FGO Cavalry Welfare Servants 2020

Questions, Questions~

So I stumbled upon an interesting comment while browsing thru the character pages, and I read someone commenting on how Irisviel (caster) would have a re run this year?

Sorry I don’t know the schedules and even when I search thru the sites, there was no definite dates for NA so here I’m asking for verification.

So my idea in short, is that we’ll have every female cavalry welfare servants this year if Iris-mama decided to have a rerun, that’s plus Ishtar Rider have a rerun this summer, Zerker Jalter this summer too(said by a friend of mine. and I’m very much excited about it especially since her Avenger counterpart didn’t come home, the costume did tho) and finally Assasin Shiki which is already confirmed. Wow. 2020 is great year.

Let’s see which welfares are scheduled to show up (or return) this year assuming we follow JP, which NA tends to do for the most part:

  • Assassin Shiki (roughly mid-late February)
  • Saber Altria Lily (roughly mid-late March)
  • Caster Sieg (roughly late April to early May)
  • Berserker Chacha (roughly mid-late May)
  • Rider Sakamoto Ryouma (roughly mid-late June)
  • Rider Ishtar (roughly early-mid July)
  • Berserker Paul Bunyan (roughly late July to early August)
  • Berserker Jeanne Alter (August)
  • Caster Irisviel (roughly early-mid September)
  • Alter Ego Mecha Eli-chan (roughly early-mid October)
  • Caster Shuten-douji (roughly mid-October to early November)
  • Archer Altera (roughly mid-late November)
  • Ruler Quetzalcoatl (December)

Why are there a lot of cavalry servants… and only 3 knights?

If you’re referring to the welfare choices, no idea. Some of them are reruns, so they’re coming back after having been chosen before, while the others they chose for some reason or other back in the day in JP. Knight classes tend to be less available in general, especially early game. When we get the new set of bronze servants JP has there will finally be a bronze saber (I get that saber tends to be the best/protagonist class in Fate, but there are plenty of candidates that could be bronze if that had anything to do with skill/popularity, which most of the time it doesn’t).

If you’re referring to the class system, perhaps they didn’t think of knights wielding axes/clubs until it was too late and now they tend to be hard to fit into the class system without being tossed into rider or berserker or given a different weapon?

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Beautiful. :heart_eyes:

Glad to help out!

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