FGO 2022 Summoning Banners

In JP I believe that Kama came first followed by Castoria but I am 99% certain Castoria will come first in NA because they always move the anniversary up a month.


Always count on NA anniversary to be as close to July 4th as possible.


Honestly I think I’m most interested in diversifying my roster so I’ll have more options.

20M Downloads for sure. Musashi is a top priority and I’d like to get Bryn as well.

Almost all of them. #F2PLife


Probably nobody. #F2PLife

  1. Saber Musashi
  2. Tamamo
  3. Castoria
  4. Lancer Brynhild
  5. Wiiiiiiiiide open. No targets post-anniversary atm. Maybe Van Gogh or Vritra?

Top priority:

  • Three more copies of Shishou (at NP2) with a copy of MLB Musashi CE in New Year’s and perhaps a copy of MLB Shishou CE during her fest depending on how the rolls go in NY’s.
  • Castoria NP2 or above

Highly possible summons:

  • a copy of Holmes,
  • a copy of Himiko,
  • a copy of Van Gogh.

Going to try my best to give my wallet-kun a year off with the only exception for Shishou and Castoria if necessary.

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1. Castoria
2. Yang
3. S. Kiara
4. Roma
5. Voyboy
6. Douman
7. Gogh

Honarable mentions are the welfares. We get some really cool ones this upcoming year


Here’s my plan. I’ll go hard for Ereshkigal, Castoria and Douman. If I’m lucky then maybe Romulus as well. And if I get Eresh in GSSR then Melt too. Among 4* Summer Tomoe and a second attempt for Summer Fran is also on the cards.

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Hides his Achilles Spook that he got during Godjuna’s Banner


In the same vein:

“I’m gonna roll Lolivinci because I don’t have any SSR AoE Riders”
gets NP1+2 Drake spooks rolling Godjuna



Replace rider with AoE berserkers and you got my Arjuna Alter rolls.

I now got Arjuna and Consort Yu’s husbando…

Oh Xiang Yu turned up for me too. As my only rainbow roll on the banner. Like 700SQ in. I forget exactly where, the damage report is in the thread. He was an unappreciated troll.




Oh, that’s a puddle of tears.

I feel that I understand this emoji a little better but am also vaguely disappointed.


Van Gogh’s incredibly tempting, but otherwise it’s a full year of skipping for me until the Vritra banner. Gotta horde as much of that f2p quartz as possible for the NP5 dream. Thankfully most of the banners are complete duds; I can only deal with so much temptation before caving.


They’re not tears :eyes:


Wait, no Castoria to rocket Vritra into the stratosphere?

Are you a “no doubles” player? Even in singles your own means you can equip something other than teatime!

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The Castoria rerun isn’t too far off, and 2023’s a dead year for me otherwise. It’d feel pretty bad if I spent everything getting Castoria and then didn’t succeed in summoning the one gal I wanted Castoria for :fgo_deadinside:

Ah, but on the bright side Castoria is about half a year before Vritra so you should be okay to chuck some anni SQ/tickets her way!

There’s a Kama doujin illustrating that.


Hmm, would you mind telling me the source? For research purposes of course.

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