FGO Camelot: Wandering Argetlam Movie

Is it true that they didn’t include Hassan of hundred persona’s and Archer?

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Which archer theres like 3 of them.

Wait rice man? Yeah hes not in this either.

A movie format for an entire singularity wasn’t really a good idea to begin with, it will obviously be extremely rushed.

I will just watch it for the animation which i hope it will be as good as Babylonia.

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Its not.

Like, at all, it has its moments of looking alright but good lord it looks bad 70% of the time.

Thankfully the second movie looks way better.

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Second movie? What? Wait I haven’t inform about this!

Camelot is split into Multiple Movies like Heavens Feel.

No, the cut servants already mentioned are still not in it.

Sad to say that they won’t get some spotlight even if they play a minor role in the story(I think)


They cut out Arash Airlines too, I was so looking forward to seeing it


This is the untold story of a lone knight’s quest to find his way to the right singularity.

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I also saw the movie for free in an empty theatre, I wish all my movie going experiences could be that comfy.

I was a bit bummed that they cut stuff, but I had a good time.
I wonder if they are going to bother with the atlas institute stuff in the next movie, I saw something that looked like Tri-hermes in one of the trailers but I can definitely see them cutting that whole plotline and Sherlock.

There was a Nitocris and Mash bathing scene, so I give the movie a 10 :laughing:

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