FGO 7th Anniversary Servant Poll Thread

So, we’re about a month out from FGO’s 7th anniversary. We’re about to be due for something hopefully big.

So, let’s gamble :fgo_insane:

What do y’all think the new Anniversary servant will be?

  • Someone we’ve seen, but is new (da Vinci; Sherlock; Koyanskaya)
  • Someone we’ve seen, but is an alt (Rider da Vinci; Skadi)
  • Someone we haven’t seen before, but is new (none like this yet)
  • Someone we haven’t seen before, but is an alt (Castoria)

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So like they could add Zeus or Kirei/Rasputin, one of the other LB 5 Greek mechas, maybe something bc of how Sherlock was just unmasked in the last chapter, Kazuradrop, Tiamat, Solomon, Elizabeth Japan, Galahad, Johanna from the last story chapter, something new entirely.

What type of Servant will they be?

  • DPS
  • Support
  • True Hybrid

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So DPS and support should be pretty easy to understand, but what I mean by True Hybrid is someone like Nero Bride, and not just someone with a nice supportive skill like Lancer Bryn.

If they deal damage, in what way?

  • ST NP
  • AOE NP

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AoE has been The Way so far if they deal damage.

What’s their NP color?

  • Arts
  • Buster
  • Quick

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So far, Arts has been the way to go with only Koyanskaya having something else.

Will they introduce a new trait (like Miss Crane now needing the creation of “Spiritron Dress Users”)

  • Yes
  • No

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What class will they be?

  • Cavalry
  • Knight
  • Extra

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It’s been tilted towards Cavalry so far, specifically to Casters.

Will they feature on a Summer 7 CE?

  • Yes
  • No

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Will their artist be someone who’s worked with FGO already?

  • Yes; Wada Arco
  • Yes; Takeuchi
  • Yes; Konoe Ototsugu
  • Yes; Paco
  • Yes; Simosi
  • Yes; Other
  • Yes; but they’ve only done CEs
  • No

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So I included the top 4 in regards to most Servants, then Simosi because they’ve done 2 (both da Vinci servants). Sherlock was technically new as far as I’m concerned - they worked on Tiamat and Goetia, but those weren’t summonable Servants.

I was tempted to treat this like a Super Bowl bet and really go into the weeds with some of the gambles - Will they use more individual gold mats, silver mats, or bronze for their skills and ascensions? Will they have a skill that has a CD of 4 or less at lvl 10? Will they reach top 10 for trending worldwide on Twitter? Will it be a crossover with Sony and the 7th anni is Morbin’ time?

But I won’t, even if I encourage :fgo_sthenosmug: stheno’ing by creating your own polls to have us guess at obscure options.


Somehow I’m just smelling the Takeuchi or Wada


He’s coming and this will no longer be a meme image


Hoping for a face card support, I know a lot of ppl want a new quick support but really face cards needs support much more. Something like making face cards hit all targets for a few turns, or drastically increasing the face card bonus traits or get really weird and have a skill that multiplies the effect of command codes. Either that or something off the wall new mechanic wise. We have a large enough roster at this point inventing a new niche might be the best way to do your big keystone servant for the year.

Hoping they do an Alt for someone who doesn’t already have one, like Medea or Semiramis. Just no more saber faces, for the love of all that is evil. Or if your going to do a saber face make it Arthur saberface for a change of pace.


It’s gonna be a quick support. Best way to earn those money.

Quick support caster Morgan :fgo_gudakolove:


In a swimsuit.


Nah, they’ll pull a Koyan+Oberon on us.

New support on Anni, then Summer Morgan is the mandatory complement.


I’m very curious about 7th anniversary tbh. I feel like a completely new, never seen before servant might not make that big a splash. So they might go the Castoria route and make him/her an alt of a popular character. I don’t see them adding a past character who has no relevance now (Tiamat) so I think they will continue the trend of anni servant hinting at things to come. If not new servant then my bets are on Rasputin or Goetea.

I’m betting Zeus or Odin.

Class: Ruler
NP: Support (Arts)

Buff np damage by % 3 times, increase all card type damage by 20%, Generate 10+ crit stars per turn.

1st skill: Targetable Np battery

2nd skill: Buff card type

3rd skill: Turns one member or party class disadvantage into an advantage. (Basically, allows the member to deal class advantage against their disadvantaged class.)


Class: Caster

NP: Support (Arts)

Increase np gauge of party by % based on np level, Apply on NP (for each party member), boost np damage by % based on level for 3 turns

1st skill: Reduce enemy np gauge by 2, and apply curse that increases over time for 5 turns

2nd skill: Apply guts to party for 5 turns, heal party by 1-3k each turn

3rd skill: Selectable Card buff of 100% for 3 turns

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I’m tempted to think this will be a somewhat calmer year - anni Servants are always headliners but we’re overdue for one that is powerful without outright snapping the meta in the vein of Da Vinci Lily or Sherlock (relative to their respective metas on release, at any rate). Lasagna has, in general, rediscovered some restraint in their design philosophy, with Servants having been at a generally lower power level since the shuffle. I can’t think why, nothing really meaningfully changed, but they have definitely been more reserved, especially in big release slots.

I’m happy to be proven wrong, and I do think they’ll be Quick flavoured, be that offense or support, but unless they were already decided and destined ahead of time I think we could be in for a disappointing anni relative to 5th and 6th.

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Caster Morgan for anni, then a summer lancer Morgan that can spawn extra enemies to brute force refund


I want DPS duh
Its kinda boring when anniv = new meta support :catlie:

Please put a spoiler alert! You gave me an heart attack :fgo_casgilworry:

If is going to be a quick support, because is pretty likely to be a support considering the last few annis, most likely going to be a support to replace Skadi, leaving the 3 cards on an equally broken state.

So if is a support is most likely is not Kirie so it may as well be a servant of LB7, it kinda woked to build hype on the other two annis.



These are a lot of questions

What are you, the census?


quick support kirei would be funny



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