FGO 2022 Summoning Banners

In order who i am getting (hopefully)

  • Mori Nagayoshi GUDAGUDA Final Honnoji (Rerun) 3 5 2022
  • rider martha Swimsuit and AoE NP Only Summoning Campaign 8 7 2022
  • jinako Swimsuit and AoE NP Only Summoning Campaign 8 7 2022
  • himiko GUDAGUDA Yamatai-koku 2020 9 9 2022
  • ruler martha Christmas 2022 16 12 2022

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and maybe some castoria before then


Poketar’s 2022 plans:

  1. Np2 Burning Geisha plus mlb the Musashi ce. It’s a pretty solid ce.
  2. My 5th copy of Smiling Face
  3. Roll for Horny Queen on valentine’s plus mlb Kama ce. Burn any Sei copies.
  4. Np1 Pollux
  5. 6th copy of Kiara. might max her out with 10/10/10 app. skills and 120.
  6. Np2+ Castoria
  7. Np5 Police Mermaid
  8. Np5 VR gamer
  9. Np1 Unga Bunga Ibaraki
  10. Np3+ Smexy Dragon Lady

January 2022:

New Year 2020 (New Year 2022): Torn between Lancer, Extra 1, and Extra 2. I’ll roll for Yang and an extra Summer BB unless I get her from the GSSR (if I roll that one).

Sparrow’s In Rerun: I’ll roll whenever both are on rateup.

The Part 2 banner: have enough levels for Tomoe, not interested in Li. Pass.

CEO Crisis/Amazones Tower Event: I’m not gonna pass up chances for more Cleo. Won’t roll for anything else.

February 2022:

Valentine’s 2020/Sei’s Event: I’ll roll for Sei and Lartoria.

19 Million Downloads Campaign: If I don’t pick the Lancer GSSR and get her there, I’ll roll this.

March 2022:

Spring Breeze/Circe’s Event: …maybe I’ll roll for Enkidu? Otherwise, that’s a no from me.

Apoc Rerun: Either I’m not that interested or that and they’re general pool. Pass.

April 2022:

Olympus Release: Dioscuri sorta interests me, but is general pool. Pass.
Not interested in Roma.

20 Million Downloads: Maybe Ishtar? Otherwise, pass.

May 2022:

Gudaguda Final Honoji Rerun: I’d be interested in Summer Nobu if the slot she would take could not also be taken up by another Nobukatsu. Pass.

Fate/Requiem Pre-release: General pool or have. Pass.

Fate/Requiem: Voyagers cute enough that I’ll flip a coin to see if I roll. Otherwise, pass.

June 2022:

Summer 4 Rerun: Probably pass.

Interlude pt 13: Got the rest; Sherlock is cool but not that cool. Pass.

July 2022:

SERAPH Main Interlude: Might try for NP2 Protea. I’ve given up on Melt, as she’s given up on me.

Tokugawa’s Labyrinth Rerun: Pass.

August 2022:

Anniversary: Of course I’m gonna roll for Castoria! looks up…shit.

Summer 5: I’ll roll any time Illya isn’t up.

Banner 2 only has Lanling to appeal, and he’ll probably come…eventually. Of course, it took years to get Emiya but whatever.

Banner 3, I’ll only roll when both 4 stars are up and hope that Abby doesn’t show up.

September 2022:

21 Million Downloads: Pass.

Land of Shadows/Scathachfest Lotto: Pass.

October 2022:

Gudaguda Yamatai-koku: I’m crazy and want to NP5 Himiko.

Nightingale Christmas Rerun: Same as this year. Pass.

November 2022:

**Imaginary Scramble Pre-Release:**If I don’t get Yang I’m rolling this.

Imaginary Scramble: Van Gogh is spooky enough to roll for. Nemo…not so much.

22 Million Downloads: I have tasted the forbidden fruit at NP1. Want

December 2022:

Heian-Kyou Release: I’m not actually interested in Douman, but am interested I’m Watanabe. We’ll see.

Ibuki is cool enough. I might just.

Christmas 2020/Karna’s Event: Vritra looks really cool. I’ll see what I can do by then.

There’s a second banner?

Wow that’s a lot of rolling. And only so much luck.

