FGO 2022 Summoning Banners

It just includes some Story Locked Servants like Old Man Li and Lartoria.


Unless you’re a big whale, relying on that is not a recipe for success.


And more to the point, that second ticket I’m sure will be used for said story lockeds.


I might have dogged Ibuki a bit hard; with maxed Demonic Sun-Princess in DKS+Oberon she hits for 173k w2 (lv90 NP5, 1k fou), 201k with plugsuit atk.

If you use Miss Crane with her (guaranteed to work t1 as Vitch has a 20 star bomb) that lower minimum climbs to 232k.

Then for wave 3, 262k sans Crane/plugatk, 313k with plugatk.
With Crane but no plugsuit buff 392k min.

As for why so hard:

  • She has a 12% buster passive and gets to stack 2x30% buster
  • She gets to stack 2x40% atk
  • Tenkihime adds 15%NP dmg/2k attack.

This ignores her 2x50% crit stacking on Vitch’s Buster crit buff, which with Vitch’s star bomb means she’s punching anything left alive.

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As much as Muramasa sodomized her in terms of release proximity, she’s still pretty good.

Good utility and steroids, high attack stat and the only SSR Saber with a 50% Battery.

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She has ignore invul/def baked into her NP too, not just a 1 turn ignore invul.

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I consider Mordred and Seiba to have 50% batteries honestly.

Not in the traditional sense.

Now we need 30% gauge CEs at MLB with moar steroids on them to make DKS Ibuki roar louder.

My plans are pretty simple:


  • Prob Lancer GSSR where Bryn would be the top roll, as Shishou can be rolled after Castoria. Eresh NP2 is perfectly fine too.


  • Will try to get Salter at least to NP2


  • I’ll prob skip everything else for Castoria

  • Ticket Waver.

  • Brynzerker. I hope I don’t get multiple Kiaras on the way as I’m happy with just NP1 Bryn.


  • If I don’t get destroyed on Castoria/Brynzerker, I could consider going for 1 more copy of Kama.


  • If I didn’t get Shishou on GSSR and didn’t get destroyed previously, I will roll for her.

And…that’s it.

Of course plans can easily go out of the window after seeing Servants in action and how lucky/unlucky we get…

I would like to have at least Caenis but she’s before Castoria and Lancer is a bit overcrowded already.
If I don’t get Bryn on GSSR, her banner is also very close to Castoria.
Reines is also very close to Castoria…
Ibuki and even Vritra look interesting but Muramasa is just around the corner.


I think you mean moan.

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Or that.

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Buster version of Vritra CE would be nice, also put Aerial Drive out of a job.

Increases Arts card performance by 8%
Increases NP Damage by 15%
Starts battle with 50% NP Charge

Both are nice

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I’d say this year is pretty stacked in terms of servants I want to get to my Chaldea,
starting off with:

February 2022

Eresh, cuz I need an AOE lancer (and she’s cute af), would 100% hate my life if Fion cards ruin my tries for her

April 2022

Maybe try Roma but im very shaky about that and it will most likely depend of the story. ticket with obviosly be tamamo cuz supports are a must, and if I get spooked by her then seiba it is

May 2022

May with Mao Nobu (maybe even try Okitan if GSSR doesnt give me her), didnt get her when guda 4 first started so trying my chances here , plus i gotta np5 my mori and MLB the 5* CE

June 2022

Only have my eyes on summer 4 rerun with hopefully np2 melt and at least np1 okita J, copies of bunnytoria are welcome but im not getting my hopes for her

August 2022

Anniversary with a MUST castoria (whailing if necessary), no lolinci shenanigans no nothing

No targets for summer 5 but might try my hand at summer abi cuz GOD DAMN THAT SMILE AT THE END OF HER NP IS THE MOST PURE AND GENUINE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN

And finishing the year off with

October 2022

GudaGuda 5, hopefully np1 himiko and copies of saito would always be appreciated. I think okita has a banner around this time so im gonna try that as well.

So all in all, my wallet might have a massive hole at the end of this year but lets hope the damage wont be too devastating :fgo_arthurnervous:


Here’s what I had saved in a note on my phone:


  • Yang Guifei :question:
  • QSH
  • Beni-Enma


  • Sei Shounagon


  • Odysseus/Achilles banner
  • Versus CE
  • Talk on Hot Sands CE




  • Voyager
  • Jalter :question:
  • Maou Nobbu :question:
  • Okitan :question:
  • SSR Ticket (one of: Orion, Bradamante, Xiang Yu, Ganesha, Europa; depends on who has spooked between now and then)


  • Sherlock NP levels? :question:


  • Castoria
  • Kiara final NP level? :question:
  • King Protea :question:
  • Smolvinci second copy :question:


  • Summer Kiara x2-3


  • QSH :question:


  • Himiko


  • Van Gogh


  • Douman + Watanabe

Good choices


Good luck.

You’re gonna need it… and money


The second half of the year is really what I want

Everything up to Castoria bar March, twins, and possibly Voyager is skippable



Outside of Caenis and maybe the twins, it’s just Castoria.

Funnily enough, almost the same happened during the fist half of this year on JP with a mostly empty first half and quiet packed second half.