rolling for anyone from now until her run next year (except maybe Kama). Come to me Castoria! For my Spishtar’s sake!!


I really like the Dino Zerker’s stage 2 art and initial sprite (bc it’s funny to see a dinosaur on screen) but I don’t love her skills. I have a grailed Ibaraki for defensive Zerker already.

She was initially someone I was interested in though for sure, just she quickly got overshadowed in my mind by Summer Bryn (even though Bryn is AoE not ST I just care more about her).


I’m rolling for her purely because if I didn’t the ghost of my 10 year old self would haunt me for the rest of my life.


BB summer np2

An important part of my rolling plans depends on KP GSSR. If I get Kingprotea in my GSSR I’m 100% rolling for Kama. If not than KP + Lip copies are more important.

I’m rolling for more lancer Melt copies and I don’t give a fuck how many more ruler Artorias I get.

Van Gogh.

And Douman I guess if there’s anything left.


she’s an adorable dinosaur lady, how could anyone not want her tbh


I’m waiting for the Guda Guda event where they take this

and have a mini Nobu sitting on her hat riding her into battle


I should skip January, but Yang is fun, and the CE is decent, so I’ll probably succumb. Maybe NP6 QSH.

Apoc rerun for a 6th copy of Amakusa depending on whether we know of an alternative way to obtain Servant coins by then.

Ooku rerun for 6th Kama.

Anniversary is a non-negotiable. NP2 would be convenient, and I’ll buy her with USOs if necessary.

Summer 5 is mostly about Honey Lake CE for me. Summer Kiara would be a nice bonus.

NP1 Himiko.

NP1 Van Gogh.

Douman NP2+.

I think that covers it.


I already roll everyone new (whale life) but a lot of units this year are a roll to np1 and leave it deal this time

A lot of I’ll never use em anyways beyond my heir event maybe and gen pool people being gen pool


Now to actually list it out

Edit: I realize my list is long as hell so to avoid clutter I’ll leave it under a cut for anyone who’s actually interested in some random whale’s plans

Long list of rolling plans

Yang is a np2 at best but most likely just np1. Cute but st foreigners aren’t exactly big needs and she’s a bit too gimmicky for my tastes

Beni I kinda want one copy for np2 but it’ll most likely be a skip

Sei is another probably np1 but won’t mind np2 kinda deal

Odysseus is np1 on account of gen pool

Dioscuri is the first banner I really want to roll a bit hard on cause of Pollux. Yes just her :fgo_gudako: would prefer at least np3 but I’ll live with less and let them spook their way up. Caenis is pretty much a given

Roma himself while being pretty cool (and holder of one of the best extra attack animations in this game) I’m mostly indifferent to his gameplay. Will prob only roll np1 or 2

Voyager and the Dino are both pretty much np1 life

Musashi summer I want to try and get np5 just need one

Bunny is already np2 so I’ll prob not roll but we’ll see

Reines I want to make np5 she’s already 4

Next I want to try and get KP to np2 she’s only np1

Then castoria I want to get np2 just for the higher attack buff on np. (Really I’d want np5 but doubt I’ll try for it)

Summer is kiara I want to try for np3 at least and the 4 stars are whatever. I’ll never use em probably

Second summer banner is np1 across the board. Sorry Abby, I like how you sing Christian hymns in my room but your gameplay is ass. Tomoe and shibiku are also meh

Seriously is it just me or is this upcoming summer event weak as hell in regards to gameplay. Like it’s kiara and that’s really it

QSH I want to try for np2 but it’s right after summer so this is tbd if I try or not

Scathach might get a np level while rolling for event ce otherwise indifferent

Himiko is most likely np1 maybe 2 if I’m lucky. And saito I actually kinda like but unless I luck into np5 I’d just use one of the 3 other arts st sabers (cause dw loves this archetype)

Christmas rerun is meh maybe I roll np levels for astolfo but doubt.

Yang but again this is also tbd based on her New Years banner

Gogh and Nemo are also np1 rolls. Honestly np levels for Gogh are overkill imo guy already gives them hella crit at 1

Douman is np1. As fun as he is I’ll prob never use him outside of meme chaotic evil buffstacking teams. Tsuna I honestly forgot even exists and that alone should tell you how much I don’t care about his np level

Ibuki is np1. I’ll never use her cause Artoria exists and her niche of having a 50% battery gets completely overshadowed almost instantly by a certain blacksmith

Vritra is also np1 on account of general pool

All in all a lot of np1 and done next year compared to this one

This one I had kama, musashi, Reines, and space Ishtar (all being the major targets) and they all got np4+

Honestly overall next year is very underwhelming to me. Not a bad thing just means I’m not whaling as hard it’s just eh I guess.

All these plans are subject to change based on good or bad luck and anyone that I failed to mention are skips


Found this a little helpful. I already knew bout Castoria n Caenis being my main targets but might have to add a couple more.


Kinda baffled that Fionn isn’t on rate up on Enma-tei despite being one of the protagonists and instead got shoved to February just to piss off people rolling for Eresh.

Also Circe isn’t story locked (mentioned in March section)


Honestly I think it’s a tradition at dw to run 4 star lancers with 5 star lancers. They do it all the time

  1. LB 5.2 Release
  2. Castoria Banner
  3. Summer 5 Banner
  4. Scathach Banner with the holy grail war event

Most of the banner besides the one I mentioned above and GSSR (maybe)

  1. Castoria
  2. Summer Bryn
  3. Summer Tomoe
  4. Scathach
  5. Van Gogh (if possible)
  6. Sigurd (if possible)
  7. Brynhildr (if possible)

I’m curious, why are you rolling for the 6th copy of various servants? NP5 should get you 450 coins, enough for all 3 append skills or level 120 and 1 append skill. Are you trying to get multiple servants to level 120? Where will you get all the grails from?