FGO 2022 Summoning Banners

Muramasa has a 50% battery…

Aight, she’s the only Buster Saber with a 50% Battery.

I thought you were thinking of skipping twins and hoping for spooks.

New Year 2020: Roll on Extra 2 banner for GSSR, skip the regular banner.

Sparrow’s Inn Rerun: Skip

Amazon: Skip

Valentine: Skip

19 Million Downloads: Skip

Circe’s event: Skip

Apocrypha: Skip

Olympus: Skip

20 million downloads: Skip

Final Honoji Rerun: Skip

Fate/Requiem: Skip

Summer 4 Rerun: Skip

SERAPH main interlude: Skip

Ooku: I do want Kama, but I don’t want to reduce my chances of getting Castoria. Maybe I will spend some tickets and a few hundred SQ? I don’t know. I really don’t want to miss Castoria. Might this end up coming after the Castoria banner? Or is it going to be kept before it to act as bait, even if anniversary is moved up?

Anniversary: Roll for Castoria. Roll on the 30, 2018 ~ July 29, 2019 GSSR category.

Summer 5: Skip

21 Million Downloads: Skip

Scathachfest: Skip

Gudaguda Yamatai-Koku: Skip.

Nightingale Christmas Rerun: Skip

Imaginary Scramble Pre-Release and Event: Skip

22 Million Downloads: Skip

Heian-Kyou: Skip

Karna Christmas: Skip

So overall, I have 2 targets next year. Unfortunately, they seem to be pretty close together. The developers likely put Kama’s banne right before Castoria’s in order to bait out people’s SQ and force spending on Castoria, so if Kama’s banner does end up coming before Castoria on NA, I may skip her or reduce rolling significantly. After those two banners, my plan is to save for Vitch.

so no muramasa?

I have Space Ishtar. Muramasa is a sidegrade (worse at farming and better at CQs), so he is unnecessary.

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I’ll get a copy and let the rest spook

Been waiting on Achilles spooks FOR A WHILE and they haven’t been happening :fgo_ishtarunimpressed:


Just be talented for better spooks


he is still VERY good at what he does with an arts&np dmg up when he activates his np, and that ignore invul is especially brutal, so i wouldnt consider him as a downgrade, but more as a complimentary asset to ur chaldea

Ibuki vs Muramasa

On the whole Muramasa vs Ibuki thang I started, on irregular nodes she’s stronger (after DKS release). In CQs he has an easier time/better support thanks to BG/Castoria’s NP/NP type. But in a CQ you can probably get away with slapping BG on her too as she has NP gain on Busters (thanks Vitch) and big enough crits to split the heavens.

W2 DCS/Oberon w/Summer 6 CE, plugatk & his mana burst
180k min. 148k if saving one of those buffs.
W3 after this
193k min, or 22tk with plugatk.

So yeah in irregular node 5CE she sodomises him. She can’t 6CE though, whereas he can in regular stuff.

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Just be me and get Unlimited Ozy Spooks :feh_sharenacry:


I got that with Schez, Artoria, and Enkidu


I can’t get excited over a servant that is so similar to one I already have. As a GSSR only, I can’t afford to throw SQ at anything that looks interesting.


On the Saber comparisons:


yeah i know that feeling all too well, but a tip i give to my friends (and that is well known in this community at this point) is to not hoard too much sq but to rather spread them through a few banners cuz it might result in some pretty good results/new servants

Neutral output is pretty whatevs when the node is Lancers :fgo_gudako:

Or you have NP5+BiS

Meh. Don’t really care about how servants compare with each other. And comparing buster to arts to quick is dumb cuz they do things differently. Especially now cuz they each have farming servants dedicated to help them 3-turn with their card type, plus a servant helps with all.

Those vids to me are more like “hey, look at how well (insert are dps) works with (insert card support servant + Oberon).”

But that’s just my annoyed opinion on those.

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Seeing as it’s a Lancer node I figure the point is “All. All is good.”

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Seems my terminology was taken into account.

Also giggity.

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He did say he wants to take a look at her sword…