  1. Castoria (wouldn’t mind NP2 but will probably just go for NP1 on her first banner)

  2. Summer Kiara (NP3 at least)

  3. Summer BB NP levels (preferably 2 dupes)

  4. Van Gogh

  5. Douman

Also tempted to take Kama to NP4, I might go NP5 but that terrifies me tbh, I don’t want a USO in the future.

I’m still undecided about Yang, I’ll see how expensive BB is. I may go for NP1 on her first banner and then additional levels on her return as I could try for Summer Fran as well.

If Summer Kiara comes cheap, I might go for Shikibu as well.

Thankfully 2022 is low on stuff I want, because 2023 is gonna be hell and we still have 2 months to see.


My wants are long known, but:

Castoria (NP2+)
Summer Kiara (NP5)
Van Gogh (NP1)
Douman (NP1)

Low priority/unlikely:
Lolivinci (final copy on split rate up)
Himiko (NP1)
Ibuki-Douji (NP3+)

Ruler GSSR+latest time period GSSR. Ticket for Artoria or Vlad.


First target is Quirinus with Olympus release.

  • He is cool.
  • He enables Boudica as an actual pure damage support.

Second target, and the one more important in regards to gameplay, is Castoria on Anniversary.

  • Is extremely useful for farming.
  • Is cute.
  • Having my own means I don’t need to necessarily borrow one from support.

Third target is Vritra on Christmas.

  • She is cute.

Ideally I get Quirinus and Vritra to NP2 for that extra “oomph” but as a mostly F2P guy I’ll take NP1 over NP0.


Your Rider & Lancer slot will be much more unique than mine! Best of luck with those rolls!

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My desired list:


  1. Kama
  2. Ereshkigal
  3. Castoria
  4. Ibuki Dōji
  5. Ashiya Dōman

HM: Merlin, Ishtar


  1. Salter
  2. Summer Tomoe
  3. Medea Lily

So looking at this list there are too many Sabers I want. The Summer Tomoe + Summer Abby banner is incredibly weak and would roll it just for Tomoe because of waifu reasons but I might skip it altogether (I guess the Honey Lake CE is good?). I want to try to NP5 Kama but she is right before Castoria so I can’t blow all my SQ on the Kama banner… I have a soft spot for Medea so its good that Medea Lily is also in the Ibuki Dōji banner. Speaking of Ibuki Dōji, she is also right next to Ashiya Dōman so that is a pain too… Last I want to NP5 my Bunny Altria and Okita J Souji who are both NP4, this one is less of a priority tho.


She has the double whammy of Douman right before and Muramasa creeping the shit out of her kit 2 weeks later. DKS is a ways away too and she has to choose between all big NPs or big crits even at that point (give her KPs monstrous strength ffs).

She does at least pack a massive fucking crit punch in DKS. 40-80% atk, 172% buster, 200% crit on busters.


Just a heads up you said Circe is story-locked

Circe is gen pool thankfully

Big target (burn all I have if necessary) - Castoria
Medium targets (~300 SQ) - Melt (provided banner is after anniversary), Eresh, Van Gogh, QSH
Minor targets (~150 SQ) - Kama NP+, BB NP+

This will likely get shuffled around, but I want to get into 2023 with at least 1.2kSQ saved (absolutely crazy year, and I want to give Spishtar another go, although not as hard as this time), so some of these might get cut depending on how lucky I’ll be with Castoria.

I’m hoarding grails starting with this coming year. And yes, all three Appends.

Haven’t decided which I want to do for sure, but I’d like to keep my options open.


Castoria is the only one I’m really going to try to get. I might throw tickets at some servants I like but I won’t be using SQ on anyone else.
2023 will give us Koyanskaya and Oberon so I’d like to save up as much as I can to have a better chance at getting both of them.

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Depends on your party, I guess

Grants self Pierce Invincibility.
Increases damage against enemies with Burn by 40%.

That’s at MLB. If you have reliable ways to keep enemies burning then sure it’s a nice power mod, but I wouldn’t care too much about chasing MLB when the initial buff is 35% extra damage.


But its ATK will permanently blow without extra copies. It’s a good reason to pick up Summer Kiara.

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You have that backwards :fgo_kiarapout:


There are several command codes that inflict burn for a few turns. Would basically be on all the time.

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I was being generous to the true Kiara simps. I really like her, but OG is my favorite. My feelings on Summer Kama vs. OG are about the same, actually.