FGO 2022 Summoning Banners

So that depends on your party and is a reliable way to keep it up which is what I said :fgo_gudako:


Yes, but in a team setting that still leaves card availability up to RNG, so it’s not a perfect solution.

It’s one of the challenges of the upcoming quintessential Burn Servant, Yang Guifei: either you’re hoping to draw a Burn card before or on her first NP turn or you’re deliberately stalling to make her kit work.


3/5 cards having burn CCs isn’t bad odds for a hybrid “let me get around invincibility” build.

With Yang you only have turn 1 to scum for if you want to minmax. Between a(n eventually full target) taunt with burn on hit and 1st break bars being pretty flimsy usually (if you fire the NP without pmod+trait but have NP levels) turn 2 onwards pmod+trait is guaranteed with no real loss.


We don’t start with all those Burn CCs available, and not all fights are tolerable to save scum due to AP costs. It’s a non-negligible disadvantage.

Pretty sure they’re all out by Honey Lake’s release, no? Or is one from Guda/Imaginary?

I’m taking about Yang Guifei as a Burn example, not specifically Yang+Honey Lake, which I wouldn’t likely do unless permanent Pierce were needed.


Ah, but I was talking about Honey Lake+anyone and Honey Lake+Yang.

Obviously it loses to BG when you don’t need pierce or crits.


Yes, I noticed :slight_smile:

Hmm I think I’ll go for NP2 Castoria, NP1 Himiko, and maybe try to fish for Sigurd’s NP up.

I’m sure I’ll end up rolling for a bunch more anyway (just as usual, though not as bad as Gou) so I tend not to think too much about it. :fgo_ishtaridgaf:

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January (Low):

  • Im probably going to role for the musashi CE pretty lightly, but I’ve always had good luck on new years banners. Luckily I already have MLB Smiling Face and Beni so her banner is a skip.


  • Another case of me liking the Kama CE so its not a big deal of a month

March (Skip)

April (Mid):

  • I like both Caenis and Super Roma and would like to get them as they tend to not get rate ups later (if I recall correctly), but I’m not going to go too overboard for either of them (unless they really manage to impress in the story). Also might try to get the final copy of first sunrise to MLB it (its a pretty good CE and the art is incredible)

May (Low):

  • The Dino waifu seems neat and would be nice to have, but it would be just for collection purposes. Voyager has a good design and would be a good spook, but wouldn’t see much use (probably).

June (Skip)

July (GSSR Dependent):

  • I have everyone from CCC so that’s a skip despite how nice extra NP levels are for all of them due to next months banner. Kama NP2 is tempting as she is one of the servants that really likes to be at higher NP levels. It depends on my GSSR roles and my reserve of Quartz for Castoria.

August (Very High):

  • Castoria is obviously a must get I tend to keep support casters at NP1, but aiming for higher with her is a possibility for me depending on luck. The upcoming summer is pretty weak it my eyes, at least comparatively, the only servants I want are Summer Kiara and Rider Shikibu much more realistic than previous summer goals.

September (Skip)

October (Mid):

  • I decided to roll for Himiko the moment I saw her final ascension art which I think is one of the best looking in the game, plus her kit is interesting.

November (Mid):

  • Van Gogh has a really wacky kit and seems like building a crazy crit team with her would be fun plus I like the 5 star CE. However New year’s might compel me to wait for the rerun

December (Mid):

  • A very tricky month. Chance’s are I’ll only role for Douman if I get Van Gogh as I don’t love his design, but he is good mechanically. Ibuki-douji is the opposite problem where I like her design, but she is a bit stale mechanically. Luckily the Buster revival happens making her much more appealing, but I already have NP1 Artoria and NP1 Mordred, so unless she hits much harder at NP1 than they do its unlikely for me roll for her. Vritra again is similar to Ibuki with her problems of good design, but mediocre kit plus I have NP 4 summer Melt. Not to mention that Vritra, I’m pretty sure, becomes part of the general pool. All of this combined with the fact that Muramasa comes the month after this , and he is high priority target, makes the chances of rolling on any of these banners pretty low.

I’m looking at caenis and vritra mainly

Also probably kiara’s banner when bryn is on rate up and I’ll try not to pull on the other summer banner because Ill probably get summer abby

Also might pull for penth when she’s on rate up, it’s a long time to save so idk


My current plans are just Castoria, Kiara and Douman so it should be a relaxing year.


I think with the advent of Castoria most players are going to skip Ibuki for Muramasa. Also, its Shiro and I see players that have both say he is better overall.


Welp, let’s see how it’ll look, it’s a pretty dead year for a lot of ppl, but it’s still got high stakes banners for me.


Shared Karna/Ody : Tickets here


Don’t look at me like that Bryn, I really want to…but…




I want boyo :fgo_voyagersmile: , but the main goal is the SR CE, I must MLB that, gacha be kind


I feel like we’ll get this earlier than JP, but yeah Castoria time.



If I have anything left to spare, I’ll try for Kiara/Bryn day. But I’d really like Honey Lake.


Want Summer Raikou’s last copy

Want Nemo

These 2 will really, really depend on how much I feel like yolo’ing.


Karna copies come home


Intense breathing

May try for Juna, idk honestly.


Artoria is the hardest hitting Buster AoE Saber at any NP level, Ibuki needs more NP levels to catch up (Interluded NPs don’t have the same 1.33-1.66x bonus, they have the same flat scaling as before their upgrade e.g. 300%->400%->450% before, 400%->500%-550% after).

Ibuki crits much harder though, but in exchange before DKS she has only 3 hits between face cards or NPs. Post DKS you can double stack and have 2 hits leftover from your first buff for 2x80% and a 1x40%. Trouble is it’s any card that uses the hit up, not just her busters.

Then you have Muramasa (supported) pissing on both. As a 2nd NP DPS (i.e. with party buffs & own kit only) Artoria is gonna have more raw NP damage.

…Ibuki needs an upgrade tbh. As a new limited she’s hugely hamstrung by her hit limit buff and Muramasa just being better most of the time. I will at least say that in DKS she’ll absolutely crap on Muramasa’s crits, even after her monstrous strength is gone.

After my Orion Rolls, i’m saving SQ until Castoria but any tickets i get after Atlantis and until Olympus are for Caenis.

After Castoria, depending on how much i have left, I’ll either roll for Himiko or Ibuki.

Maybe just save Tickets for Ibuki after Caenis but then again, Douman and Vritra tempt me.


December is rough appeal wise.

It is but Vritra has me acting up.

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Vritra can spook you and someone correct me if I am wrong but I think you can bag her with the 2nd free SSR ticket.

EDIT: Here is picture for reference:

I am clearly wrong.

Nope, it doesn’t include later gen pools from LB5.2+. Stops at Europa.