Fgo babylonia free ticket help

So scice were getting a free servent ticket I need some help deciding on what’s more important for my team and what I lack of certain servants.

These are servants I have already in the list

  • Chevalier d’eon
  • Siegfried
  • Altria pendragon
  • Anne & Mary
  • Gilgamesh(caster)
    *nursery rhyme
  • carmilla
    *Berserker of el Dorado
  • Hercules
    *Assassin of shinjuku
    *ibaraki douji
    *tamamo cat(Berserker)

(The percentages are there for to tell what I most feel like I need)

The reason for why I want these sabers are because I already have 2 buster saber (Elizabeth-saber) I kinda want a arts one though I can’t tell our thse two which is better for me in teams

The reason why I want dogo avengers is because I don’t have a avenger and want a ruler killer but at the same time I dont think I will run into a lot ruler enemies all the time?

And the reason I want a lancer is because I feel like I lack Lancers, same goes for riders

Casters are just to good but am already focusing on my caster gil and already have Merlin and H.C Anderson but these guys are just too good to ignore like Helena np battery or caster of midrash has a charisma and a arts/buster skill and there’s nicocris
So basically thre just thse few servants I want what do you guys think.

What 5 stars do you have? Because that would affect this as well.

Oh yeah
I have
Gilgamesh (archer)
First Hassan(assassin)
Caster of the nightless City
And the walfares I have are(I added this just cause because they also effect my teams)
Ishtar (rider)
Mecha Eli-chan
And finally attila the san(ta)

I recomend Lancelot, the arts crit god, and Parvati, the quick looper.

Lobo is good, however.

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That’s what I thought all these units synergize well with crit teams and go well with osakabahime very well.

I heard lobo getting a upgrade on his np so that’s I chose him out of the 2 avengers but I see your point on lancelot but doesn’t he like do everything himself (skills) I mean hes amazing while parvati is getting a upgrade and I also have her extra clothes as well but I actually never tried her as her true potential.

So looking from what I said yeah I think I might as well be free from archer’s and assassin’s, maybe caster’s.

Stheno has crazy good synergy with your osakabehime, i’d go with her for maximum value.


Is she? I saw her at the tier list as care much I have never used her really how is her play style?

She might as well complete the family for me.

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Why did you made me think about sethno now I can’t ignore her and starting to really want her
My list went pretty down now either the caster or a arts np saber or Lobo and maybe parvati

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Yup. I got him before. He really good and can np looper if i have a good crits on art card.
He deserves as god of crits arts servant.

I recommend getting the storylocked servants since the servants there wont be able to spook you on a regular banner. But if this is not a factor to you, then the ones you have listed are also okay to get. If you dont have a lancer, parvati or li shuwen are good. Avengers are too niche unless you just want gorgon or lobo.

Ho really I thought story locked means that they will be available on all banners, once you beat their story.
So your telling me that they only appear on the story summon?
Because if that’s it, than that’s makes more sense.
Well what are the story lock servants for I know there’s caster of midrash and am sure it nicocris and that’s about it.

And I agree on the whole avengers thing they are too niche, guess might go for a story lock without but is Lobo a locked servant as well? I need to really check.

Yup. Story locked servants are the ones you can only get through the story banner unless its their rateup. Lobo is available in the regular pool so he can spook anytime. Here is the list for 3*-5* story locked servants.
Caster cu
Medea lily
Cu alter
Caster gilles
Emiya alter
Lancer alter
Li shuwen

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I thought this as well, and had to look it up. This is indeed the case unless there’s a rate up.

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