FGO Amazones.com CQ thread

Because big numbers are amusing.


CQ literally was 1-2-3

Drake 2T which is super easy to replicate, only needed 1 Arts card on T1


Think I got hit twice including the time I got my defense buffs removed


I can’t seem to stop using Spishtar to half-ass CQs. Double color support + waver + BG, and maybe some taunts.
No vids, no prep guides, just a glance at info to make sure no invincible or buff-block nonsense. Hasn’t failed me yet. It’s such a satisfying feeling, yet also a tad bittersweet.


well, here’s Hokusai, Melt looks like she’ll be trickier since quick servants tend to be more debuff reliant, so she might be a bit. thankfully I have nothing but time since I’ve finished all other event content.


Yagyu Munenori Frontline 3T

A few years back when players could pick two CBC CEs from different years for free, I picked Outrage and Versus. Both CEs are still serving me well some three years later.


Kinda knew I didn’t have enough native support to min turn. Just wanted to use Bropoleon for once and let that anti-divine, ignore-defense NP flex a bit.

Update: think I figured out a way to 2T with what I got… but it requires getting a Napoleon brave chain with at least 1 arts card with Mage of Flowers CC + another quick/arts card on the first turn… RNG has not lined up so far.


Bond Ce Gilgamesh 2T , BG frontline only was done already so I decided to be creative. Gilgamesh Bond Ce 2T - Until That Person’s Defeated - Amazoness.com CQ [FGO NA] - YouTube

This can be done with 2 Uncoded Arts Cards or NPQA with Magus of Flowers coded on his Quick card.


For once I broke my arts team habit.
My first run consisted of Achilles and a taunt wall.

I’m still considering my approach for the future runs but I’m leaning towards Amakusa as a centerpiece for one of them.


I might actually come back to this CQ when I have time. Looks like it might be fun if the enemy got more than one chance to do anything, but I wanted to snatch my lore and move on with the tower.


I probably could’ve done 3 turns or found a 2 turn set up but I went in blind with this comp cause it felt appropriate

Classic pg/bg/star bomb abuse


Quick Karna two turn while I was in a Walmart line with the worlds slowest fucking cashier


Big Boom.

I went in into this CQ almost right ater finishing the second tower. Because of this, i was unaware of the two Penths targeting Greek Males but Orion did manage to almost nuke both of them before dying.

That run died fairly quickly after that and the same with variations of it, so i said fuck it by grabbing @Gou’s Super Gil, set up some taunters and went to town. The result is beautiful as you can see.


SE.RA.PH Inc. CEO showing her negotiation methods

my first attempts consisted on CEless Parvati runs but the meme was indeed very rough to pull off, especially since Skadoodle’s def down is useless I need way more crit rng than I thought, so I went for arts memes instead… yes, arts aoe? moon cancer :fgo_bbgrin:


Yeah, I was struggling with Parvati/Skadi comps as well :fgo_bbpout:

Considered Summer BB but I don’t have a native Merlin and I think double comps work well here. Ugh.

May just no brain Gilgamesh/Arash this or something :fgo_tomoefrustration:


I’m not sure if you have Summer Raikou but if you do you can try this - Reines Ox Demon King, BB BG, Merlin stars, plug Reines for Raikou with stars. Assuming BB isn’t killed but one of the supports are, you have Waver with Bond Ce coming in.

The real issue if Penth starts with the def buff on T1 and if BB gets enough refund from 2 Arts Cards (NPAA) since you won’t be able to use Nero Bride due to the drop in damage compared to Reines.

If turn count doesn’t matter then Nero might be more attractive than Reines. Bunyan and Chiron are decent side buffers but Raikou will be the big crutch since you don’t have Merlin.

Edit- this is going by what I know you have off memory from support line up, so the BG is mlb


spent a lot of time trying to do this tauntless and once I gave up on that I was rewarded with literally the best RNG I think you can get.


Cu and friends put Amazoness out of business. Support was a random Skadi.


Nothing special.

Just click, click, boom!

Servantverse problems require Servantverse solutions. :fgo_bigbrain:


I hate that we don’t have any more CQs in this game
it’s nothing but lore acquisition quests now

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